My name is john and welcome to my channel. Today we have the uh wltoys10401 or the nuclear incinerator that i’m now calling it, because i think that these cars should have some really cool names, so spread the word. The new wl toys nuclear incinerator anyway, um it’s a wl toys, and there is a lot on this car that they have improved a lot lot that you would have seen on my previous videos, but one thing that is still apparent is and it’s very annoying. We all know this now. There is a way that, if you buy slightly thicker bearings on the outer bearing of the wheel, that that will help it, but that means that everybody that’s bought this car has to order them on one of the sites. Assuming that we can get them in that size, get them sent, which ranges in lots of time, my lots of money and then i obviously have to fit it. But i have found, i believe, a way of doing it with something as simple as which everybody should have some m5 washers now to be clear. I this is something that i used to do on the 104, no sorry, the 14401 and the 124019, but because this is a 1 10th, it works so much better. Let me explain: moving the camera so that you can see it. I know it’s not the usual um camera angle, but it will be worth it did you see that i just double clicked that to get it in focus holy crud i’m, tired today, let’s move on so as you understand, then you take off the very disappointing plastic.

Hex, and as you see this is the issue see the play on that i will come up even a little bit closer. So you can this new phone of mine is great, but it likes to even when it’s on manual autofocus i’m trying to leave the bar in there. So you can see see how much movement is there. So my solution, if you choose to accept it, is you got ta, remove the pin, no matter what and you have to undo this tie rod here be careful just pops off the other end like just so simply so bring that down, because you need to get The driveshaft, because that will then allow this to pop out okay, now get rid of that just for the second i’m just going to pop out. So what we would usually do, and what i did on previous models is, which is perfectly fine, is really put it. That side, okay, so now that washer is pressing onto the bearing itself, but if you do this and again, this is only because this is a larger car. Probably not the easiest way to get this out is. It is to take your washer and put that in first okay. You can clearly see that then put the bearing back in. You can see that the washer is slightly off center there, but that doesn’t matter, because once you put the uh driveshaft and everything back in it will be fine.

And if you see hold my hand there, so that it will focus. You see how that’s now stuck out a wee schmidgen e do, which is all you need to stop the wobble wobbler? Yes, that’s an official term. So let me just focus again and we will put the drive shaft back in, as i said, we’ve got that washer there to be aware of, but it should all center soon there we go i’m, just actually going to put the drive shaft straight back in now, And put this straight back on there, you go so now you take us a pin, you put the pin back into the oil it’s like sir Applause. Okay, you can just go away for the moment. Kancha and now there is no more play. The play is almost gone. You need to have a little bit of play there because or else it will be too tight and the wheel won’t turn will it. So you then okay, good good. You then put the hex back on put the wheel back on put the wheel nut on and if you, the type of person that likes using thread lock put the thread lock on, i will put some on later. Tighten it up again is do not tighten them all the way up. These cars do not like it at all like so now. Where is my battery? I could probably move that down now can’t i there we go Applause and trust me when i say it works.

So much better, you don’t have as much of the wheel slop as you do on the other ones, now i’m, just going to quickly undo that, because i just want to quickly show you on the other wheel. I have the old way of doing it. Wow Applause! I mean, like i’m, all i’m, all for the wheel, wobble, but that’s a little bit there. We go. Okay, you see, and this one’s a lot. Let me grab the wheel and not the tyre see versus so nice, simple fix for the likes of four m5 washers. Ladies and gentlemen, i think that is a success and it removes all of that horrible wibbling, wobbling back and forth. If you liked the video found it useful hit that like button, please subscribe to the channel and i’ll catch you next time stay safe, bye, bye, Music. As you can tell it’s very windy here so i’m, not gon na record too much, but this is just to show you after i’ve done the uh little mod on the uh the wheels to stop the wheel, wobble Music cars working.