Everybody’S been talking about. This car got this bad boy on uh. We got it on ebay because i tried ordering it on a wish. Um. It didn’t happen. Let me see it here. It is it’s really nice. I really like it aluminum shocks, Music, look at the rear, it’s nice wait! Do that again. The bottom is really nice. Take off the clips she’s going to take out the clips right now. It comes with the remote pass me, the remote click, and you can also hold it like this it’s like this. This one uses a four double a batteries, it’s kind of simple it’s, pretty good. It has a four settings right here, not sure what they are yet pretty much a push button start to the top of it no antenna which i like take off the clips tonight. I can’t it’s hard. Let me help her out too hard too hard. This one. Actually came with three batteries, which is pretty cool, open it up real, quick it’s hard, and if you do it too hard um, you can scratch it right. Here, here’s, a the inside Music wow wow there’s, a lot of metal, gearing the cereal a big motor. This thing that hits uh, i believe, uh 35 miles an hour i’m, just gon na turn it on real, quick put the connector. So we got ta. Do this right here, i believe, perfect, all right, Music, hmm, he’s, angry Music, Music, i’m scared because we’re in the streets – and we can hit someone record it that’s a low throttle right here it is low.

It could make it go faster by moving this. The full throttle watch, oh where’d, that go Music, oh my god, it’s too fast whoa. That was oh. You saw that flip and then it went back up. I hope i got that on camera when i went whoop, my god, it’s too fast. What was that? Oh? It hid some water that’s why i went off cocoon so hmm yeah, you guys that’s that’s, pretty much it pretty fast, um yeah. What do you think about it? Leah did her own review um on her own youtube channel yeah, you better, go and say: wow e and boba squad on youtube. Um yeah go and subscribe right now and right in the right. When you see this video yeah, we were waiting for this car for what, like two weeks, three weeks, probably a month, um wish ended up canceling our order because supposedly it wasn’t in stock, i ended up getting it from youtube. No, i mean uh youtube uh. We ended up getting it from ebay uh. We really like the car it’s really fast for being electronic um, you mean electric, not electronics, yeah right now i have eli has a a nitro. I have a nitro and uh. I might be buying elia an electric pretty soon so yeah. If you have any other questions, ask us ask us uh comment and subscribe um. Yes, please, if you’d like us to try another car out, maybe we just might uh.

Let us know the runtime on each battery is about 15 minutes on a fully fully charged battery. This thing hits about 35 miles an hour. Look at it.