Hey guys, scott, with your views here to modify the scx 24 a little bit more. This is the 124th scale jeep, and what i’m going to be doing today is i’m going to be installing uh. This light kit that i got off of amazon. I think it was about about 10 bucks. It’S called the share share. Goo 8 led headlight kit, so basically it just plugs into your receiver and you get two headlights, two tail lights and then um four orange uh leds uh today on gear use i’m gon na go ahead and stick these guys in my little 124th scale. Jeep. Now the jeep does already have two led lights in the front, but uh what will be cool is once we’ve got two more headlights and uh two tail lights and then, like i said those rock lights. So, basically, on this receiver we already have a bunch of spots. Um, it says led led so basically i’m just going to stick this in here and i’ll. Just show you real, quick what it looks like when it’s plugged in so there you go. So you get all these leds, like i said two headlights, the two red head, tail lights and then you’ve got these uh four orange ones, which i think i’m just gon na make rock light. Today, i’m gon na go ahead and put them in and what i’ve already done is the kit comes with uh these little i don’t wan na i don’t even know what you wan na call them, but um these little guys.

You basically stick the um the led lights in these. Now. Let me just show you one real quick. So basically, this just goes right up in here. Look at that awesome and then they uh they stay really well um. So there’s your there’s one of the headlights and i’ll just kind of do that real, quick and uh come back with you and then i’ll probably end up trying to, i guess hot glue, the orange ones onto maybe the shock towers or something for ground effects. I don’t know we’ll see what we’ll see what i do with those Music. All right, guys check it out. I’Ve got my high beams. I’Ve got my fog lights. I’Ve got my my tail lights here and then i’ve also got rock lights on the bottom. What do you guys think this is a sweet upgrade? Obviously there’s lots of wires inside um but uh? I think for 10 bucks uh. It is really cool and uh, certainly uh those rear lights. I really like the rear lights as well. I just uh. I think i love lights and uh. This is really really a cool upgrade for your your little 24 scale and it adds a little bit of weight to you. So it’s probably going to be better. You know better kind of handling on the rocks and stuff get a little bit more traction, but uh anyway, guys that skyward review. So you guys have any questions about how we did this really i just um i hot glued, i hot glued these guys in the middle and then obviously these back ones.

I just used the mounts that came with uh that came with the kit, those guys right there, but that’s pretty much it and it was pretty easy uh. It plugged right into the the esc so that’s that if you have any questions, let me know be happy to help thanks.