Folks, we got a new one today, um this one. We got another little small crawler check this out little bitty one, but look at all that scale detail now. This is another one from fms models: rock hobby little toyota land cruiser. Look. You got the little snorkel. You got the light bar nice little rack for the top scaled spare tire ladder up the back. Look, you even have the defroster wires in the back window. Full interior gear shift, steering wheel, seats, front and back mirrors windshield wiper front push. Bumper now. You’Ve also got a great little four length system here in the back universal drive, shafts straight axles, some really nice, soft and cushy four wheel drive tires now they call these taras, but the tread pattern is just like the new wrangler mud terrain. Sorry it’s kind of a knock off, but hey if it works. It works three link front with panhard bar and drag link system. Little fms server there in the front cool little thing about this. One too, is how you access the front. You actually open the hood. So in the hood you can see the back side of the servo there and you see that your battery there right in the back, so the battery is really easy to get to it’s. Just such a cool setup, i mean scale beyond belief for a 16th scale truck. I am super digging. This thing, it’s going to be so cool, so it comes in this nice little carrying case everything will pack up in it.

So you take the truck and it just sits right in there. The radio it is a small radio, takes four double a batteries. You got your trims and reversers up there on the top, but you’ve got a little switch here right in the back. You hit that and it comes in two pieces, so you can put everything goes right back in the box. Bang just like that. At that point you snap it back together! Mr katana is back in the box and ready to go and it’s well protected. You throw this in your backseat or in your trunk. You don’t worry about crushing the vehicle. They give you an instruction manual that actually has a full breakdown of the vehicle. How to take it apart, how to put it back together again: you’ve got a usb charger here, so just plug that into a computer usb or your cell phone charger. They give you one little phillips head screwdriver here that does take apart most of the vehicle believe it or not. The rest of it is in this bag. We’Ve got a little plastic, lug wrench four way, and then you’ve also got a little bind plug in there. It all comes sleeved out, and this little thing right here and it it is worth mentioning that is an injection molded body it’s a hard body, not lex sand, does have functional hood of course, scale. Interior features multifunctional light control system, so you do have some indicators on this thing.

I think we’re going to throw that into the video here in just a second see what all lights up on it. Of course, the bumper and roof rack really cool mud tires. One inch uh internal bead, lock wheel, so these are actually bead locks, that’s, really cool. Now we love the fact that things thing is basically built. Just like the bigger 10 scales. You know, just like your ring and pinion axle. Um you’ve got water, resistant, electronics and you do have a brushed motor, but it is 2s capable lipoly and you can get extras here. Uh we do have those available and a chassis mounted servo, just like some of the bigger boys as well. Now this aluminum frame rail rails, not plastic as well, and they do have uh off road tuned coil shocks. So you do have quite a bit of flexibility off road. This thing will flex pretty good for you and but other than that man, just great looking great. Looking vehicle let’s see if we got some actual specs here on the side, so it’s, uh, 281 millimeters long you’ve got a 44 degree, departure angle, 58.5, approach, angle, 34, millimeters of high center clearance and that 155 millimeter wheelbase um. One of the things we do like about this we’ve seen some other ones like the mini z, for instance, and they have terrible departure angles. They got too long of a rear moment on the on the truck there’s lots of overhang and on this one you’re not having to deal with that.

So the off roading capability should be a lot better. Now your overall height on this is going to be 137 millimeters and millimeters wide on the track from outside tire to the outside of the tire. So let’s take a moment: i’m gon na hook the batteries up, we’re gon na check out all these leds. They say: it’s got on it. Put some batteries, remote control, see what that’s all about all right. So i got my radio uh batteries inserted i’m gon na turn. It on got the blue indicator right right there now, like i’m saying the little hood here is magnetic. So just pick up on that and a little battery is hiding back here in the back so i’m going to connect these up real quick, give me just a sec, all right so battery’s connected and then you’ve got a tiny little plug here. You can almost miss it that you’ll turn on just push it towards the outside there all right, all right, so let’s get the hood closed the here back all right, so this thing has actually got like a little blinker system. So when you turn left turn right, you actually have blinkers let’s check out the rear. What does it do back here? Look at that. You actually have turn signals front and rear. Imagine that what we’re going to have is when we hit the throttle, probably going to get headlights Music either that oh no check this out channel three.

When you push that button right, there actually toggles your headlights on and off how cool is that you also have tail lights and the blinker that is too cool all this in the 16th scale. Folks that’s, the real thing: Music, slow, crawl, isn’t bad. So if you want to go slow, she’ll go pretty slow guys. This is unbelievable for this size of a truck to have all these scale features you guys are going to have to come out and check them out, got them in stock they’re ready to sell right here, mock, speed hobbies. If you guys love these videos be sure to like and subscribe hit that notification bell to be notified when we come out with new stuff.