Besides entertainment, it helps to increase and enhance their imagination. Also, it helps to create their motor skills. They will be able to enhance their hand, eye coordination. However, it helps to learn different skills with them. For this there are lots of remote control trucks in the market, among them choosing the best remote control truck is hard if you are searching for the best remote control truck for six years old. You have arrived at the right place, some rc trucks are for only kids and some are for adults. Here are some suggestions for the best rc truck that fits six years old kids, give a site here to find the best rc truck. Please check the product link below the description. Please subscribe to our channel for more updates review. Findlay present top 5 best remote control truck for 6 years old lets get started. Music number five tongley rc dump truck this truck is an rc outdoor toy. Its scale is about 1 14.. Its dimension is 17.32 x, 11.81 x, 5.91 inches. The weight is about 7 pounds, it has powerful engines, its carrying power is 7 ibs. It has full directional control. This dump truck can support heavier items than itself. This truck works as a real dump truck. It can carry heavy dirt stones and bricks. The bucket can be up slashed down like a real one. It is made of zinc, alloy and plastic material. Its radio control is about 20 meters.

Kids can easily play 25 minutes. After charging for about three to four hours, it works perfectly on a smooth surface. Why should you buy it? If you are looking for an indoor toy, it would be best for you. Your kid can enjoy 25 minutes continuously. It is also perfect for indoors, as its control range is 20 meters number. Four legendary tipper semi truck this rc truck is a large remote control. Full functional dump truck its dimension is 22.5 x, 9.5 x, 7.6 inches its weight is about 8.08 pounds. It comes with two li ion 7.4 v: 600 mah rechargeable batteries. Its playing time is about 90 plus min it can carry up to 7 ibs weight. Its radio system is 10 channel 2.4 gigahertz. It has complete directional control. Every part of this vehicle is controllable. Why should you buy it as it is water resistant? Your kid can play it outside. The significant part of this product is its controllable light and sound. It is best on smooth surfaces as it gets stuck on rough surfaces. Number three kkny remote control construction dump truck this electric rc truck is three in one metal truck its a six channel bulldozer truck its scale is about 1 18.. It has 4 drive wheels. Its package dimension is about 16.18, asterisk 7.44, asterisk 6.61 inches. Its weight is about 3.21 pounds, it has a powerful motor. Its control range is about 10 to 100 feet. It can move forward backward and turn left right.

The significant part of this toy is its 720 degree. Rotation control also, the dump can be bedded up and down perfect for carrying soil sand and gravel. It comes with two rechargeable batteries. Playing time is about twenty to thirty minutes. Kids over eight years old can play with it so its a perfect choice for six years. Why should you buy it if your kid prefers to play with soil, sand and gravel? You can choose this rc truck for your kid, as it is perfect for sand pits. Your kid can enjoy a real dump truck with this toy number two team, a remote control truck tema 1985, is a front loader rc tractor toy, its product dimension, is 14 x. 6X5 inches its weight is about 2.2 pounds. It is a fully functional 6 channel rc track. Both boys and girls can play it. Its scale is about 1 18. It has a 2.4 g radio control. Its distance range is about 200 feet. It is equipped with double heavy motors. Remote has forward slash, backward and left slash right control systems. The shovel up, slash down system made this rc truck, have a realistic feel it works on different frequencies. This rc truck can drive over difficult terrain. This truck has two batteries. When one battery is dead, you can exchange it with another. Why should you buy it? If you are looking for an off road rc truck, then it would be the best choice you should buy this as it is made of heavy material.

Also, the control range of this rc truck is 200 feet, which is best for outdoor play. Kids can drive it over rocks number one colgan remote control, dump truck this rc truck is a heavy metal construction truck. It is a full function, dump truck with lead lights and simulation sound. The dimension of its package is about 22.36, asterisk 9.45, asterisk 7.48 inches. Its weight is about 8.03 pounds, it is made of metal and rubber and equipped with a powerful engine. Its carrying power is about 7 ibs, which is good enough to meet transportation needs its powerful motors and unique design made it perfect for race functions. Realistic, sound and light are the perfect combinations for this rc truck. It comes with a 7.2 v 400 rechargeable battery and usb charging cable kids can easily use it for about 30 minutes after charging batteries for 4 hours. This is suitable for kids up to 8 years old. It will be the best present for all ages. Why should you buy it suppose? You are looking for an rc truck that is super durable for indoor play. You should buy this one. It would be best for your kids. Your kids can enjoy hand eye coordination with this rc truck. Thank you for watching.