You are currently speaking to future me because i’ve already done, all the speed runs and you guys are in for a bit of a treat, but i want to show you guys the setup that i did to it. So i must say guys. This thing is an absolute beast: we 3d printed some front wings, some rear wings and i’ve, set it up really nice and clean, and i think it definitely wins the award for the best. Looking wltoys one, two, four zero one: nine so let’s take a quick look. This thing just looks absolutely incredible now mind you, like, i said guys. This is the future. I have unfortunately lost the front wing, as you guys seen in the clip at the start, and the rear wing has sustained a few minor damages. However, guys last time that we took this out on 3s, we hit 80 miles per hour and i ended up damaging a few things and i needed to upgrade a few things and that’s what i’ve done. So let me show you what i’ve upgraded, but if you haven’t seen that video go check it out, i’ll leave that somewhere over here, okay, guys i’ve upgraded to a 4s vamp battery, which is a lot smaller. That way, the body fits on so much simpler. As you guys can see, i put the body on now that’s the body on, and it just needs a slight little push in the rear and it doesn’t squish that much so it’s really really good.

As you guys can see. I’Ve now got my new gps. I’M. Now also using the radio link rc6 gs, i have a review on that link in the description and, of course, you guys know i’m running black xt9 is. How can you not link in the description? We have a hobbywink max10 sct and we have a hobbywink easyrun. G2 5400 kv now guys spoiler. We didn’t break the record this run, but we did get really really fast. The record is currently sitting at 104 miles per hour by richie at driftermaniacs, quick message to richie top stuff mate, you’re doing really really well but i’m coming. Although we didn’t hit any records today, i have a little something coming for this thing: that’s going to be absolutely epic, but remember guys, it’s, not always about power, it’s, also about keeping it on the ground, the aerodynamics. Everything really plays a part and guys something you guys have been seeing something off which is the spoiler. I went for more of a razz, shifter and kind of batman wing. Look uh shout out to him he’s, pretty cool and um yeah. We kind of broke it, but when it’s all on there it looks absolutely incredible same servo and all that stuff and i’ve just got the aerial hanging out the back here so guys it just looks absolutely incredible and guys we are not stopping here. We are going to smash records. There is so much more planned for this guys.

It’S, just kind of trial and error at the moment – definitely smashed my personal best, but for now trial and error for the record. But we are getting very, very close, but there’s also some really tough competitors out there and, of course, guys me being an absolute noob to speed, runs i’m going to have to bring my a game, but i think i’m doing pretty good and guys. Let me know in the comments below what do you want to see hit 100 miles per hour, because i’m really really enjoying these speed runs. Don’T worry guys. We still have some other rc cars as well. Can you guess what it is, though, but don’t worry guys? I’M, not just doing speed, runs, of course, traxxas armor. Looking at a couple over here, oh secret, all the stuff that you see in this video will be linked in the description below, for you guys to check out so go check that out. Also don’t forget to subscribe, if you like these type of videos and make sure to hit the like button, but for now guys we’re going to go out and give it a blast. Well, you guys are i’ve already done it. So i know what’s coming all right. Let’S, go alrighty, guys welcome to our new spot a little bit more traffic, but it’s pretty dead at the moment. But the road is a lot smoother still. Some rocks but um, just the smoothness in general is what i’m after and we have a nice straight white line that we can kind of guide us on the run, and i mean i’ve got to watch out for the dead bird.

But there is no reflectors. So that’s really really good and heaps of rain. So this is going to be perfect. I know i look a bit silly right now: it’s, really hot i’m going to get sunburned. If i don’t wear my jacket, so yeah weather conditions are bad because it just rains. So it’s super muggy, but it’s better than getting burnt, so let’s not be out here too long, let’s get it done, let’s see if we can hit 100 miles per hour. Alrighty guys gps is on turn on the controller turn on the car. Everything seems to be good hearing seems to be pretty center, but now we’ve just got this old battery in just to do a couple of test passes and then we’re going to chuck in the brand new vamp battery. So let’s go for a spin all right guys. Gps is on we’re, going to hit track and we’re going to hit start and then we’ll come back to it once we’re done, oh guys, i’m so nervous. All right here we go uh. I think i might go up this way. Okay, i need to adjust the steering, bring it back and let’s have a go at it all right, guys, a little squirmy in the rear end there we didn’t quite get the speed. We wanted all right guys. I think i have broken the diff in the front. That’S right i’ve got a spare, so let’s get that fixed up and go again, but anyways guys let’s see what we got.

We’Re gon na hit, stop and read guys 88 miles an hour. That is fast. I was not even full throttle, so let’s get those new diffs in and let’s hit it again, alrighty guys it’s the next day and uh. It turns out that it wasn’t actually the diffs, but it was actually the screws on the end of the drive shaft. So we’ve lock tightened those and we’ve come back out so let’s get out. There see what we get also guys. I have lowered these shocks just a little bit just to kind of stop that rear end from squirming out i’m, also going to turn off the avc and turn down the steering rate. Hopefully that will help us keep it planted. Gps is on controller’s on car, is on all right. We’Re gon na hit track hit start phone down let’s see what we get turn down. The steering let’s go all right guys. I think that is enough, it’s a little windy, so we hit full throttle for a second hard to see from this point Music. Well, good news is, we were full throttle. Just got a little bit too wobbly there guys all right, let’s check the damage. These things are incredibly strong. Everything is pretty well good. As far as i can see uh. This is a little bit loose, but i think we’re good for one more run, but let’s go check the speed all righty stop read. Stop stop read what all right guys that is reading let’s do another run, all righty, no cars let’s get it.

Oh she’s still squirming in the rear, guys it’s pretty stable, it’s, just squirmy in the rear. I don’t know if it’s the wind or, if it’s my setup i’m, going to try coming from this way, guys whoa the abc is off, but i felt a lot more comfortable going that way. Let’S, try that again, one more guys and i don’t want to break it. That was a good run good run. I think i might have been coming on throttle a bit too quick, go again, full throttle all right, guys, all right, we’re, definitely hitting full sword. I’M. Gon na do one more run and then that’ll, be it guys. This rc car is absolutely insane all right, guys, let’s check the speed that motor, oh, she is hot, probably should have checked that, but it’ll be fine. Now let’s get the speed. What did we get? Reed guys 94 miles per hour, let’s get a better view of that 94 miles per hour, guys every day these wl wltoys one two four zero. One. Nine continuously impressed me seriously. If you haven’t looked at getting one, definitely do it. I’Ll leave links in the description below, of course, and if you guys want to check out where i got all my stuff, then i’ll link all my combos and motors and all that good stuff. In the description as well now, i know we didn’t hit 100 miles per hour, and that really was the goal for today.

But unfortunately the kv is just not there on the stock, gearing we’re gon na have to go up to something like a castle or we’re. Gon na have to do the mod one gears, however, there’s a few complications with trying to run mod one gears, but i won’t get into it into this video, but seriously i’m really really impressed it’s, still a personal best for me, guys and i’m, not giving up Anytime, soon going to have to make a bigger wing to stabilize the rear a little bit more and i’m going to have to put in some stiffer shock oil. Just do a few modifications we may just get a castle. 7 700 kv motor for this. Let me know in the comments: if you want to see that yeah guys i’m still getting used to speed, runs that’s a personal best for me, 94 miles per hour. I’Ll leave that up in kilometers. Just here i think it’ll be about 150 ish. Also, i need to get the wider 30mm wheels instead of the 26mm that’s going to help with our grip issue. As for the wltoys124019, i still have heaps planned for it and uh yeah, so stay tuned for that. If you did like this, video make sure to hit that subscribe.