The first one is the vehicle that got this wave of excitement going with scale crawlers it’s, a traxxas trx4 defender here it is in all its glory, pretty close to stock, initially came in red and gray, but now available in a few colors with clear windows. But these roof racks, the the the wheel wells all came stock. Has nice realistic, spare tire and gas cans right there, little high lift jack. So a lot of scale details really help the hobbyist get into it and even has a 12.8 inch wheelbase to make the long land rover look more realistic, not only a looker but a performer as well. That has stood the test of time next vehicle in the collection is the axial scx103 gladiator. This came in the normal jeep rubicon, i believe, and they really stepped it up when they came up with a gladiator implementation of the vehicle so it’s in response to that defender, the trx4 they really updated the chassis but more important, not more important, but just as Important is update the body to be very realistic, so a longer wheelbase as well to match the vehicle. Thirteen one or thirteen three, i believe, has an interior driver, nice fenders and they even up the game with a fairly deep pickup bed, usually they’re. Just too shallow a nice pickup bed, cage or rack for your rooftop, tent and whatnot. Very nice tires clear windows so really in very nice light buckets right here, so really a step up for axel and for the hobby in general, quite a performer as well.

This one and rolling in with what is it number eight is not the k truck, although the k truck is amazing, only 50 bucks or 40 bucks, depending on where you live hard body, but it is delivering the rock hobby land cruiser. So here it is let’s see if we’ll stand on our skate or our stand. Sit on our stand. Sit on our stand, nice, one huh. So what makes it good is, it is a really detailed land cruiser forgot. What series lc70, maybe and has an interior lights, rear tire look at that thing, so this is a mini crawler, not 1. 24 scale. 1. 16 scale snorkel, nice, bumper. So a lot of these things you see here are stuff. You would buy on a normal vehicle to fully fully upgrade it and let’s see. If oh, a nice little touch a hood that opens anytime, you have stuff that’s opening and closing that’s pretty good. These are aftermarket wheels that i put on, but the the sliders are good. Are stock interior, like i said at roof rack, so not bad huh, 160 bucks. I believe, by the way, by the way, as we get to number eight, every car here will have links in our description. So if you want to purchase them, it will help out our channel subscribe. Of course, there are detailed reviews on each one of these vehicles that i’m going to talk about so Music click on our channel.

Hopefully i can link them all number. Six on our list is a very high end vehicle, the vanquish vs410 pro they came out with the origin, this body, this beautiful suv body a little heavy, but they chopped it up, made it a pickup and came out with a pro, as well as an updated Chassis but the the body is super cool. Looking and it’s super high performance and it’s got an interior so best of all worlds. They were able to achieve that scale, look and blend it with high performance. By giving it you know, low center gravity light where it needs to be next. One on our list is the rock hobby again mb scaler it’s a jeep look at this thing, hard body, one sixth scale, because normally a jeep is very small but check it out. It’S kind of kind of amazing huh, so rock hobby, shocked us with with this vehicle. Look at that this thing even folds got a mirror but it’s a hard body. Look at that cloth seats has a roof, so you can accessorize it, but this is how it comes box stock. I believe it even comes with lights. Even the fuel tank, the tires really kind of kind of steps it up. You know, instead of just doing for off road tires. They really go for jeep tires big wheels. Look at that hub cover, so the driver i put on myself but here’s a pretty cool bonus when you, when you’re turning the vehicle, the steering wheel, turns as well.

Oh, it just keeps going, and this thing is not that expensive, it’s, 300 and something bucks, but look at that engine bay. You could uh it’s not painted, but you know that’s one of the things you could personalize paint the engine yourself. So there you go and it’s pretty high performance crazy. These tires as scale as they are there’s something there’s, something to it with jeep, and i heard something cool about these cheap tires: they’re they’re they’re non directional. They look the same going forward and backward because in world war ii, the americans, this didn’t, want the enemy to know which way they were going. So you can’t, read from the tire tracks: huh good factoid there huh, but yeah. Even the interior, not bad raw hobby and b scaler aka release jeep, so the next one in our collection is the axial union mog umg 10 right here. This is uh. The vehicle is not with me at the moment, but it has a couple of variations. A a 4×4 and a 6×6 here we took the body since it looks so good. You get the idea. We made a flatbed out of it, but i’ll overlay some photos, a short wheelbase, two versions, really cool work from axial number. Four on our list is, this could be number one. You know it’s kind of a toss up now, all the way to number one it’s, the rc four wheel, drive d90 rtr on the jalandha ii chassis.

I believe, but look at the quality on this thing. Just beautiful clear windows, the roof comes off, the the paint is impeccable, wheels and tires the head, the halos, the bumper steel, bumper front and rear, and then everything opens the hood opens. The doors it’s got a very scale interior. What else haven’t i opened, the the rear, the rear door does open all these little knobs. They uh they actually work. So there you go. This could be number one so good and the chassis, the gilan d2 chassis is pretty darn, capable uh coil all around all. Right all right number three in our countdown is the boom racing brx01 with the land cruiser body this this body. It makes you want to go to asia or different parts of the world because that’s where they sell it. They don’t sell it here in the u.s, but it’s pretty functional. You know a little cab, big bed or maybe that’s an option where the bed, the bed, opens there’s a lot of options on this vehicle. You can open the hood, the doors but another option. I think we did is this thing has a very deep bed by the way which is kind of a bonus, so it’s a it, has a quick release and from there you could do the swivel body check it out. I got the full lights complement on it, and this chassis is incredible, very, very, very stiff scale, smooth, smooth, silk, the stripe train and a lot of options available for this one.

Okay, getting close to the end. We have the traxxas trx4 blazer honorable mention to the bronco, which looks pretty close to this, but the blazer just kind of steps it up with the details. The grille is massive, so beautiful so it’s a lexan body, but it kind of looks like a hard body because of all the details, nice trim front to back everything looks proportion. Everything looks like the real deal, so the bronco as well gets uh uh. Quite a mention, because it’s very close to this blazer number, two and finally number one: the story: doesn’t quite spin on the lazy susan is rc four wheel drive with their toyota pickup, 1987 and relief. I have to pick one it’s. The 1985 toyota 4runner check this baby out just came out available for pre order, but what’s really cool about it. It’S, a ready to run like a lot of the vehicles: i’m choosing but it’s it’s, all dialed to be a replica factory issued paint, decals everything and when you get to the the nitty gritty, like the the the realistic engine bay, the crazy detailed interior uh, the The top that comes comes off. You can put a bikini top. You know the uh, the nice steel wheels leaf spring suspension. This is a pretty nice one um. Well, who am? I kidding? It’S it’s, probably the best one right now on our lot. So there you go, we have a red cat, impala chevy, impala lowrider there, but it’s, not exactly off road, but that thing is beautiful as well, especially because of its scale actuation, but uh that’s that’s.

What i think in my collection and we’ve gone through about 75 rc cars here so uh, we, we kind of i kind of tend to hang on to the to the ones that look good or or speak to you. What about you? What do you think are the best looking off road rc cars that are available today, you know, especially in in ready to run or a body that’s. You know that doesn’t require too much work from or customization from the individual, hey. Let us know in the comments.