If you’ve got a lot of money to spend on an rc, i mean you’ve got a thousand pound or up to a thousand pound to spend on an rc, which one should you buy in this video today, i’m, going to hopefully help you decide what you could Spend your hard earned cash on which one so keep tuned watch the video. So, as i said, you’ve got a thousand pounds to spend, which is an awful lot of money on an rc uh. So how do you decide which one you want to buy uh? Fortunately, on a position i’ve, i own quite a few rc’s and i could cover most topics like if i want an off road basher, i can all i’ve got a basher. If i want to buy an on road car i’ve got a go, kart track that i can actually use it or i’ve got a four wheel, drive or uh off road. Real basher i’ve got one of those as well, but if you haven’t in the position to do that, how decide what to which one to plumb for that’s almost like an all rounder, so everyone says like uh. I want a car that is going to be good for for everything, so i’m going to go through my favorite uh scale of cars for the thousand pound bracket. Now predominantly these are uh one five scale uh. You can get one eight scales, but they generally go up to about six or seven hundred pounds like the creighton’s and this that and the other but i’m talking about the big boys, the one five scale, uh, the heavy heavy duty ones and the ones that cost A lot of money so stick with me, i’m, going to start off with my first one, so, okay let’s starting off with the first ones and probably the smaller uh.

Actually, you don’t realize what scale these these are. But basically this is a thunder tiger and it’s a replica ducati 999r uh. Basically, this one is actually they come in two forms: they came in the brushless version and also this uh a nitro version but, as i said, oops sorry bear. As i was saying about, you know deciding what to uh buy and it really depends on where you live, i’m. Fortunate or not. I’Ve got sand. I’Ve got mountains, i’ve got uh off road. I’Ve got tracks this that and the other so i’m spoiled for choice. Really over here, so what you need to do is when you buy something like these uh, these one five scale, rc bikes, they’re, actually really good, but you need quite a lot of space, so you need huge like empty playgrounds or something like that where you can Really get them up to their potential speed and stuff, and a consideration also is when you’re using brushless it’s quiet these come in nitro normally. So you have to bear in mind that if you’re going to buy one of these, whether you go brushless or whether you go nitro nitro is really annoying. So if you live in a closed area or in town, nitro is probably not the best thing to get so i would always go for like a a brushless kind of setup, so that’s the first one, five scale great bits of kit, take a lot of getting Used to ride bikes, but you know they’re good fun, but there are only one thing you can do with it and that’s on road smooth as anything so take that into consideration when you’re thinking about maybe buying a bike.

So should we move on to the next one? Okay, so the second one uh also we got an rc bike, but a bit different to the uh thunder tiger one. This is actually the sky rc and i recently did a video uh telling you all about it. About the suspension setup this that and the other forks the shocks, everything this is actually more of an all round: uh user friendly rc uh it’s a bit cheaper than i said this works out to be about 500 pounds, so it’s still not a cheap one, but You’Ve got to make sure you’re getting the right thing when you’re actually spending that kind of money, it’s all very to scale this. That and the other it’s got the gyro in the back wheel down here, which spins up and the gyroscopic effect of the electronic gyro keeps it all level the satin the other. But basically this can be used on road like the thunder tiger, but it’s more at home when you’re using uh like off road on sandy conditions, uh gravel, it’s, all really good fun like that and at bmx tracks. So if you’ve got a bmx tracker, you know wherever you live, they’re great fun because they fly really well and they’re actually really uh, quite actually quite forgiving to ride that one. There is a little bit harder uh because it does step out and it wheel is an awful lot and a little bit more uncontrollable, whereas this drifts, this spins, the back uh, it does wheelie.

But the gyro keeps it up straight that one there doesn’t have a gyro, so this one’s easier than that one. As i said, gyro it’s only got natural gyro on this one, but an electronic one on this one. So this is a really good. All round kind of uh, 1, 5 scale, rc and it’s really good fun. If you big into bikes like i am, these are probably a really good it’s good to have on the collection. If you can get one, as i said, i’m, not sure whether they still make them now, but i know they went up to the sr5 and they actually still make them. So if you can get one of those brilliant great bit of kit and it can use it in all kind of manner of places, so a big things thumbs up for that. So consider this when you’re buying an rc bike. Okay, so now we’re getting into the big league, the serious league. This is the thousand pound plus uh kind of bracket. This is has to be one of my favorite rc’s uh. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit like the thunder tiger, you really got ta, have a lot of space uh to run this, and also because this is a petrol with petrol comes the noise, and this has got a performance pipe on it as well. So it’s really really noisy. You imagine it’s almost like a scooter going around the place and you know how annoying the scooters are.

So basically, this is the fg 15 ferrari uh. This is the two two wheel drive version uh. If you’ve got room for a track, but luckily we got ta have a go, cart track that i can actually send this around so it’s. Although it is a bit of a shelf green, it does get used and i i managed to use it on the go. Kart track so uh, but it’s it’s, a it’s, a fantastic bit of kit it’s, a uh, probably, as i said, one of my favorite rc’s, but again it’s only limited to smooth large car parks race tracks in germany. They race these in switzerland as well on proper designated tracks. But, honestly these are phenomenal bits of kit, but really really expensive, and if you do crash them uh you can see they’re. Quite you know, they’re not designed to be to be bashed. Like a a you know, four wheel drive monster truck. These really are quite delicate, but on racetracks they’re phenomenal fun. So if you’ve got the money, invest in one of these but make sure you’ve got the space to use it, because literally you can only use it in certain places but huge thumbs thumbs up. This one is a beautiful bit of kit and i highly recommend it. So that’s my fg 15 f1 rc car. So moving up next to this one. This is actually it’s, quite an old car actually but mcd uh. Probably a lot of you will remember mcd the subaru solberg peter mills.

Is it pete mills co driver? This is also another petrol uh, a little bit more user friendly than the arse than the f1, but still restricted to smooth uh car parks, or you know small, gravel, nothing really off road. You could use on this astro turf like i’ve got over here, but again this is a petrol uh it’s, a one five scale it’s a heavy bit of kit. It weighs about, i don’t, know 15 to 20 kilos, so it’s a bit of a beast, but as for scale, replica it’s, a phenomenal bit of kit. It drifts, it’s four wheel drive, so it drips phenomenally well and it’s, fantastic and even wet conditions. If you look back on one of my videos from years ago, you can see that me drifting this in the car park, and it is just like the real thing, fantastic bit of kit. You know all with the subaru colors this on the other. The shell is a bit a bit bruised and battered now, but you know this car is, is a little bit older now, but still got plenty of life left in it and still fantastic fun but you’re restricted to where you can use it like pretty much with The others, so if you’ve got that much kind of money to burn this, now will probably cost you about around thousand pound mark, so uh good fun, but quite a bit like a one trick pony like the others.

You need to there’s going to be very few places that you can actually use it, but if you live around with plenty of car parks or a racetrack fantastic, i suggest this is one big bit of fun that you can have with a 1 5 scale and Again, it’s petrol, so it’s also noisy. This is running a samba pipe as well, and that is really really loud. So you know you need to make sure that you can uh use it without annoying too many of the neighbors. So, as you can see, i took this one out over the weekend. Hence that’s why it’s all dirty and dusty, but uh yeah, if you’re in the market, for that kind of thing, mcd now do the new rally, which is more off road version than this uh it’s got more suspension, travel to sat in the other and comes in A variety of different things: mcds do so many kind of uh off road on road, 1, 5 scale things so go check out the mcd, so we’ve got plenty of choice. Uh great bit of kit and great build quality, so hugely recommend it so on to the next, so the lossy dblxe uh one five scale. This is featured on my channel loads of different times uh. This is probably this is the version one like a dblxe uh. I don’t feel the need to upgrade it to the version two. This runs out now at about.

I think it’s about 800 pound permanent four wheel drive massive massive shocks: big old tyres, the replica light drivers in there led light bars front and back uh permanent four wheel drive a huge, huge, huge, massive chuck that you can take anywhere. You can strap a set of slicks onto it and you could ride it on the same same kind of terrain as these two over here, but pretty much. This is an off road bit of kit it’s great over golf courses. Bmx tracks rough ground, rocky ground. It just takes it in a stride. You know if you don’t believe me, look at any of the videos on the lofty dbxe on my website. I’M. Sorry, i’m, not my website, but on my youtube, channel or or any of the youtube platform. You can see this thing is a beast and the thing which i like about this one. It actually jumps so well it’s, so because of its its stance, it’s quite long and flat, it almost flies in the air, so it’s it’s a great bit of kit, and you know a lot of rc. You need to forward back brake to to level them off. In the sky and stuff, but this jumps really really level uh, it can run on eight s, esc uh, you can gear it up or down or whatever you want to do with to it. You want to get it to wheelie or you want to go it faster top speed.

You can do it with this truck uh. What else is that yeah? Basically, it’s four wheel drive uh brushless, so it is quiet and, like i said, the others, these two here they’re, actually petrol, so they’re a little bit noisy and anti social, but this chuck it in the car, pull it out wherever and more than anything. These type of cars uh they draw more of a crowd because they’re not anti sociably loud and burning petrol, so it’s a good thing to have in your collection uh one five scale brushless. Yes, it is expensive, it’s expensive to buy the truck and it’s expensive to buy the batteries for it. This runs on two 4s, so it’s an a test truck. It runs on two four s’s and they’re turning out normally at about 80 to 100 pound per battery. So not only do you buy the car you’ve got to buy the batteries that go with it as well, so it’s it is quite expensive, but we’re talking about the thousand pound bracket here uh and as i said these are you know, a selection of my one. Five, which i think kind of fit the bill that you should have in the collection, if you, if you got the money to burn. So this is definitely a fun uh truck and you can use it anywhere so that’s. I give that a huge thumbs up and if you can afford it, get one whether it be the version one or the version two get.

It it’s an awesome bit of kit, so lossy well done. And lo and behold we come to my uh. How many is that one, two, three, four five six, my sixth one five scale uh basher and i don’t think you need any introduction into what this is. This is the awesome traxxas x, maxx i’ve had this. This is actually the version one, but it’s got all the internals of the version. Two so it’s running eight s, uh version two wheels tires this that and the other, and now the new body, shell, which looks pretty god damn sexy. If you uh, if i do say so myself so basically, this is the all rounder of all rounders that and the lossy any of these two. You can pick and they’re all rounders. You can use them on road off road on roads, bmx tracks, granite, sand, gravel, golf courses, artificial grass. These are the real bashers. These two here, there’s, nothing in between them. I like them equally as much as each other. You can see that in one of my other videos that i posted uh trying to compare the two, but i i couldn’t find a difference between the two. So for me, if you can, i get both of them. This is the problem with rc, so you, you know you, you want a car for every occasion and uh. Fortunately, i’ve been collecting rc’s for many many years now and i’ve just built up this great collection – and you know i’ve got a great choice of things that you know different cars that i can take out and uh and bash for any occasion.

So but i digress, i digress so getting back to the x, maxx you’ve seen it enough videos about this thing, you’ve seen what it can do, they say: it’s the world’s most durable, uh monster truck and i happen to agree. I’Ve been running this one uh for probably about five years, four or five years now and yeah i’ve had a seized motor uh, but that was due to me. I was running it in salt, water, not salt, water. I was running in water. I left it for a couple of months and obviously the rust got into the uh motor shaft and ended up rusting it. And now these things you used to be able to get the the uh, the pinions and stuff inside the motors, the rods and be able to replace them. But now they you just have to buy a new one. So, as i said, it’s been all stripped out. So it’s got the version 2 xmax stuff on it, so it’s uh pretty much like a version. Two diffs and everything about upgraded i’ve put the wheelie bar on the back new body, shell, this that and the other so uh. I highly recommend the x maxx it’s, an all rounder and it’s, on a par with the lossy, as my favorite 1 5 scale, rc car. So there you go guys. As i said, this is my collection of my around about a thousand pound mark each car. Luckily enough i’m in a position to have, you know quite a few of these, which is actually quite nice, but uh it’s it’s up to you.

But this is just an insight as to what you want to run, whether it’s on road off road or whatever and i’ve also got actually, i forgot to say, but my tracks are spartan boat. Let me go and get that so yeah. How did i forget this? Also so you’ve got all of your on road ones there on road off road and car park bashers, but if you’re into your boats, which i am as well, you can also look at this. This is you know, quite quite old. Now this spartan it’s been around for a few couple of years or so, but it’s 70 mile an hour on water, which is phenomenal. This one runs up to 6s, also made by traxxas uh it’s, nice ally, alloy, rudder and this side and the other so it’s. A good bit of kit it’s really light, but it’s seriously fast. So if you’re into you, like your water stuff, uh, not so much into, i know some people that are purely into boats and i wouldn’t touch the other off road stuff, but they’re definitely getting to the boat side of it. This is probably one of my favorite style boats it’s a v hull, as opposed to like a cataract man and stuff, because this seems to turn sharper than catamarans, which you’ve got the twin twin holes uh. Once they lose grip, they or they lose traction. Excuse me they just roll over and then you need a tugboat to go and pick them up or paddle out with a you know.

You know like a dinghy or something so this is the tracks and spartan uh in the red version, uh running on a 6s. All water cooled great bit of kit, you can, you can see, i stick my gopro on there and it makes for great footage. I’Ve also done a video on my tracks of spartan on my youtube channel, so check them out. In fact, you can see all of these. This i’ve done videos on all of these cars in my collection and uh, so yeah, so there it is. I hope, you’ve enjoyed this video uh. As always, you know if you’ve got any questions just fire them over to me, i’m, always trying to answer my stuff answer, questions and uh, but otherwise, thanks for watching guys enjoy so, okay guys, so there you have it. They have my collection of my one. Five scales and my uh what you should buy with your 1 500 pounds yeah these aren’t all of the newest versions of what’s out there, but these are my choice, which i think are really great, so uh thanks for watching guys.