You all are having a great day today and im doing a different video today, its actually a one dollar to 500 rc car video um and actually today, im in a collaboration with fit cactus boy, say whats up to the vlog sup guys go subscribe to my Channel i have a bunch of stuff that you might like, but go subscribe and, like my videos, you guys heard him go subscribe. Um. You know my goal. Get me to 100 subscribers at least 100 subscribers by the end of the year. Um you heard mine its just 50 subscribers, maybe maybe less i just want subscribers – just mean subscribers hes kind of desperate right now, and so am i um, but give me a hundred subscribers by the end of the year and yeah lets get right into this video Here we go so im going to show you our lineup right now: im really excited and um yeah. Okay, all our cars right here and im, not gon na spoil anything, because i need to do that later, but weve got our most expensive rc car right. Let me take the plastic crap off most expensive rc car right here. You know im, sorry that looks like trash most expensive, rc car right here, cheapest, rc car right here and yeah lets get right into the video. So here right here, weve got pick. It up got the 20 rc car. This is just the normal rc car that every kids gon na have in his life its like the normal, cheap one, the cheap one order it on amazon, wherever you want its got: no battery pack and yeah thats it and then okay, im gon na set this Down right here, this is the 50 one, and this is the car that, like a lot of kids, will get because theyll be like whoa fifty dollars.

That must be a good one and actually were going to drive it right now. So lets get right into that Applause, Applause, so Applause, Applause Applause. Is it the hundred dollar one um i mean its a good car, but, like you know, theres better, so Music were getting 50 dollar rc car. Oh gosh um were not going to drive this one right now, just because it um is dead and i forgot to charge it, but its pretty cool. It can go 70 miles per hour. Um id rather just spend all my money on this than spend like a fraction of my money on this but yeah. This is probably, if you want something fast buy this one. This car has a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Um id rather get that than the 250 or definitely the 20. um, but yeah it comes with this little guy in it and its got a pretty decent battery ill show it to you its got a pretty decent battery um yeah. If you have five hundred dollars just – and you want an rc car – i just buy this one i mean i dont know so – were actually going to go. Drive this right now and yeah. Well, get right into that here.