This fully functional rc car comes with simulated, sounds lights and, of course, a trash bin. Are you wondering if its speed is as impressive as the mentioned features? Well, dont worry because this toy comes with a powerful motor which makes the toy run fast over different types of terrain, with ease made of high quality plastic. This 4.62 pounds rc vehicle, is great as a gift for people of six years and up to make things more interesting. This truck comes with an equally impressive remote, which enables you to control multiple vehicles at once. Besides, to keep your phone intact, the toy comes with a usb charger and a 4.8 v 800 milliamp hours rechargeable battery for the truck so be it for your preschooler whos totally into cars or for building up your kids operating skills. This remote control truck is undoubtedly perfect. If you are planning to purchase this amazing product, then have a look at its design materials and understand what makes it a full function, rc truck and about its manufacturer, and for knowing these you do not have to go elsewhere. Why? Because for your convenience, we have compiled all the mentioned things right here. Please see the product link provided below the description. Please follow us on youtube for more updates review. Findlay present double e remote control, garbage truck lets, get started. Music design doubly bends licensed rc garbage truck is designed to look like an actual garbage truck, and its scale is one twentieth.

It comes with simulated, sounds lights, electric stirring and dumb in besides, it also comes with windshield wipers, rear view mirrors a vent, pipe fuel tank and trash bin. It is an impressive four wheel, drive truck with a powerful motor that can run over different terrain materials. The doubly bends licensed remote control, garbage truck, is made of premium or high quality plastic and rubber. The materials meet the safety requirements set by the american society for testing and materials, asdm 963 european committee for standardization, cee and 71 rohs, red fcc, cpsia, etc. The tires made of rubber are durable and strong enough to run over different terrains. You can rest assured that the materials of this toy will not come in the way of your childrens health and happiness full functional, rc truck, as we have already mentioned, the double e bends licensed rc garbage truck is a fully functional, remote control vehicle to be precise, Its an eight channel full function toy with the transmitter. You can move it forward and backward. You can also make it go left and right other than these. The toy comes with stimulated, electric stirring and dumb in lights and sound. Besides for kids, it comes with a one button, auto demonstration. The thing that keeps the truck fully functional is its remote or transmitter. The frequency of the remote is 2.4 gigahertz. Its control range is 10 to 100 meters, and do you know what is the best thing with this remote? You can control multiple cars at once, which can be controlled with any remote of the mentioned frequency, though a 2a battery for the remote is not included with the product.

A usb charger and a 4.8 v 800 milliamp hours rechargeable battery are included to keep the truck functional official licensed garbage truck this remote control. Garbage truck of 120 scale is an officially benz licensed product of the double e company. Why choose double e? Are you wondering what is so special about double e toys? Well, the answer lies in their manufactured toys of high quality. This company is one of the huge professional manufacturers of remote, controlled toys, building blocks trucks, construction equipment, etcetera, every single product of theirs meets the standards of the american society for testing and materials. European committee for standardization and many other international safety requirements and to make things extra perfect, doubly guarantees you that, with their toys, your kids will have a happy time and zero health hazards. Thank you for watching.