I wanted to give a comparison: uh between uh, two 1 10 scale, nitro rc cars, um, one being the hsp 94122. This is the touring car chassis and the other one i have here with me is the vrx buggy rh1006. I believe there are slight differences between the different bodies, but generally this will cover most of the differences between the engine, the setup materials used, but first off uh. This is the spirit buggy body i do have a hsp buggy on the way, but i wanted to give this comparison. Video first but it’s, pretty nice pretty cool, but this is the hsp body that came with this touring car. You can see it’s the flying fish. Now hsp 10 also rebrands under exceed rc and um and redcat nitro redcat racing nitro. I believe so. You know they will be very similar if not the same, but this was awesome. Um. The picture showed a 350z i’m glad that it came with the uh, gtr and i’m actually saving this body, because it’s nice and i do have other ones fitted where i cut the windows out for the nitro engine to breathe and to tune from this was the Body i had on my mt8 that got destroyed the body managed to survive. I went ahead and cut this up, so this is one that i’ll also be using on the touring car um, but back to the rc’s themselves. What you’ll notice from the package is that the vrx comes with the flysky gt2 transmitter and uh.

This particular hsp, the touring car flying fish, came with this guy right here. Mt 305. I don’t have much experience with this one, but no concerns. I think it’s a little bit uh dated compared to the other uh one, but this is great because it only takes four double a’s versus the eight double a’s that this one takes. But i use my multi binding transmitter instead, so it you know, i swap out the stock one for this one right here, but what is great about both of these receivers is that they both include, or they have uh a built in fail, safe, which will present Uh prevent a runaway uh, which is, which is probably my biggest fear getting into nitro, is that these things take off if the battery pack gets loose or runs out, but built in fail safes. This one was preset from factory this one. You just have to program, which is very easy to do so. The next major difference is the engine that you get so the hsp both of these come with a .18 series engine, this one being the cxp or vertex vx 0.18, and then that one coming with the force – 0.18 fc 0.18, also known as – and i believe this One is a 2.74 cc, uh displacement and that’s a 2.95 cc displacement, so the force does make a little bit more power. It sounds and feels like it does, but both of them are great.

Both of them are a blast. I have no complaints and i’m i’m happy to have both styles to compare and to play with, and i don’t think you’d go wrong with either of them. You’Ll see that i already fitted uh metal pipes on both of these, but these are the stock plastic factory ones that come and they’re pretty much about the same, so exhaust wise, uh they’re the same. The fuel tank on the vrx is a little bit bigger. I think that’s an 80cc versus i think, a 75 cc on the hsp um air filters are the same. Um different variations will come with. You know different bets of metal or plastic, so i won’t get heavy into that one. But i do know that the vrx touring car does come with the metal receiver holder, which is a nice touch um, but they both take the same uh receiver pack for a double a stock um, and i think something to note is that you do get a Difference in build quality, and i actually do like the vrx. So both of these came in at 200 dollars and i used the same 13 off promo code on them. But if i were to pick up one of them based on playing around with them – and this is regardless of style – if i just chose between the two platforms, i probably would pick the vrx. I think the package comes nicer and i’ll show you some differences.

I noticed – and i don’t know how long these have been around for the hx hsp exceed might be. You know, might have been around for a longer time, but if you noticed, if you look at these linkages that they use this is your brake linkage and it’s. Just this little flimsy tube and your rod with the little plastic screw to adjust your brake and it’s simple, it works it’s. Fine, you know um here’s, your throttle, linkage, um and there’s tends to be just more play. You know in this one this one i had buttoned up and adjusted very nicely, but you can see definitely the play in just the break arm. Now, when you look at the design on the vrx, you can see that it’s, like an actually nice polished rod. There’S. No play in this arm side to side. There is, but back and forth. No so it’s it’s a lot tighter, cleaner in the vrx, and you can see the receiver metal but that’s, not something major. I would say um because i think some of the hsps also include this uh. I could be wrong also, but um aside from that, i think yeah, so so the build um and the quality of components feels better on the ftx um or the vrx. I, like the engine better being the force 18 feels like it’s, got more juice to it. I have a brushless version of the hsp, the rally car and i i don’t i’m, not a big fan of the handling.

I feel there’s a lot of torque steer input and someone actually commented on that and confirmed that. That was something common on the hsp chassis and i do feel a bit of that on this one as well, but it’s still really fun and still a blast um. But i think, for that reason um, i already did curb this one and i cracked the right rear wheel a little bit and that could be just because i suck at driving anyways but um. You know i do feel that the handling on the vrx is a little bit crisper more clean, but that could also be and uh because of the body style being a buggy versus a touring car, so um so the handling you know, i noticed the similarities in The hsp family i could speak about, but i can’t compare the two because they are different bodies uh, so that will dictate the handling. But the air filters are the same Music and i think those are probably the biggest differences between the two brands. To note – and you know it just comes down to looking for the best deals uh and if you want to go after market uh. I know that the cxp or the vertex 18 engines are a lot cheaper. I think you can get one for around fifty dollars. The force 18 engine is a little bit more expensive. I think i’ve seen them around 70 dollars and plus, but when you go into the 21 series engines it’s a little bit different but that’s a different topic that i still need to learn myself but anyways.

Sorry for the rambling, video hope. This helps if you’re in the toss up between a hsp and a vrx nitro, i don’t think you’ll lose with either route you go with and just look for the best deals um available. I happened to pick up both of these from sterling kits um and i was able to use the promo code and if you look um, they have different the same one listed under different skus, but pick the one that’s 200 it’s the same thing um except. I think an n2 might be a two speed uh. So if you do see a vrxn2 variant, i believe that’s, a two speed transmission um, so it’s it’s a little bit tough to find the aftermarket two speed parts, but i did on aliexpress and i’m going to convert it myself, which i did which you’ll see in My next vrx unboxing video but anyways again sorry for the rambling hope the comparison helped. So you can get a look between the two um. I will say that starting them up, the hsp was much easier for me to start up than the vrx, but that’s also because i did not have everything dialed in and adjusted before. I um i went ahead and started them up so uh.