Really so much people reviewed it and many big youtubers like rc sailors, 101 quadcopter, alicia, mall and many others for sure so and everybody’s saying the same: it’s such a blast, such a fun for sure, it’s, more beginner helicopter and one or two little little issues. Uh. Maybe one one for me: if you mode one player but uh, i will explain to you later and it’s, really such a big fun flying this thing. So let me show you: it has a one key take off one key landing: six axis: gyro 2.4 gigahertz radius system got a powerful brush motor uh two one in the front, the main motor and in the rear for sure it’s ready to fly this usb charger. It’S crash resistant and it’s, really it is, it got altitude hold really the the best for beginners. You can ever have it’s really such a big fun and it’s about 50 minute flight time and for sure it is, i can say to you, it is like this there’s no lie so uh. Let us open the box. So what do we have in this package? Yeah for sure, the usb charger not a big deal, some spare parts, the main gear and some big props small props, an allen, key screwdriver screws, everything you need and for sure here’s the menu i’ll show you a little bit later and here’s our beauty already. So uh, let me show this uh nice thing to you here.

It is so i don’t know really what it is like. It feels like carbon it’s, not metal but it’s, not real stock plastic. I think it’s uh, some carbon mix and really huge props. I can show you it’s, really huge and it’s bigger for sure than the 129 or the 119 before and look at this canopy looks amazing. Really so nice raining and you can have a look at the side. So we have cooling ribs on the motor it’s. Really, a small motor, you know like uh it’s, a 050, so it’s a little bit smaller, like in the water toys, uh k989 models and stuff, like this it’s a 128 scale, so uh, but really amazing yeah. So you can see your two servos for uh, bigger helicopters and better. You can do um 3d flying they have three servos so for sure, but it’s such a fun. Really. I can’t tell it often enough so it’s a fully max 700 milliamp and in my package were three it’s, the three battery version and i would say, get it yeah, the more batteries you have the more fun. So you can fly about 45 minutes. Uh. It’S. Really amazing so don’t worry about. It has really really hot structure really crushable, but i have to fly this thing before the bad weather comes, so i knew there’s no snow in germany again uh at this time should be summer like, and i had really hard crash.

I’Ll tell you why and nothing look at this thing. Nothing’S broken, not the props, nothing! Really! I hated that uh, so so so fast and so dumb hitting a big tree, and that was the landing gear. The only thing that uh broken but uh raining. You can see there’s nothing it’s, really in perfect condition and yeah let’s go on so here’s our transmitter and the other lipos. So i will try out a high sea rate lipo, not that much, but i will try because a little bit more punch because of this. So yeah yeah, you can see it’s the same one, so fully make 700 milliamp really great light was really perfect for the helicopter. So this is a transmitter, really cool style. Really, you must say for sure it’s uh it’s not in high grade yeah, but it feels and looks like in like playstation 5 or something like this, and you can really fly accurate, even like this i’m, more the type flying like this and yeah. So let me tell you if you’re coming to type so i’m, a mode one flyer you can order it from stock mode, one or more two and that’s the one of the two things i’m, not happy with, but i get used to it so uh on the Mode one flyer it’s, not the common type, the common one is mode two, so you have throttle and jaw on the left stick. So for me, i have to roll and jaw on the right yeah.

So the problem now and i had that before with the ishiin drone, they say: it’s mode 1, it’s, not 100 mode 1, so yeah i’m a little upset, but yeah no big deal for me. So that means i have throttle on this stick. But i don’t have the jaw i have the tilt to left and right. So i have forward and backwards and here’s the jaw so it’s a little mixed up, because jaw is always on the left. Stick but yeah, like i said before the most flyers and common type, is more too so. It’S no problem, so even with this it’s really no big problem, but because of this this was the crash. So i mixed up with jaw and going left and right and yeah, but i get used to it because this super amazing thing flies so great. Where you can fight with one hand, really you can go back and forward. You only give one and he helds the altitude you don’t want to give more throttle and yeah you’re flying to left and right. If you go before or back so, you can fly with one hand, yeah it’s, really amazing. But let me show you a few points of this transmitter. So if you buy this thing, uh yeah, you can watch this video also to know how the transmitter works. It’S, not a big deal, it’s, really cool. Really! So first, let me power on the helicopter. I don’t know if you can see it because of the bright light making this video, so even when it’s dark outside it’s a nice light so put on the transmitter, throw it up, throw it down and then you can see get it.

So this is the first button you can make it the medium rate and you can make it in a high rate, so it’s more aggressive, yeah, perfect, so i’m flying in high rates, but for absolute beginners flying medium rates, it’s totally smooth really. So this should be the hover mode, so it harvests by itself. So it means so. Don’T means that you push the button and it’ll hover. No, it has altitude hold, but this button is meant for that. You save your your settings, your trimmings, so what you do you take off if you do it by yourself, with throttle or by the self starting function for a self takeoff function? So what you do is during the flight you push and hold the button till it. Beeps and start flashing, so let me show you, you can see it so now: you’re going to trim your sides, your jaw, your front and back yeah. So i can show you you can see it yeah so and if you’re finished you’re landing the helicopter. If you’re finished and get landed, you push the button again until it beeps and starts flashing. So then you turn on the remote turn on the helicopter. Then again, turn on the helicopter turn on the remote and the remote saves your settings, your trimming settings so that’s what’s this button, man for yeah. So this button for high rates or medium rates, this button for saving your trimmings. This button for takeoff.

You really only push the button, it takes off perfectly and yeah, and if you i don’t know, you may be in trouble because you can’t fly that good or you’re afraid or whatever you push this button. It has auto landing. How great is this and it works? Really perfect guys really perfect. So the next thing calibrate your gyro. You push this button down to the left, to the left side and it’s got to calibrate and again so i won’t do this here now in my living room uh, i will show you on the field and this is how you arm the motors yeah outside the Motors get start turning a little bit after giving throttle or one key takeoff gets up so super easy, super comfortable and really nice flying so the two little issues. I told you before there’s only one for me because of the mode one two mode, two flying style. So that’s not a big issue for many people, the only issue many people told – and i can to tell you – is that when the helicopter flies yeah, it don’t have much punch to go on the front. So everybody was saying yeah. We want a little bit more. It would make more fun, even if you push it in high rates. So when going left or right or back, you have really much yeah it’s enough punch for a bikini helicopter really but in front it’s. Not that much so, i think it’s because of the gyro and holding the altitude hold yeah as we call something like this.

So i would love if there would be a changed esc or upgrade version or something like this in the future, and it would. It would be perfect really, but even with this, you can uh go and look to other youtubers for the review. So this is such a fun really it’s such a good value – and this is one of my good and cheap deals vehicles. So this uh rc helicopter or if it’s, rc car, you know, i like the syn long rc cars or the new pine cone sg models, and this is really the thing for the year. The helicopter such a good, cheap value for the money you can’t get better. Really and as always, feel free to like and subscribe. If you don’t before and hit the bell to get a notification, if there are coming new uploads from my videos, highly appreciated and yeah wish you a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed Music bye. Music me.