My name is john welcome to my channel uh. I just wanted to do another video on this a great little car, the sg1603, because you’re all wrong. Sorry, but it’s. True. Well, maybe not all of you, but some of you are wrong. Um. After looking on several other people’s uh channels for the review of these i’ve noticed that there’s an ongoing sort of mistake in my opinion and that’s about quality people, are moaning about the quality of it. They’Re moaning that it’s not going fast enough. In fact, they’re moaning about a lot that’s wrong with this car, but you’re missing the point. This car is what around 70 euros. I think it’s around 70 euros right now, because there’s, a few uh places doing deals on it and the great thing with that is you have a car with a gyro not only fitted, but that actually works and that’s. What this video is about, showing you guys the number one reason to buy this car okay, so the first test is gon na, be straight line. The difference with having the gyro on and having the gyro off let’s get on. Okay uh! You may have noticed that the wheels are currently white. That is because i’ve used a pretty much a bucket full of my son’s tip x, so that it’s a lot easier for you guys to see how the wheels are sort of reacting with the gyro turned on and off um.

So this is currently. Let me just make sure it’s focused this is currently with the gyro completely turned off. I hope that that is focused in yeah. It looks like it so then let’s see, i am not going to steer i’ll keep this in the corner here, i’m. Just going to accelerate forwards watch this, you see it pulls to the right by now go back to the start position and again so now watch what happens when i turn the esp up to about just over halfway. Okay, good see how straight that was and again so you can see how the car is being kept straight by the esp the gyro so now, let’s get on to the actual good part. The drifting part of this and why having a gyro fitted is a good thing. Okay, now what we’re gon na do is uh. My son colin is gon na be driving with the esp completely turned off. This is the first time he’s actually driven it, and well. I mean you’re going to see what happens he’s going to be doing the opposite. Lock all the way along you ready right, let’s go he’s, attempting to do a figure of eight see how hard it is for him to keep control of the car. He can’t react. Quick enough to keep it sort of in a straight line or in the power slide hard right, colin it’s, not an easy task with those plastic tires right now, if you hold on just a moment, what we will now do is on the controller.

You can just lift that up. You see where it says. Esp yeah turn that up to just over halfway uh, where are we at not just over halfway there you go okay, go and go. Is that you doing the opposite lock or is it doing the opposite? Lock, huh, okay: this is a good time to jump in and show you the slow mo of the uh gyro working as the car is coming into position now, it’s going to get to a point where colin turns into the drift and now, if you look at This point see the gyro actually stepping in and doing the opposite, lock for him really good example of how quickly the gyro is reacting, that’s, colin now turning left again and the gyro again instantly catches the slide for him very good example of how the gyro is Working nice colin, very nice, okay, stop a second okay. What we’re going to be doing this time is just showing the uh gyro doing its job when colin’s driving he’s just going to flick the steering one way and then, when the opposite lock goes in then you’ll. Clearly see that that’s, the gyro working because i’m going to be recording his hands as he’s doing it. So if you can just put that into the sunlight colin just slightly there, you go right now you can go Music, you see how he keeps on letting go of. The throttle herbicide is steering then the gyro that’s, going back to center Music, Music.

So, okay, once again, colin’s just going to be flicking the steering to one side either left or right and then releasing the steering and it will be taking over. So the gyro will be doing its best to keep the car straight so we’ll. Do it a little bit and then we’ll do some slow mo, so you can see the gyro in motion in slow mo kick on colin, so, okay, i’ve now taken control and the esp is just slightly over so let’s see. If i can do an improvement from yesterday, shall we um okay let’s, see if i’m any better with the driving than what i was yesterday with this figure of eight oh i’m, just going to flick it in like that and let go see how it catches it. So i’ll do it again: it’s very cool, very cool Music i’ve been up for three nights. My eyes are bloodshot red. Damn i wan na see the sunshine it’s getting to my head Music. He runs away at midnight, Music, Music, i’m. Sorry, mom, Music. My siblings are perfect and i wish i were the same, making bad decisions that should be my middle name. I love playing with fire it’s, my favorite guy, watching by my whole house down. I feel a thing: Music. I’M. Sorry that i stole your car Music. So i don’t take it Music, mom. I’M. Sorry that i stole your car ain’t got those tattoos Music, mom, Music, i’m, sorry, Music, okay.

I hope that we’ve shown you the whole benefit of having a gyro on one of these cars. I was advised to buy a wl toys k989. I believe it is the little the same sort of size, uh ford focus. I believe it is um, but that doesn’t have the gyro on it so that’s. The reason why you should be looking at one of these and why everybody else on youtube is raving about this car because it has the gyro on it, and that does make a difference. It’S really hard to try and show you it’s one of those things that you’ll know the benefits of it when you’re trying to drive it yourself when it’s turned off. This is really hard to drive once it’s turned on. It does help for sure turn it on too much, though it goes over to then just being a hindrance where you can’t actually get it into the slide. It just keeps on trying to straighten up too much so there you go.