So for our chassis we got the rmx 2.0 s from mst max speed technology. So let’s have a look at the box all right, so the one thing i’m concerned about is: is this warning label man? So this says it contains chemicals that can cause cancer, but you know we we don’t care about this man, so let’s get this open. Oh, look at that knife bro all right, let’s get that open! Oh, this looks insane man look at that. Look at that. Okay, so i was actually planning on getting the yokomo yd2s, but the shop owners told me to get these uh the arm mix 2.0 because um they said it was a lot easier to construct and there’s like less tuning needed. So oh let’s let’s test this out. Man let’s get this open Music, Music, so so i’m. Finally done building the motor mount and now let’s open our electronics man, electronics are all on it. I chose this because it looks amazing. Look at that 10.5 t man. Look at that bad boy right. There is the esc, look at that bro what the heck all aluminum look at that masterpiece right there we got the servo right here. Look at that all right, let’s get to building Music, all right guys, so we got the gyro rp packaging right now. Look at that look at that bro look at the bottom as you can see: there’s the ani ck logo right there and the sides to the silver.

Oh, my gosh look at the pattern on top that is beautiful man any see he really does the best stuff man aluminum, as you can hear. Oh my gosh. Look at that cordless digital circle have a look at the bottom. Have a look at the top? Oh my gosh. I just love that logo right there, Music all right, so we just got more stuff um. First up we got the right kiri lipo battery from aniseeki right here, look at that that looks insane man, 3500 um milliamps per hour. Look at that bro and we got the ds racing wheels, so this is actually pretty solid. You actually can’t squeeze them, so you’re gon na have to boil them this 12 mm offset, but when calculated back, this is around 8.5 offset just place this over here. Yo. Look at this case right here looks amazing man. Just look at that casing. Let’S get this open right now what the heck it sounds. So weird, is this supposed to sound like this? I need to search up some facebook groups right now and you ask them all right guys. So i got this yeah racing. Aluminum cnc magnetic body mounts for my chassis to mount onto my clear body, so let’s get opening. So i also got the demi works pop up headlights over here, so this isn’t actually for the fc3s but i’m just gon na try to modify it, so it fits so yeah let’s.

Do it Music all right guys so i’m newly done spray painting my rc car right here, so we just finished the translucent red spray at the back over here for the headlights and now we’re gon na go over here for tinting the windshield over here. So let me run you through what i’ve got over here all right, so for the first layer we got the ps5 black over here, which is on the sides over here for the blacking and, as you can see here, there’s some paint bleeds over here um. I tried to get some of them out which i did with a paint remover. However, i realized that i started fogging up my lexan, so i stopped on paint removing. I went over with the ps34 and i went like three to four layers over here. Until i completely finished the ps34 and after the ps34, i went with the ps12 for your cover up and um. As you can see here. These are the ps12 cover ups and i heard that after the ps12 you’re supposed to go back to the ps5, but i kind of like the ps12, so i left it as it is. But you know maybe the ps5 isn’t too bad um. If i go over it but i’m, not gon na, do it because i’ve already taken that out and after the ps um 12, i went over for the ps37 for the back for the back headlight for the back lights and now i’m just going to remove all These and go for the ps31 smoke for tinting the window.

Anyways um, anyways let’s. Take this out let’s. Do it all right guys? I’M? Finally done so, let’s see our final product three two one, oh it’s, not bad! Actually, so this is where the sticker residues are. I can’t actually tell right now because i tinted it as i expected so it’s, actually pretty well pretty nice let’s put some stickers on and let’s. Do it Music, all right guys so now i’m going to be using 3m double sided, sticky tape and going to be sticking the top magnet over here to the on bottom of my painted body so let’s. Do it alright guys? So here is my final product um? I haven’t added the led lights yet, but that will be for next time, but as of right now, this looks insane i’ve added some decals over there look at the back spoiler right there, man that looks insane whoa. Oh my gosh. Look at that exhaust that looks insane man, oh man, oh man, something that um something that would make this look even better would be larger fenders over there, because so actually this yeah, it looks kind of scrawny, so some fenders would make it look better. Um, add it up to like 205 mm and that’ll. Look insane i’m, also going to be adding a intercooler down there, but look at those pop up headlights, man, those look insane, so these are actually for the 240 s6. But you know i’m crafty. So i made it fit and something that’s nice is that you can adjust the height because of how i made it and you can make it look like it’s sleepy iron man, but i’m gon na keep it all up, because i’m gon na be adding led lights Soon, i’ve brought this to the track and i’ve crashed it a couple times, which is why there’s some black lines over here, but you know it is what it is i’m fine with that something i’m, not fine with is that after i painted it.

I realized that this part is not like a line to the middle i’m, not sure if that’s on purpose or if that’s a defect, so you know i’m just going to leave it out of this change. I’Ve made to the car is that i changed the tires. So the people in the track told me to change it to this tire, and this would help me get more grip onto the ground, but also help me drift better at the same time. But, however, this one would be this one is just too slippery. It’S maybe made for a more grippy track, so i took these out, but these ones look really nice, but you know that’s. My car looks insane. Oh my gosh man, so my gosh look at that. Look at those camera right there that looks insane well. Let me show you how i take this out let’s. Do it up three two one and after that, go down from the sides and then the last one lift up and there it is all right guys. So i just got the three racing 110 scale hauler. For my rc car right there – and i also got this year racing um and i also got this yeah racing mts san juan for my salmon, remote right here as well. So let’s get this opening you a killer Music. Thank you, Music, Music, Music.