2003 here with another review on this time – it’s not really a toy, but it is something that I had gotten in the mail a few weeks ago and then I wanted to do a review on it. But I never got the time to with like school and all that anyway, so I’m, here today, with the review so today, I’m going to be reviewing this, which I know you’re gon na say. Oh, my gosh you’ve reviewed that before it’s, the Tenth Doctor song screwdriver, but no it is the tenth doctor, sonic, screwdriver, remote or universal remote control. Now um the universal remote control is the like: a it’s like a remote that looks like a sonic, screwdriver and yeah that’s, pretty much it anyway. Um yeah. It works like a remote control and it does the same things and stuff i get so here’s. What i’m gon na do i’m going to show you the packaging and open it up and all this kind of stuff, and then i’ll show you what it does: okay ready. This is what it looks like on. The packaging see all this kind of stuff and if you can see it, there’s like Gallifreyan text on it, where the doctor comes from on the planet. Gallifrey. And if you know what i’m talking about this kind of looks like a case that an apple product would come into no um no I’m, not trying to do like a commercial or something, but it that’s.

Just what a lot of people think it is like. An apple case, okay, so it says right there. I don’t know if it’s going to be backwards or not, but it says the Tenth Doctor from teeth. It’S from it says it is from the tenth doctors era from 2005, 2010 and that’s, a sonic screwdriver universal, remote control, okay, so, and on the bottom, if you can tell it has some of the motions that you can do and then right there. If i can get my finger, there is the one company logo again no advertising and then a bunch of legal goth and the BBC thing. Okay, so let’s open it and see what it is well, I already know what it is, but anyway, and when you open it, you’ll have like a that it’s just part of sonic screwdriver and you’ll get this kind of heavy kind of lightweight plastic case it’s black And it has if I can get some flare on it, uh yeah, it kind of. Has the sonic screwdrivers look on it with some of like the wavy things so it’s like activated, then you’ll see these, and so you just pull it and open it. Um there’s that this is the inside of the case and like in my school. When we have our book fairs, they always sell like pencils and erasers and stuff, and they also sell chocolate calculators, which is like a calculator that looks like a chocolate bar and it smells like chocolate bar it’s weird.

This is kind of what it smells like it’s. So weird, but anyway so has like a really awesome, holding place and um. This is where the charger goes and I’ve obviously already taken that out. I need to charge it speaking of charger um. I got it and I watched YouTube videos and all this kind of stuff on it and uh yeah um. You have to charge it for two hours or until the light is green. Mine was like 15 minutes before two hours when it turned green. So I got to use it but it’s smaller way, smaller than the character options toy, but what the one company did is. They took David Tennant’s, sonic screwdriver that he got from being the doctor, so it’s his prop and they asked if they could use it. He said yes, so they took it, they did a 3d copy of it and so it’s the exact measurements and all this kind of stuff. So you can see the blue line, but there’s no activation buttons. Oh, my gosh is what I’ve always wanted. The slider is a rectangle and, as you can see, there’s the blue there’s, the button there and yeah there’s the button there, and that is the activation button. Now, on that, you can see there isn’t any like the teeth, looking things like over on the silver part, but this it kind isn’t that kind of annoying, because it spins like a lot. So when you’re holding it.

If you kind of move your hand or your pinky or something it’ll move but um, then there’s the emitter and it looks more like a dome shape than like yeah it’s, like more of a half spherical thing and yeah and then teeth on this part fit in Perfectly and it’s, like the plasticky sort of cobblestone, look right there and it slides up and finally, the appropriate, yellow, color that’s in a helix design, where it spins around and the wires that are covered by a little plastic e protection thingy. And I noticed that there there’s a tube outside, but then just around the wire there’s. Another cylinder looking thing that text the wire even more and I don’t know if it has that a toy but anyway to charge it you’re going to want to pull off that black thing and make sure this isn’t extended. Because I, as you can see it’s a USB, so whenever you use the charger, you can connect it to any USB port and like there’s, two USBs on it well sort of there’s like a chart charging in that goes in here and then there’s, the USB in Which you can put it inside like a verizon or an ATampT charger and then plug it into a wall or something or like, if you have it, some like a DVD player or I don’t, know why it would have a DVD player, but anyway, something anywhere that Has a has a USB port, it doesn’t matter if it’s like in the car or something and it’s not meant for charging, it will charge it anyway, so um.

This part right here is where it is, and so, if, if you watch the end I’m going to slide the extender and it disappears and it’s in there, you can see that, but it lights like connected to the extender and stuff. So you pull it back, that’s there and sometimes it’s hard to like you, have to push the slider down while plugging it in because it the slider has to have some force to push it in sometimes like pops before, like it gets plugged in and stuff. So just put it back on after stead of charging and stuff like that, so I’m gon na go get sneaks earth one of the accessories, because the instructor where my instructions went, I already stood them all. So my stands over there and I’ll go get that just a second okay, I’m back. So when you have in the case, you can take these little like plot with plastic parts that are the foamy parts that smell like chocolate out and then one of them has the directions and then the other one holds the stand and Stan also has Gallifreyan text On it and stuff has a foam back so that you can put it anywhere you want to and it won’t scratch hip hop, look grey, perfect sand, yeah, except for that okay. So if I can have my yeah put in the wrong spot, there yeah like that. But this cool thing is while you’re charging it.

I don’t know if that’s gon na ruin my computer nut but watch ah dang. It didn’t work yeah. But if you like, put it on there and in a certain place, it sometimes it’ll spin around in a circle. Ah, there see if I’m, yet Wow like that and I’m gon na stand up because that’s hot, like there’s, a magnet in there and there’s a magnet in there. So I don’t want to have it in my computer or by my computer anyway. So um now we’re going to go to accessories so to turn it on you just hold it down. Oh, I have a lot codes though, and I don’t know if you can hear her voice, but if you well I’ll extend it. Okay, because when it’s extended, you can hear it louder, then when it is quiet, I don’t know why. But, okay, so um uh, you can’t, like it the fruit like when you first charge it and turn it on. It enters practice mode so like when you like, when you do certain motions there’s like a British lady’s voice that will say like that, will confirm what you’ve done so like and then, if there’s any more but anyway, oh yeah, there’s double tap yeah double press is When you press the button really like when you press the button shush, please um when, when you’re in control mode or obviously this or or programming mode, you’ll press the button really quick, twice and it’ll say double press.

I don’t know if you can hear her but that’s what she said and so to change modes. All you got to do is press the button once know, so she said control mode, shush, oh yeah. She says control mode and then she’ll say the memory bank, that you have just there’s three memory: banks, a B and C, and to like switch your memory banks. You got ta click it three times. Shh! No, I know hang on okay, ready, yeah. She said memory beg a memory bank, be memory bank scene, okay, so I need to go to memory, bank e or yeah a um and then when it, when it’s in controlling mode – and you program it to your remote, not your TV, your ammo um. You can control your TV and I’ll show you that in a second, but next, when you go into is quiet control mode and you do the same thing to go in different memory banks, but um uh, I was going to say: dang it Greg control mode is When you can do the same thing as control mode, only it’s, just a simple click like I’ll, show you in a second when it’s an F next mode. But if you know what doctor who is and you’ve seen, sonic, screwdrivers and stuff, it does the buzzing noise that’s what it does in control mode in this control mode. When you can do this emotions only what won’t do the buzzing noises, it will just do.

A simple click, um yeah! So next, when we go into is FX mode. I don’t know if you can hear that still but anyway, so what you’re going to do? An fx mode is hold the button down and then I’m blue light will flash and um yeah. What I like about it is in the toy you could you had to press the button if it was down and what it press the button when it was in the top, but on this one you can hold the button down and slide the slider up, and It will still activate. I love it because that’s what the doctor does in the show, sometimes okay anyway um, what you’re gon na do is or to access on the second FX mode, you’re going to UM click it once and then click it twice and then hold it on the second Time, um and that doesn’t FX mode, where certain emotions will do certain, sounds recent reaching from the classic Doctor Who series to the newest doctors years. I’Ll show you that Oh a just, shut off, don’t know why and I’ll show you the arm lock code in just a second okay ready anyway, so that’s that and i don’t know if i forgot any motions i feel like i did but anyway so after that You click it once and it goes back to practice mode. What you’re gon na do for controller for programming mode is you’re gon na up click it there yeah click it three times and hold it on the third click, and it will do that and I’ll say entry programming boom and then I’ll, say memory bank a and Then you can and then you can and then do the same thing to switch memory.

Banks remember banksy and um, so yeah and it’ll keep blinking but on to exit programming mode you’re just going to click it but i’m going to show you what to do i’m. Just going to shut it off for a second I on, but to shut it off, you have to exit programming mode and then to shut it off. You just have to hold it down. Okay, now let me grab my remote. Oh, this remote doesn’t really work anymore. I mean it does work, it’s, just um, ok, so or not and I’m sure driver. So what you’re gon na do is, I know it’s not working, but oh, I can just okay, none and I got to get to programming mode all right. So I have memory bank see because a and B are full and so what you’re going to do is you’re going to do. The motion on your song shooter excellent, push push and then do this. The motion on your remote and then after five seconds of the remote not getting programmed to your TV it’ll, say: it’ll it’ll sit it’ll just start blinking again, but when it’s set and then when it’s accepted the code that you do. When you press the button. It’Ll say: okay and then it’ll keep blinking until you do like the next motion and all this cast stuff um but yeah that’s. Basically, you want to programming mode does then you go to controlling mode and stomach down.

Now I have to go to FX mode. Okay. This part I love it’s, um, it’s, a automatic TV, shutdown mode and and it’ll do that. It’Ll, like you, the regular um. Do this, oh wow, I didn’t know, did that sweet um anyway, so you have to be an FX mode and you when you’re an FX mode. You click it. You click it three times and hold it on the third press. What it here, I’m gon na shut. It off real, quick. What it does is, it will send different IR or infrared codes, or it will send different infrared codes from this to your TV and try to find the one that your TTP has. So then it can then so then it can shut down or turn on. I just found out that you can turn on your TV, like literally just now, um you can do that without having to program it so I’m sure you or I will show you right now. I so that’s my TV. It looks smaller, but it’s huge, okay, ready, it’s just shut up, okay, see it does that, and sometimes it takes a while for it to find the infrared codes like on my upstairs TV it takes for ever okay anyway, so ya see it turns on, and then You can do you do the same thing to turn it off d turned off um now, I’ll show you pro or I’ll. Show you control mode, and I know you’re going to be like.

Oh, my gosh ur 2 showed us this. No, i haven’t. I show you programming mode i’m, going to show you what control mode does dang it ready. Ah, so that one I program to turn my TV on ready, okay, once this thing loads and that was tap on the right cuz, Oh on my remote on the right side of the remote it has the on button. So that way might remember, and in the middle of the remote on the top it has netflix. So this wedded it tap on the top opens netflix up and then what i did was when i push it: it’s the select mode and okay, so that I look at it out a lot of thought and it takes a while. Okay, oh gosh, okay! So then, like um, like going right, we’ll select what you want and stuff like that and like dude push and all this kind of stuff, and then you turn the volume up. I did the clockwise and anti clockwise um yeah that’s, really it Oh. What am I forgetting? Yeah it’s? Really? Actually it um, but yeah I’m gon na shut my TV off again, no okay, that’s, fun um! I will go, get the toy, the character options, toy and it’s upstairs so I’ll be right back: okay, I’m back, okay, so um! This looks different than what it actually is. Cuz I don’t like can realize that I should just tried to put new batteries in it, but um.

So the teeth are supposed to be all the way down on this and that slider isn’t there that’s just popsicle stick and then you can see the buttons are still there, but yeah it doesn’t even slide up cuz. This is hot glued in place. Oh running makes me tired, i know and pet look at the difference. Ah, ok, so this one is the toy. This one is the TV, remote big, big difference, this one it’s, much fatter and bigger, and just holding this for a while, then looking at this is horrible that’s like so no I don’t like it. This usually curb this part, usually comes off, but I hot glued that in place um that comes off and it has a pen. Are you being the light? Is purple on this one because it’s all right it’s a black light but it’s purple? So you can read hidden message in this stuff and I don’t like it and it’s huge huh. This one is much much better and everybody and some people are like that. It’S doesn’t look the same as what it does in the show, but it’s way better than this one, this one sucks or no offense to character options. I mean I loved it when I had it, but oh gosh uh, oh pricing. This is a hundred bucks yeah. We got it off of thing: geek, calm, again, no advertising on because after on Christmas, it there was a sale and I got twenty dollars off shows on the 80 bucks and I had got nine.

I had gotten 95 for Christmas, so got this um yeah, so special thanks to thinking calm. If you’re watching and a shout out to my friend Rosie Morgan, who is youtuber and well, I don’t know as if she puts videos up yet but she’s. My first subscriber and today I don’t know what day it is, but finally figured out who she is and I’m gon na tell her thanks. So I will see you next seven to review and i know i’m sorry, i haven’t done a video and forever, but anyway yeah.