But before that i just want to talk about uh, some other rc’s out there. This is by kyosho. This is a beat up, but it’s a mini z and many z’s are pretty cool because they have these really nice looking bodies, although this one, i think, had uh hard mirrors which one broke off, but this is an all wheel, drive version, so uh it’s, really Good for drifting, you know or or grip racing – i put some leds in there, so it lights up when it drives and these mini z’s in this scale they take aaa batteries. So you never really have to worry about a dead battery, which is nice a few years ago. They maybe 10 years ago. They had this line called the d nano and these are 143rd scales, but they only came in rear wheel drive and it has like this pan leaf suspension. So i didn’t really like that way. This handled you know, unless you have a specific track for this it’s. Just too small, so if it was all wheel drive, i think it would have been better, but i think this line died out. I don’t think they’re available anymore, but it’s called d nano. If you’re really interested, maybe you could still get them off ebay or something so this just sits in a shell it’s still a pretty nice body, and this one has rubbery rubbery mirrors, so they learn something okay, so i guess we’ll leave this out for scale reference.

So these have been uh. You know on youtube for quite a while, and i figured i’d try it out because i’m looking for like a desktop rc car, you know even something like this big. You still need to have a pretty big floor space to enjoy it. Um but oddly the uh all wheel drive drift car. You don’t need much space here, because this thing would start drifting in like a few inches, so it’s really great these, these 28 scale ones. Okay, let’s, take a look here. I got this one off ebay, so you can get them off aliexpress or amazon, whatever they’re everywhere. Let’S. Take a look here all right. I really didn’t expect the box to be this small but uh, i guess the remote control. Oh, i see it’s, not one piece. That’S, why okay, so it has some pretty good foam now i noticed that uh there’s, actually no indication on this packaging of the actual vehicle inside there’s no picture of the mini, which is weird and then there’s also nothing saying the scale. So the internet, i think, is saying it’s like 176 scale, but this box shows none of it, which is kind of weird all right. So we got some instructions they’re, not too hard. I guess so this thing just snaps in here: Music it’s, like a tongue and groove all right, so this must be the car. I don’t know why it has to come in this separate packaging.

So that’s, pretty cool, it’s kind of like a collectible die cast, comes in this miniature uh sleeve and then the the crystal case, so that’s pretty neat here’s a charge, cable and uh. Maybe this is for like instructions or something in case you lose the originals i’m. Not really sure i’m not gon na bother reading it here. Okay, so let’s take a look here and then there’s a pin of some sort here tape. So this little plastic is what’s trapping the car. I have to figure out what that metal pin is for and also what is this there’s like foam tape here, i guess if you want a permanent just permanently display it so now for sent to scale since i i’m pretty much collecting 164 scale cars here’s a 164 scale kyosho fiat 500, and so i suppose well obviously the 164 is bigger, but let’s actually measure this model. Um let’s see here. The internet is telling me that uh, this mini a three door mini, is a length of 38, 21 millimeters Music. So 38. 21. Sorry get my calculator out divided by no 49.45, yes, 177., so it’s close enough to 176.. Maybe they. I don’t, know this. Maybe this isn’t the stock mini or something because when i look up images of uh minis, they have all different uh front ends so i’m, not sure if this is like a mini cooper, a cooper s or what. But it seems to be all right as far as this uh body goes here.

It is kind of weird, though, that the rear wheel, isn’t, really centered with the um wheel. Well, it seems like it’s pushed back quite a bit right, like the top of this wheel. It should be here, but it’s kind of back there how about this side? You know what this side seems better, so i’m, not sure. If it’s crooked, the body itself seems to be an on off switch and there’s a uh charge, cable port there’s, a bind button and uh let’s see if i could figure out how to get this thing off here we go so i just have to pull the Back out and then there’s a tongue and groove so here’s a tiny little battery, it’s uh 0.281, oh 75 milliamps and then there’s going to be some leds to light up here front and back it’s nice that the tires actually have a tread pattern. So that’s pretty cool all right. Okay. So let me pause here because i have to pop some batteries into this uh remote here. Okay, guys, i’m back! You really don’t even need the instruction manual it’s, not rocket science here, but you do need four aaa batteries and they going in this method here, there’s, actually a sticker inside you can see with the orientation, but even if that sticker were to fall off, the orientation Is also on the cover here, so this thing uh tongue and grooves, like this towards the back and then snaps in, like that so it’s actually pretty smart.

I like that, the battery hatches here instead of the bottom, where it might open and the batteries fall out and then also it’s, pretty smart, that this is a two piece controller because it makes it super portable, whereas most other you know ready to run rcs. They have the controller as one piece like this, and obviously this is much more difficult to carry around with you. So this is a really cool, smart design. Now, the very first time you have to bind it that’s, a common practice with all rc’s. You know to to bind to the radio and that’s what this thing is for it turns out. If you look inside here. Well, maybe you can’t tell let me get a better angle, but here next to the bind hole you can see, maybe there’s two pins there. Let me get a flashlight in there see those two pins, they’re metal contact pins and you have to bridge that gap in order to put it into bind mode. You can kind of see right there actually but anyways. So you turn it on and then you turn on the controller, and then you would just take this metal pin to bridge that gap and uh so that that’s, what binds it it’s? Not that hard right. So now you can see it is bound. So it is just a rear, wheel, drive and you do have the steering here. Okay, so also you can see that the the steering is a bit off here, but on the controller you have trim buttons for the steering and the throttle so let’s see.

Obviously this is guys i want to turn the wheels this way. So let me see there we go if you go too far, just go the other way, so that should steer relatively straight now and then i’m. Not. I don’t really need to trim the throttle because it’s not actually accelerating right now, anyways, so it’s it’s no deal no big deal. Okay. So then i got ta just pop this thing. Back, okay, so i’ll go into the front, make sure those headlights get into those holes and then there you go all right so let’s see here. If we pull out this thing, let me put a homer simpson here and they’ll angle: the camera up a little bit. So it’s definitely cool it’s like a desktop racer Music. It is fully proportional, Music. Okay, so this is cool. I mean it’s super small. You can set up a race track on your desktop, which i will do eventually and there’s. Also a lot of 176 scale. Uh models that you can modify if you don’t, like minis i’m gon na, maybe try to get some just to make a different custom. All right! Look at that that’s, full speed right there, that’s pretty fast, okay, cool all right, guys, well, it’s, a pretty neat toy. If you guys, like rc’s or cars in general, i think this is a keeper it’s, very portable. You just got to have some aaa batteries, four of them again and then access to a usb charger, because this charges with that usb cable, it came with and it’s super easy to bind.

If you lose this little metal piece, just use a screwdriver or a drill bit or a push, pin could probably do it. You just got to bridge the gap between those two pins to bind it, but you really only need to bind it once. If i turn it off and on again, it’s already it’s already bound it. It remembers, so you only have to bind it one time.