My balls freeze, it’s, not good man, anyways on to the point of today’s video we’re gon na be testing the most expensive, the most expensive rc walmart rc. Oh my god. The blizzard of the century is coming. My way and i’m here making a freaking rc video, you got ta love. This crap, you guys are gon na, have to pardon the wind noise, the most expensive walmart rc that you can purchase today versus the cheapest entry level hobby grade, rc rock crawler. You can get today, we’re gon na, be putting these trucks through a series of grueling tests, so you guys can see firsthand how a hundred dollar rc compares to a hundred and eighty dollar rc. So this is the best that money can buy as far as rc rock crawlers. As far as i’m sorry correction, walmart, rc rock crawlers, and that is the jeep wrangler trail cat 109 dollars with tax versus remo hobby, which is aka a knockoff axio honcho again, like i said earlier, 180 dollars now, we’re, actually gon na. Look under the hood of this uh fake, axio honcho again, this is a remo hobby, but if you look at it closely, it’s pretty much an axio honcho knockoff and you guys are gon na see that for a hundred and eighty dollars, just how shocking how much Actual cool crap you get in this cheap chinese, crawler all right, so for starters, we got fully independent, rear and front suspension.

I’Ve been putting this thing through the mud, so give me a sec full independent front and rear suspension with oil filled shocks all the way around. As you guys can see, we also have a full metal frame. We got full suspension, articulation check that out a freaking, fully functional tow hitch, a spare tire and a fully functional toolbox located on the rear of the bed and now taking a look at the hundred dollar walmart rc rock crawler. You got fully independent front and rear suspension and you also have some articulation and that’s that’s about that’s about it and now we’re going to take a quick look at the remote for both for the remo hobby crawler. You get throttle and steering adjusters steering and speed sensitivity controls. They even include a button for if you have light bars, you can activate your light bar through your controller. Now the walmart jeep, on the other hand, uh this controller just goes uh forward backwards and left and right and that’s about it. All right guys now join me. While we put these two crawlers through the ultimate test and see once and for all, if it’s worth just getting just saving up an extra eighty dollars and getting yourself a cheap entry level, hobby crawler or spending 100 freaking dollars on this really cool and massive deep Trail cat, but, as you guys will soon see it, doesn’t fare so well i’m gon na i’m. Not i don’t want to ruin it.

I don’t want to spoil it let’s get to the test. Here we go. My hands are going, oh god, i’m getting frostbite. Oh god, all right guys and now for the speed test, which one of these cheap crawlers will go the fastest well there’s, only one way to find out here we go, and now we find ourselves at a giant mud pit, slash gravel whatever the hell. This is guys, but this brings us on to our next test, and that is the mud test: Music, so Music, water, it’s, i’m, tangled with stupid and now for the ultimate arch nemesis test of any rc, no matter how capable they are, the long grass test and Now i saved the best for last we’re gon na put these rock crawlers and we’re gon na test them for exactly what they were meant to do: rock crawl, we’re gon na start with a simple course. All you got ta do is get past this little path. Right here and then we can move on to actual rock crawling. I have a feeling only one of these will probably make it through that path. Let’S find out. I am, i don’t, stop it all right, put it in the middle and i saved the best. For last, since these are both sold as rock crawlers let’s put their rock crawling abilities to the test and uh, what better way to do it than a literal rocks to crawl the first to make it to that area.

There is the winner, even though we already know there’s a clear winner. This yes and there you guys have it a nice little comparison between the most expensive walmart has to offer and the cheapest entry level rc on the market.