If you haven’t already subscribed, please make sure you hit that red subscribe button down below and hit the notification bell see you can see more RC videos coming soon and also the motorbike content as well, which will get going a little bit more when we’re allowed out The house again so in this video we’re going to be looking at this buggy one of the two buggies that I bought from eBay. I paid ninety pounds for this buggy it’s, a very nice quality, buggy, a cotton, but the name of X, I’m still out and about but you’ll see the name of it in the title down below. If not the comments section as well. So in this video we’re just going to be setting the buggy up I’m going to be changing the FM transmitter for a 2.4 gigahertz system, I’m going to test out the electronics in the servos and then I’m, hopefully going to start up the engine for a very First time and I’m just going to show you how I would approach starting up an engine, I know nothing about. I don’t know how it’s been tuned. I don’t know how it’s been running. I don’t even know if it runs at all, but it does have good compression. So I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t so let’s make a start, and I need to first I’m going to grab the stock radio system and I’m just going to see if the servos and everything yes, the standard, radio that was included in this – and I Think this just gives you an idea as to sort of how old this vehicle is.

Obviously, we don’t know that this transmitter is the original one, but I suspect it probably is because everything else about the car is is standard. I believe, with the exception of the custom body shell, so I think this cars about 10 years old and don’t get me wrong. There’S, nothing wrong with continuing to use these FM. Radio, I think, is FM radio it’s, nothing wrong with continuing to use them, but I’ve got lots of 2.4 jira Seavers kicking around that I might as well. You know rehome into cars that I’m going to be using. So there’s no real reason to continue using it but I’m, just gon na start by checking that the the electronics works and we turn the transmitter on turn on the receiver I’m. Just gon na check the throttle. That seems to be opening and closing perfectly fine and then let’s check the steering as well snugly. So we know now that the electronics work – and I just wanted to check that before I change the receiver just so that I know that it works. And then, if there’s an issue – and I put the new receiver and I know it’s something wrong with the new receiver as opposed to wrong with the electronics, so I’m gon na go, find a receiver pop it in this one and check it on 2.4 G. So, just looking at the collection, I’m going to nab a receiver out of one of these cars down here, don’t know if that one’s got one in.

I know this one has not likely to be using that little shortcut short course truck for a while and so I’m going to nab the 2.40 sivir out of there and install it into. I was gon na have this receiver, but seems that the antenna has been chopped off, so I won’t be using this one: let’s try and source another okay good. So just found myself, 2.4 gigahertz radio FS GT 2 receiver. These receivers, I pay four pounds each for these on she’s really really good, find plug as well, because we’re cause need to bind the receiver to this transmitter. These transmitters, you can bind to multiple receivers at once. So generally, I just use one receiver because it changes their saves on the batteries. You know so I’m going to go ahead and install it into the color okay. A couple of those disappointed that ran into the receiver now upgraded to much more reliable 2.4 gigahertz transmitter system well worth upgrading is still running an FM radio, I’d say number one upgrade you guys could do few cars just replace it with a nice. Two points: 4G. Radio setup so I’m just going to pop this back into the case and then we’ll move on to the next thing, which is draining out the old film and then getting the engine started, and I thought at the same time let’s replace the four a battery pack. Where the hate behind plasma, six volt, humpback, sorted okay, so receiver now installed it’s running on 2.

4 G, just also replace the full AAA batteries with a 6 volt Compaq, just old up the air filter as well.