First one is the kosho mark 2, mad van second version of the madman. It is much better than before crush this motor ts, and here we try it with 3s power, and you see it pop with no running start. It just jumps this little curb and much shred ability kind of crazy, but gives it so many options on how to have fun. Any little terrain would be good either on the dirt on a track like this one and check this thing out how it corners, how it handles that berm, like no other, because those tires are really good rubber. They dig in for traction: nice jump controlling the air and 3s is pretty crazy at least 42 miles an hour on our test. Next one is the lossy lmt gravedigger monster, truck it’s, the grave digger and son of a digger body, some of the best bodies we’ve ever seen in an rc car, and what we have here is a 2s or 3s compatible monster truck big tires and what it Does is it offers you a lot of fun, they’re really for doing stunts like little flips and whatnot, but you can also rally them in the open field in the jumps better. If there’s two, you could kind of outstand each other and maybe erase each other. You know they flip a lot, but man lots of fun and lots of versatility with these Music. Next in our list, is the venerable traxxas trx4, with a new body, the 2021 bronco for 550 bucks.

What this brings to the table is a new body that is super realistic of the latest hottest car around, and it offers it in a body mount option that is one of the best we’ve ever seen. You basically just press it down, and it clicks on all four sides and it’s there securely taking it off is easy as well, and this complements this vehicle, which is the trx4 tried and through locking unlocking diffs and two speed transmission, and the other thing, if you Don’T know about the trx4 is it’s legendary, build very beefy. It can withstand any power and drive crane, and next one is the team associated vr 10 drag car available and ready to run for 335 bucks. You can also have it in kit form where you put your own motor electronics, but this one really takes advantage of the hottest new segment drag, racing and team associated. They know racing, they know fine, build and equipment and if you can find a track or someone to race with this is something to expand. Your hobby horizons super fun and let us surprise you with a crazy, offering rc4 wheel, drive the toyota 4runner 1985 rc. Crawler. Look at that engine bay, it is insane we’ve, never seen anything like it. The top comes off to on the rear. The decals are accurate, the badging everything licensing we put a little mardi, but fly driver there to finish it off, but it’s built on the trail.

Finder 2 chassis all leaf springs. We get a little bit articulation here with a little modification kind of lightening up the springs and we get to see it perform yeah. It is a scaler that’s, for the ensure all you need to do is add a driver. You know, put some headlights and and find your local realistic terrain and give you a new dimension of the hobby over here. We pretend that we have a little little vehicle, a little play vehicle open that hatch and kind of scale out geek out on the scale. Next one we go complete opposite spectrum, wpld12 hard body as well, but only 47. This thing is insane because when you drive it you’ll be shocked how fast and fun it is and how well it handles so, instead of one vehicle for 150, we got three of them got two of our friends and raced, and now they have so many different Versions of this, they just offer that new one with a body kit and some some that are 70 bucks with three batteries so really interesting, offering from banggood. So by the way check our links. Everything will be available in our links below and that helps our channel out and we have purchased. A lot of these vehicles tried these retailers and some of them don’t they don’t ship overnight takes a couple weeks, but they’ll get it to you. Look at that thing. Look at that wpl, it wasn’t meant for this, but hey we beat it up didn’t break next.

One is a really welcome addition from axial the gladiator rc crawler for 520. This is axel’s answer to the trx4, because it offers a two speed transmission and a dig unit which locks the rear wheels for super tight steering angles. But what this one does is gives you the latest hottest pickup truck the gladiator and puts it on a big wheelbase. 13.3 inch wheelbase and it shocked us how well it performed, because it’s over it’s got good clearance, but it’s also able to perch through some steep climbs and and get over them and better than any other axle. We’Ve tried before you know in ready to run format. So pretty versatile and you have the whole universe, ecosystem of actual aftermarket parts that you can mod this vehicle with check out this this steep hill. Here i mean: how is that, even why is this car even thinking of doing that, it’s almost vertical, but rest assured a little actual power is able to do it Music. So they didn’t have two speed and this ready to run version, but you can you could implement it on your own, the next one. We go crazy, now, 650 dollars for this bass, street basher 6sblx. It is the arma felony one of the most incredible bodies. We have ever seen it’s kind of a spoiler chassis that blends in with the lexan body, and we have beat this baby up like no other. I think our test driver is trying to get it to 100 miles an hour we’re currently at 92.

But this thing is holding up been through a lot, but it is really well built from the crazy guys at arma so check out that body and it can. You can drift all day long, but you can also just just go pass around and and do some racing on the street just scare yourself with this one. Seven scale beast so over here: we’re doing some loops being followed by a mojave, follow cam and you can see how crazy fast this thing takes on Music. Next, one is something interesting: it’s, the rock hobby really cheap, and this is cool because it’s available now in a 112 scale, pretty small vehicle and on the back, there is the one sixth scale, what started it all and they’re, both just over two hundred dollars. So pretty affordable, but the quality is amazing because they’re, hard bodies with cloth, seats and and realistic tires and all that jazz, so they’re, very different vehicles. The the big one is on coil springs. Call shocks handles quite good and swiveling body. This one, this small one. You know is a leaf spring version and really made with the highest quality it’s, even better than the one, the big one, the 1 6 version so and it doesn’t articulate as well, but it it crawls pretty darn good good modulation, and everything here is the one. Sixth scale, one, you know with a big seven inch driver and check this out. How dare we do this to our nice vehicle? Take this on this cliff, but since it’s got a heavy low body, it actually sits and does really well.

Next, one is probably one of the most anticipated kits this year. It’S the traxxas drag slash dragster, and this has been long awaited. You know it. Uh has so many body colors, and you know the the execution by traxxas into what their users have been doing to their slash bodies. So they said we’ll. Do it ourselves, try it in true and give it the the quality and the warranty of a traxxas. But man, the bodies they put on it and the colors are pretty darn cool and, like we said this is the hottest part of the segment where people are going beyond bashing and crawling and going doing some racing. You know just finding the buddy and in in a racetrack and have at it, you know, have some have some cheap drills or maybe put some money down down the line, all right, Music. Next one are two crazy beasts. The traxxas max in the traxxas x, maxx 550 and 900. expensive vehicles hard to pull the trigger, but when you see these vehicles and what they can do, you will be a believer so we’ve played with both most recently the max and it has the same chassis Design as the x max and you can see how much durability and power it has, the max is a crazy wheeling machine and jumping machine, and what really surprised us is that it’s controllable, you know it’s, not we. It was following our mojave around, but most of the time it was on two wheels.

I had a wheelie and look at it jump right here. It’S, probably one of the best traxxas vehicles around you know, that’s, not a that’s more in the 110 scale world. So very controllable, very capable it kind of embodies what traxxas is all about. You know just pure fun for the most for the widest audience: young, kids and old, kids at heart, right and finally, we’re gon na top it off with perhaps our favorite vehicle of the lot, the arma mojave off road basher or 650 bucks. This is ready to run we’ve run it box stock for the last two months and what’s really surprised is it? Does it all look at it drift with a much more expensive, traxxas uvr and it doesn’t flip, because it’s got open dips all around you can configure the divs. However, however, you want, but it also drifts, but it jumps. Look at this thing, jump jump to flat and it never complains. So the other thing you can do is we put it on the track, run some circles uh with some jumps, and it does really well, and here it is. We expected it to just follow a arma felony around a much faster road vehicle as with a camera, but what it did is sometimes it took the lead. You know it was keeping up with the felony. So if you want one vehicle, absolute versatility and durable and good to look at as well, can’t go wrong with the arm of mojave.

So hope you enjoyed that.