What we have here is the sg1603, which is a little 1 16 scale, uh drift truck. In my opinion, it looks like a cross between the arma infraction and the uh unicorn, and this little guy is four wheel. Drive ready to run comes with some batteries and we’re gon na take it out of the package check it out and then, of course, because it’s only 1 16 scale i’m gon na rip it around my house before my wife gets home, so go ahead. Sit back join me and let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below Music Applause, so, while that battery’s getting charged and before we can go play let’s talk a little bit about the truck. So what we got here is a four wheel, drive 1 16 scale uh truck here and what’s neat is the four wheel: drive is done with independent suspension, you’ve got four wheel, independent suspension and then the whole form factor is pretty nice. So if we put this in comparison with my a959b, you can see that lengthwise it’s just a little bit longer. It is a little bit narrower i’ll show you that there a little narrower – and you know height wise i’d, say they’re pretty similar. So these are going to be a similar setup. Now, if i pop the top off here, i’ve got a battery partway charged, so we can check out a few of the cool features, but i’ll go ahead and turn it on and with that turned on you’re gon na see that we’ve got flashing lights.

That is until you turn on the controller, so go ahead and turn that on you’ll see the lights go solid, and this is something that i think is really sweet. So it might be a little tough to see on camera we’ll see if you can but there’s a little red ring around the white lights and the channel three button on the controller is going to turn that so give it a little power. But if i click that you can turn the lights off, you’ve got a light in back. That turns off. One click on the rear light goes on and you’ll see. The fronts are just doing that white light click it again and you get that little red ring. I’Ll try to get some b roll that shows that it’s it’s a little tough to see but that’s pretty sweet. You can control the lights on this thing. The other thing uh, you know is it’s got three settings for speed. So if you’re, the kind of person that likes to air fry, your chicken nuggets you’ve got single speed here, then you can turn it up in the middle a little faster. And then, if you want the full beans, three full speed and the thing just rips along and in that the other thing we should talk about as you can see, it’s got esp, which is their stability system as it’s called, but that’s, really just a a gyro. Like you have on a lot of other vehicles, so right now i’ve got it turned all the way off.

But if i turn it up, you’re going to be able to see that the wheels they don’t move until you’re, more than 30 percent throttle. So i’ll get a little extra throttle and i hope you could see that, but those front wheels started to correct and that correction is what’s going to help this drift now. Of course, you can adjust that where you want – and i really like how the steering is proportional so again, we’ll take a look and just a little bit of steering. You can see, i can control pretty smooth and then throttle is proportional too now putting the power down is going to be a 7.4 volt 1200 mah battery. This one happened to come with three they’ve got a few different setups just clips right in and then you’re going to have a 380 size motor, and these all terrain tires to be able to use. Now in the package, you’ve got a little wheel, hex, where you can replace to those plastic drift tires, and i think that’s enough talking let’s go ahead and see how it does on the rubber tires and then switch them out for the drift tires and see if That’S any more fun, so we’ve got the truck set up here with the rubber tires on it and i’ll tell you what this thing is: a ton of fun on my laminate floors, so you have good throttle control pretty easily able to drift Music and it’s.

Just a handful, so personally i like it here with the red lights, but of course you can change those to where you’ve got the headlights on the one thing i wish is on the back here when you have just the red lights on that rear, taillight doesn’t Show up, but so right now we’re off, we can turn just headlights on headlights with a red ring and then the red ring, which is my favorite it’s time to take it out here, let’s see how we do outside well. It’S gon na have a little trouble getting over the lip. This thing’s actually super fast. As you can see, it gets around on the grass pretty okay it’s, not ideal, but it’s a lot better than i expected have gotten beats here there we go a little throttle. Look at this thing girl all right. I think it’s time to uh trade in for some of those drift tires and see what changes we’ve got. The drift tires on. These are plastic tires and uh for the most part, they’re designed for high traction surfaces which uh this floor is not, but let’s see how it goes: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music Applause, so uh traction Music. That performs pretty well out here: Music, Music Applause, Music, laughs, Music. So where my driveway is on a little bit of an incline it’s funny, it has trouble getting back up the incline Applause. Well guys. This thing has been an absolute blast: uh such a fun toy inside of the house, it’s awesome that it comes with a couple of batteries uh, so that way you can keep playing and on one battery i was like 15 16 minutes of play, just absolutely cranking.

This thing it works awesome. Now the two sets of tires are pretty fun, having the rubber all terrain tire, and then your standard plastic tire was actually a ton of fun to play with i enjoyed it now for precision driving the rubber was king for just doing. Donuts and stuff, you know, the plastic was pretty good and then i’m not actually sure it’s any better, but i was having some fun with the grip up front and the party in back with the slicks uh it worked out. Pretty nice and i’ll tell you i’m. Just you know i’m, so impressed with this little truck for roughly a hundred dollars or just over that this thing is an absolute dream and as long as your wife’s, not home, you can play with it in the house and have no problem. It took a beating even better than my my molding did on the floor and the body just you know it still looks super cool. I love the little diffuser that’s on the back. I think that that’s so cool – and it does have this plastic covering that you can peel off but i’m, going to leave that on there as long as i can that way, the body stays looking pretty nice well anyways. I super hope you enjoyed this video go ahead and let me know your thoughts down in the description below in case you guys do want. One of these i’ve got an affiliate link in the description and otherwise i really hope you get to have some fun rcn.