I was provided a sample for review purposes but my opinions are my own.

Next, this car is made of plastic and is not die cast. The transmitter requires three AA batteries (not a 9V) and two rechargeable NiCad battery packs are provided with a charger. Also, please note the size of the car is given in cm, not inches. Just wanted to get a few things cleared up before I went further into my review.

This car is really designed for the model collector and not for RC racing. As for a model, it is very well detailed and even the bottom is detailed in some places as well.

As an RC car, I did not like this car. It was slow, low to the ground and I thought the controller was difficult to operate. An RC car should have bumpers in the front and back and should have some ground clearance to go over obstacles. If you add that to the Veneno, then you drastically change the way it looks. So it is pretty hard to marry the two in my opinion and I let the manufacturer know about this. Therefore, I can only recommend this car to the model collector who wants to put it on a shelf and not to an 8 year old who wants to crash it into curbs and beat it up.

The coolest thing about this car is the door button which opens and closes the doors in true Lamborghini style. If you do want to use this as an RC car, just make sure you have it on a smooth surface, like a large wooden floor where it can drive easily.

The battery in the car lasts a really long time and you get two, so you will have plenty of drive time. The controller wasn't for me but other reviewers have liked it – it worked as advertised and is something a little bit different.