You sound crazy you’re on video right Music. Now, all right, we have a pretty rare. Well, i wouldn’t say it’s pretty rare, but kind of hard to find now. 1 32nd scale. Rc mystery inbox coming right. Now there we go slr niko, full function says requires one nine volt and two double a’s, but we can take it out and inspect it right now. Instead, but let’s go ahead and open it and we’ll see what it’s like in here. Why pull it out? Okay, there’s, the car, pretty cool, it’s got the standard toy grade style, steering, control, arms and steering rack motor and gears feel good. Just takes two double a’s. I can see if i have a 9 volt around here, go check that in a minute, body’s hard plastic got to watch for those mirrors. It is about one thirty second scale, though so that’s good, let’s see cool, pretty basic. Some type of rubber ish tires: okay, i’ll be back i’m gon na go check for a battery real, quick. Okay back in action, i was able to get uh a nine volt to test this with there’s no power button. So i think, just when you go you go again with my trusty dusty lupuscell 2700 milliamp for hours, my favorite rechargeables. They make doubles and triples. They probably make other ones, but those are the ones i’m used to using make sure your switch is off one battery. That one’s tight don’t want to push too hard on that that’s.

It okay, so go ahead and put this on okay moment of truth turn it on forward. Reverse right, left. Okay, i think we’re in action, Applause, let’s move our case here, make it drive off the edge of a cliff there. All right, i almost did it all right. Okay, let’s check it out on the ground. Let’S straighten this out this guy down over all here, not bad. It feels pretty good feels a lot better than the mesto maisto ones seems to be okay. Let’S uh go down to the ground level. Here the last little up close shot of his bad boy. We’Ll call it it almost does burn out, which is cool, bad that’s, gon na wrap it up for these nikos pretty fun, cheap, still toy grade. I would suggest saving and getting a mini z, because they’re, modifiable and well made as for the new ray auto tune. Ups really cool concept, it comes with a remote control, infrared watch and they have die cast bodies and some interchangeable parts. Those are cool features, the coolest part is, they have an alarm function and a little engine sound coming from a speaker inside, and it is a great prop to have most of this stuff. I get because i am into slot cars and i use them in the bodies and parts, so it works. For me, real fast for thinking about getting these new ray, auto tune up cars. They are 132nd rc’s, they have a die cast body which is awesome, but they are not functional.

They barely work. The radio doesn’t work, if you’re more than like a few feet away, and this one the gear was stripped and i had to modify it and it was just a huge waste of time. So, just quick video on to avoid these, unless you’re just going for the body that’s pretty much it quick test of one of those auto tune. Ups, you can hear the alarm function. The engine sounds, but you can see coming up here in a second that they don’t function very well. Here you can see what i’m talking about a little bit. Okay, everybody that’s going to wrap it up for these nico and new ray 132nd cars. See you guys.