This is the third generation suzuki chimney and the chimney was originally a k class vehicle in japan, but it grew and grew and they have alternate versions. So some of them are not k class anymore, but this third generation could actually be a k class car with a 660 cc engine. But if it was an export market vehicle, it might be a little bit bigger and have a 1460cc engine making 86 horsepower uh. The reason why the chimney has been around for so long uh is it’s. Actually it is a four wheel drive system granted on this. One is a part time four wheel drive so there’s, no central differential or viscous coupling. So, basically, if it’s a dry road, it can only be in two wheel, drive or you’re gon na start grinding gears and stuff. So you really only wan na engage four wheel drive on a slippery surface in this particular vehicle, but still it’s better than like a bunch of the cute utes that really can’t go off road. Okay anyways, apparently over 2.8 million of these chimneys have been sold in over almost 200 countries, uh up to september 2018, according to wikipedia so it’s, obviously very successful. Now back on january 22nd. 2021. I did a video on this. This is an aoshima branded vehicle. This is actually 164 scale. I checked the wheelbase and it matches up. This is listed as a beam 164 on ebay, but it’s, not 164, because this third generation and 4th generation jimny have the same wheelbase, whether it’s a k, class or an export market, and basically this is around 170 70th scale.

According to my calipers, you can see you know. The axle length is different right. This is shorter, it’s, a smaller vehicle. It also looks a little bit narrower as well so but anyways. It doesn’t really bother me so much. I picked it up loose because i also have a video on this thing: that’s a little turbo, rc 176 scale mini and it’s pretty cool, but uh. You know i thought it’d be interesting to do a body swap and now i’m thinking. Maybe if i could swap the wheels on this thing, then maybe i can make an rc truck out of this thing. I don’t know we’ll see what happens but measuring up the wheel bases. They seem kind of similar, all right it’s. It might be fudgible. It might not, i don’t, know let’s, take this thing apart, yeah all right, so there’s some posts there, i just snapped them. Actually it broke them. You know look at this thing. This little thing has a you know pretty decent, looking interior and stuff like that. Let’S take a better angle here, all right so obviously it’s got some monster aftermarket wheels or something like that. But uh that’ll be interesting. So the question is uh wheelbase, wise it’s. It would work right uh. The battery here, though, is gon na collide with uh the dashboard, so i got ta remove this dashboard. It seems so i’ll probably have to grab some pliers. My rusty, cheap pliers see, if i can snap this out, no it’s pretty hard in there.

Nope well i’m. Wondering if he’ll take the windshield off with it, you know i don’t want to crack the windshield so it’s. Definitely i think that shininess is like super glue. Oh, i think it’s pinned in you can see. I can see some studs there, so maybe if i well it’s pinned in, but i think it’s actually glued and pinned in so oh there we go. I apparently snapped that thing off as well, so yeah this is uh it’s, actually a pretty nice uh dashboard. For some. This is some random toy. I think i mean it’s got no detail on the bottom right. It’S solid plastic tires, so i i wouldn’t be surprised. If this came in one of those capsule machines, a goshapon thing, okay, now the question is so now the body is a little bit too wide, so i might have to file away these edges. Oh that’s, actually pretty flat so darn, i don’t know if this is gon na work at all it’s. So close, i definitely know that these studs have to go so just lose those things. Unfortunately, you know the circuitry is so close to the edge here. I don’t think it would be advisable to try to sand down the width of this. This uh pcb board but i’m trying to see if i can actually just uh jam it in there because it’s so close it’s, like a, i would say, might be two or three millimeters too wide.

But if this plastic can flex. Oh look at that. I got the rear in there. Oh, it seems to be a spare tire. I have to glue that back on later. Okay, so if i jam the rear in first it’s, actually still helping to spread the body. Ah, look at this. I think uh for a makeshift uh, lowrider suv. It might be all right so now, it’s, like the the plastic lights of the mini, are a little bit too um they’re too long it’s, preventing it from sliding in all the way. So i guess i might have to sand down these uh headlights here well or just take some clippers here. This clear plastic is not the led. The led is a little yellow square, so it’s just a a light conduit. If i polish, the edges smooth, i and it should, you know, work again pretty nicely or even actually might be better if it’s a rough surface. Well, i think i’m about to take a dremel to it, but i’m, not gon na make you guys watch it watch. They do that so look at this thing. Let’S turn this thing on just for for fun here, Music! Oh all, right, give me give me some time here, guys i’m gon na uh, see if i can actually get those taller tires on this thing and try to make a high rise all right, so i’ll be back okay, so i you know, swamped the wheels, unfortunately Drilled right through this wheel, you know the other ones are okay, but it turns out these wheels are not going to work because it actually hits the motherboard it can’t steer.

You know they’re just too tall and i don’t think it’ll be easy to raise this uh motherboard or whatever the pcb board. I guess it’s, not a motherboard it’s, not a computer but anyways uh yeah. Let me see if i can find some other wheels that might work all right, so i’ve got some uh no 64 wheels here uh. These came with the one, the honda civic ats. I think that was what it was called, but anyways there’s, the second wheel set from that uh. You know 64 honda and uh. I had to drill out the middle part of it with a 1.3 millimeter drill bit and you got to be careful not to blow through the whole wheel. So i put a piece of tape on my drill bit kind of like uh like that. As a marker, you know so i know where to stop, and unfortunately you can’t really get the rear very far on, because there just isn’t enough plastic. So the weird the rear is actually wider than the front for for me. But luckily, this body kit doesn’t seem to care, and so with the body i took a dremel and on the slowest setting you know, i just started shaving away some plastic and also, in particular, the fenders, because these wide tires are dragging and they and the steering Was also stopping against the plastic, so i had to shave out as much as i could, because the original wheels are just so small right.

So if i’m going to fit a bigger tires, you know here’s the original wheel and then here’s the no 64.. So naturally i have to shave the the fenders quite a bit. If i just stuck on these things, it wouldn’t be an issue, but that would look totally goofy on an suv, so i’m just uh, adding some black paint right now and then i got to black out the window because you can see the battery pack and unfortunately, These tail lights, don’t have a post running to the back, so no light can get through and they seem to be crazy. Glued on i can’t break them off on the front. They drilled some holes again, they were blanked off, but i drilled some holes and i just stopped where i saw the drill bits it’s not very pretty, to look at but a little bit of light to chinese through, but i actually had to clip off all that Transparent stuff with the leds, because uh it was colliding with the the underside of the the hood there, so that was actually colliding with the back here as well. So anyways after i paint all that black and make it opaque i’m gon na put some spacers in there and then uh you’ll see how it runs all right. So give me give me another break okay. Well, i uh pretty much finished. I added a little plastic here and what that is for us is back the chassis against it.

So it aligns the wheelbase and then i just have a little cork spacer here for lightweight and i had to black out some of the body, because the light is so bright that it was actually shining through the fenders, so uh yeah, okay. So i just pop it in from the back just like this and then as long as i push it towards the back it’s, pretty much aligned with the uh, the wheelbase right. So there we go and then you can see hopefully some of the headlights shining through. Hopefully, all right, unfortunately, nothing in the back. Okay, so let’s take a look for a spin here, so it seems to work fine uh. The only issue is the tires. You know by inno they’re, not high they’re, not very soft. So the thing the thing goes to like two burnouts that’s kind of funny uh – maybe maybe the other one – would do a burnout too, but this is really easy to do. Burnouts, because the the tire compound is pretty hard all right so, but anyways i’m pretty happy with it there’s. Actually, nothing really wrong. With this mini body, provided by turbo racing, i mean it’s got a silver around the headlights. The silver on the door handle the blinker there. The cockpit is blacked out, of course, because of the leds which shine through and then there’s, even something on the license plate. All it really needs is a little silver on the exhaust tips.

I think, but it’s a really lightweight shell, so i’m, not sure how much i didn’t really weigh it’s, definitely heavier this one, because the thing is such thick plastic. You know i had to dremel out so much of the plastic and it’s just a bigger. I think: well, no it’s, not really a bigger vehicle, it’s, just thicker plastic, so this one i would guess. Maybe this is like half the weight of this well now. Does that really slow it down or affect its run time? I’M, not sure i’m. I’M sure it affects the runtime but i’m, not sure if it’ll slow it down or not so anyways for a more scale appearance with some more realistic looking. You might want to look up this uh this body here on ebay or whatnot, or try some other 170. 176 scale vehicles all right, okay.