This car is crazy. I don’t know if i’ve ever driven, driven or whoa. I almost hit myself in the leg that would have hurt caught it with my hand, don’t try that at home, kids, hey guys what’s up welcome back to the channel today. We’Re going to check out a new rc car from wltoys we’re, going to have some fun out on the track and do some general bashing around with this car. Just wan na see what the hype is all about for the wltoys one, two: four: zero one: nine! I mean this is under a hundred dollars without the transmitter, which is kind of crazy. It is a 2s 2200 on here, there’s. Also a three battery version around 120. You can get the ready to run version with the transmitter that i have here and a charger. The charger takes about two hours to charge each battery up with the dean’s connector and a balance port, but you can also charge these on a standard, lipo charger. If you have a dean’s plug adapter, so the car itself is a 112 scale car. It has a brushed 550 motor on here and a 60 amp esc. It is a brushed esc, there’s, also a brushless conversion that you can do from drifto maniacs. This guy went in here and changed out to. I believe it was a castle esc and a brushless motor, getting him close to 100 miles an hour on this car, which is kind of crazy.

So we do also have all aluminum upgrades on here. It looks like a shrunk down version of a dhk full hobby grade aluminum chassis on here, so that i’m thinking is going to be super durable. I have reviewed the dhk zombie and optimus, maybe three or four years ago now on my channel and those cars still run and they never broke on me. So i’ve i’ve really bashed those cars around they’re, one tenth scale buggy and a monster truck. But this little guy looks like it’ll get some serious air on jump ramps. You could take it on the open street. You can drive it around on desert type conditions or you could take it on a dirt track for rc cars. This thing will rip right out of the box so that’s what this little car is all about, having some fun some general bashing around, and i think honestly, i would get this version versus the desert. Buggy version i’ve heard that this one is the better version of the two. So this is the one you want to go for, but let’s go see what the hype’s all about uh 550 motor and a 60 amp esc for under 100 bucks with luna body chassis, rc car on here uh seems like a pretty good deal. So let’s let’s see what this is all about and let’s see if it’s any fun let’s go out and do some driving all right guys, let’s just give it a little road test.

First wow uh yeah, look at that holy crap um. This thing’s crazy here comes the car holy this thing’s fast. Now i see what the hype’s all about okay. I might really like this. A lot i’m gon na try not to hit a curb it’s, not even wet right now i saw rc sailors, did a review and it’s kind of a wet day. So this is like dry, concrete and let’s. Just do a speed test. Real quick, wow it’s fast for a four wheel, drive car you’re, definitely going to need some new tires. If you run this on pavement that’s amazing that this is a brushed motor, uh wow. This is fun, oh directly, hidden like hit a curb and damn this thing’s fast. What is going on super quick, try not to get run over here, so someone else was driving the baja truck version and lost some tires, or maybe it was the green and, i believe, it’s, the green and blue version wow. This is awesome. Let’S go ahead now, let’s go to the track because uh, i think, on the street it’s a beast and it looks like all the drive steering up front is still intact. Drive. Train is all good. The gears are good, so let’s go ahead to the track and uh see how it performs on the dirt track. Here we go in here with a lot more power. Now let’s jump this sperm boom wow, oh yeah.

We got lots more power now the end of that battery was taking such hard hits. Hey look at the bottom of it now like a skateboard deck it’s super tough. I can’t believe the front wheels are still attached and they haven’t broken off, like not. A single link has come off, which is crazy. Nice smackdown everything i’ve done to it so far, just just taking a beating and just keeps going so we’re going to try to jump the highest point right here. So let’s go ahead and uh get lined up for that we’re gon na go way over here on the other side of the track and full throttle. Oh yeah wow you guys. I landed that. Oh man, this thing takes a beating yeah, so this is pretty much as tough as any of my dhk stuff, which maybe wltoys and xk have decided. Oh wow, i mean it’s crazy, maybe they’ve taken some note from dhk and they’ve like decided that they’re going to make something as dribble, but i don’t see how they made this car with the components that it has on here. For that price and it’s. This durable jeez, what a basher so race, car, basher, so fast on a 550 motor, oh really well balanced, just keeps landing everything or full throttle. Uh. Okay, let’s do another jump here: nice, oh holy crap, that is too cool, loving this car and it’s just fun to rip around the track too.

Once i learn the line on this track, it’s a lot of fun – and this is an rc car track – it’s, mostly a bike track, but it works for what we need to do today right. So what do you guys think about this car? Put your comments down below. Let me know what you think about the one two, four zero one: nine wow, this guy is a beast. I didn’t i wasn’t expecting this. Actually i wasn’t expecting it to be this much fun. Boom, yeah, yay, wow. Everybody is if people even stop it watching this thing, cause it’s, so crazy, that’s, a fast little car right. All right. We got another guy out here. We got a monster truck, oh so fast, it’s like a little a fast little squirrel. This might be the most fun i’ve ever had for about a hundred dollars, so um yeah. This thing is absolutely a ton of fun. You guys Applause, no worries Music, which is pretty good because i’ve been driving it for about about a half an hour, Music um. Nice, Music, which truck is that uh? This is a stampede. Two wheel, drive okay, Music, all right, let’s jump that big berm again here we go. You guys boom i’ll flip. I want to do that i’m trying to break this one, but i can’t it’s, like burning out, i got ta gradually go full throttle all right here. We go nice and the balance on this car is great all right here we go full throttle.

Oh almost to the tree almost to the tree, that’s like that, has to be like 35 feet boom. Oh jeez, all right let’s do another one i’ll try not to flip over. Here we go full throttle holy crap. You broke it, oh no! What broke? Oh man, that sucks still going there, you go you guys, um. The stampede was here for what like five minutes, 10 minutes and now it’s broke they’re going home i’m still driving 100 car here and doing stuff like that and still driving it’s crazy. All right here we go big jump holy crap, oh okay, i mean i want to jump all the way to this tree. That’S got to be like 40 feet across right there, but i’m. Definitely landing like right here, which is really awesome. Let’S try to try to get it back over there and line it up. Let’S stand over here this time, full throttle, whoa, awesome. Okay, that was cool. I can go home now. Oh man, this thing is an animal okay. The hype is real. You guys no no screwing around the hype’s real boom, so many smackdowns full throttle. Oh landed! It though nice all right. This is a good car to like learn how to jump, because you know i really don’t know how to jump. So if i can do a flip with this car, no, how about a 180 almost almost a flip dude, this car is crazy, crazy car, i don’t know if i’ve ever driven, driven or whoa.

I almost hit myself in the leg that would have hurt caught it with my hand, don’t try that at home, kids, okay, so durability factor on this thing is like super high, because look at this right here. This is like concrete, like super super unforgiving surface, so yeah it’s when you hit that it’s gon na break stuff for sure so nothing’s broken here, all right guys there it is still in one piece. I snapped the links back on there after we had that final crash, and i popped off the steering link and one of the drive links up front on the left hand side. So the front left steering wasn’t working that’s pretty much after 40 minutes worth of bashing around i’m, getting about 20 minutes per 2s 2200. With this car, i took it to the track today and it’s it’s getting dry because it’s getting close to summertime um coming up on the drier months during the year and the track today was like concrete. I showed you guys the ground and it was super super dry out. So some of the front end hits and cartwheels that this car took was impressive. I didn’t pop off drive length until about the very end of the review around 40 minutes worth of driving into this car um, and that was doing. Like 40 foot jumps with this car, so i was going on that biggest jump in the the track out there and just sending it full throttle.

It would come in and just bam land like this and nose first into the ground, which was like concrete and finally, finally, a bottling popped off, but i think the joints are actually really really good they’re they’re hard. It was really hard to snap it back on there, so i don’t think it’s coming off very easy, and i know that i don’t have to replace it now, but i think what’s also impressive, about this car is that the fun factor being so high and the Seems like the power to weight ratio on here is is through the roof. When you immediately touch the throttle you’re going to know that this car is fast and it’s fun and it’s furious, it is definitely a fierce car. But what i thought was cool was how much power it had, how durable it is, and the fact that some other kid came out to the park that day and he ran his traxxas truck out there uh. I believe it was a stampede and i think he he drove for about five minutes before he had just i mean he was lightly driving around and doing some general mild bashing. He wasn’t sending it and cartwheeling thing all over the place like this one was and those guys had broke something on the stampede within. Like five minutes. I swear they left within about five minutes time. They were going home to to fix their trucks. So uh this little thing is again it’s like tough as a skateboard, it’s, crazy.

So for the price, i think this is probably gon na be in one of the the top five cars this year in 2021, so um. I think this one’s gon na be selling like crazy, so i hope xk components in here and the wl toys frame of this car. It has enough stock to keep it in, for you guys, because it’s crazy, all the parts are available. You can find all the links down below for this car and uh. My latest top five cars, and i have to say this thing – is a total beast and it just looks cool too doesn’t it i mean that is a cool looking car has a lot of nostalgia for me for for buggies, because uh i just built one of The tama hey tama, grasshoppers right over there on my mantel sitting on the mantel, like a trophy one of the cars that i always wanted as a kid. If you have a grasshopper comment down below – and let me know that you have one too so i can’t wait to get mine out, get a receiver in it and drive it just built it up last week. So i’m super stoked on that. But thanks again for watching guys, this has been the wltoys 124019. I believe i wish they’d start naming these things something different than numbers, because this thing definitely deserves some type of name. Guys: i’m, justin davis i’ll see you on the next one.