This thing carries a wallop now before i continue with this review, i need to say that this is actually been replaced by the company, because there was an issue and if you are looking up this video trying to figure out how to solve this issue. In short, you’re going to have to contact the company now with that, i take a star off it’s, not a one out of five stars, because eventually they did stand behind their product, but it has to do with the battery connection down here and uh. Basically, if you drive it a little aggressively which odds are you’re, not gon na drive it gently, but if you’re gon na drive it somewhat aggressively, then you are going to have this little connection. This is the battery right here. Come out of this connection right here and uh, so you would think oh yeah it just clips right in there, but there’s a there’s, a little tooth that it slides in like this and then the tooth comes down like that. That tooth does not come down all the way. It was just kind of up like this, so when the connector went in and it felt some kind of jostle, it would just kind of jostle out because there was nothing actually holding this little piece in. So, if you’re having issues i’d recommend that you reach out to them, but with that being said, once i did get an operating unit, decent battery life, incredible amount of power uh.

I gave this to my daughter, lucy who’s, seven years old and she got the controller and went bam and man. This thing just spun out and ripped and then, of course, she went in the opposite direction and it stopped and it did this beautiful j turn. We had so much fun and still are continuing to have fun with this thing rather durable. One other thing to keep in mind also is if it keeps drifting from side to side. As you probably well know, you can adjust that using this, this little piece right. There i have it covered with duct tape, because we’ve been using this very, very aggressively, we’ve been taking it off jumps and everything, and i noticed that if it hit too hard, then it would get kind of cattywampus and it would kind of do this and it Would always want to sort of bare right or turn right and so uh to keep that uh the the wheels oriented in a straight direction. I just slapped some duct tape on the bottom of that, but you can play around with it and adjust it. However, you’d like i, have not had a chance to put a gopro on top that that looks like a gopro mount too doesn’t that look like a gopro mount that looks so cool and so that’s. It does come with two batteries and uh. If, in fact, your battery actually fits all the way underneath it also comes with a little screwdriver that on the bottom, you’re gon na have to take out that initial screw right there, i would recommend putting the screw back in after you actually put the battery in There, if you’re driving it as aggressively as we do and then as for the batteries that go in there, i believe it was four a batteries um.

I i don’t want to take the screw off right there, but you probably have batteries laying around the house but that’s it a down and dirty demonstration of this remote control car. I hope this is helpful in determining whether or not this is right for you. My name is beau chevassu. The link to this is in the description below catch.