Video and today i’ll be reviewing the mach 2 k9 1 4 scale by um character options, and this is uh. I think it was like 2004 release or something uh. Something like that – and i currently i bought this for 25 pounds off ebay and with three pound postage, so it was pretty expensive but not too expensive. Um i’m really proud. I have a mach 2 k9, so yeah um. So i was going to take a look at the detail. Um i would show the packaging, but i do not have the packaging because it never came with your packaging because it’s either um. We have the cannon logo on the panel there uh, with even the enhancements of the bolts in there just make it look like it’s, been tapped on and everything um. You have the indentations along each side and to give its format of a k9 structure and you’ve got a little rubberized handle here, which is correct and present. You also have the dog collar, which is like a retro m80 style collar of photos. Really good uh it’s got the neck piece there, which is not it’s plastic and not rubber or anything, and then on the on the bottom. You do have the skirting i’m using black and then, of course, on the front. We do have the visor piece and the antenna, the earring, that you’re sorry you’ve got the the lens piece at the front here, which is nose and you’ve got your two little bits there to make it look like it’s been bolted together and then, on the other Side you’ve got what seems to be covered up screw holes, which is very good.

Um i’m glad they’ve done that as it keeps a toy in its um formal um quality you’ve got the tv screen there, which doesn’t do anything it’s just there for show, and then you’ve got the rubber tail at the back with like a rubber hoop up there And all the soft you have like a calculator piece and it does light up and you’ve got like two bits. There you’ve got all these buttons, so do not do anything it lights up but that’s about it. Um on the back, nothing exciting! Apart from this um slanted section so yeah i’m looking for the in a panel press it in like so and it is indented which is correct and then of course, you’ve got this good. Looking um engine for um k9, which was shown in school reunion um. No, it wasn’t meant in 2004.. It was either 2006.. It would have been made in 2006. What am i talking about anyway? Sorry about that so yeah um? If you looked at school reunion, when k n was fought, brought back out from terror, jane um – you saw it was similar to this so technically because it was mac 2 um. It is correct. Um but yeah you’ve got lights and stuff down the bottom here, which, on your back when you switch it on it’s, currently in the off position, is it on? Try me it’s on try on me at the minute all right Laughter.

This unit has 100 efficiency. This unit identified as k9 mark 2., so k has been switched on and the triangle option has now been removed. You’Ve got three little blue lights at the bottom. Turning okay switched on now on top you’ve got on this calculator piece because i’m going to i’m, just going to say calculator from now on, it’s ctrl. Alright, his control panel on the top um is all lit up and even on the red visor section, he is lit up um. You can, however, close it, but i do not know if it will save battery anymore through um, removing the blue section um. I haven’t really tested that i don’t think i want to break because i’m. I might break it um. It has, however, got in the correct position his um laser. It should be about here, but obviously character made a little boo boo, but you know that that’s character options for you, you get what you expect and the ears, however, do are literally are removable. So, if you’re worried about, if you buy this off hebrew and it’s, got missing antennas, you piss, you basically just need to find new ones or make some so just pop in little restricting movement or anything, and as i found out earlier when it was outside in This box, it was like clung together like that and it wasn’t correctly positioned so yeah. So look at the controller, as you can see it.

Doesn’T have an antenna because this one’s a re release um of the original variant. So you got loads of different buttons. Um yeah here is the controls. Um, you get to pause and read if you like, and it even includes the blaster thing on there. I did turn this off yeah. I did turn it on so now, k9 is fully operatable. When it, you know, come on it’s a sharp object to focus on there. We are so yeah canines fully switched on now i’m going to go through the phrases. Insufficient data master, negative master master, engaging pursuit mode. That is a very silly question. Coming now danger danger entertain, established computing. Now he says: plaster comes out from his mouthpiece, so yeah, as you saw um within the effects section, you saw his ears waggle um. That is really fun um, i just it. It sets off his whole pristine, really good. Now, as it said on the box, it is remote, controlled, so Applause i’m trying to do about falling off so Music, so yeah Applause i’m going to put my hands on it, just to move it but yeah it is remote, controlled, well, radio, controlled! Sorry, i keep pronouncing them things wrong, i’m, just going to turn them off so noise and battery now fully enough with ebay. It came with batteries. I did check if they’re one corroded or anything and no they seem to be fresh batteries. So thank you owner.

You can save me a bit of money there, so yeah um on the bottom. You got yeah, i think it’s, four triple a batteries it’s, not four triple is what am i talking about? Four double a batteries um in in the box. It is usually it does come with them. So if i play um, including i don’t, think it came with a remote light, but you know um it’s got his forward back motion and it’s got a spindle right here, it’s a bit performer of the daleks really and of course, it’s got a speaker grill on The bottom so yep and to turn him off because you know he’s, k9 and you’ve got to service him. Remove the panel switch him off um i’m, just making sure it’s, not in terming mode, because i don’t know where it is power so yeah. Now i really love this thing, because i, when i got me um money um, i spent 10 of it onto a new tripod that i found in asda that is really holding up well, because it’s, better quality anyways. I had quite i had a bit left to spare so for i’ll have a look on ebay as he wouldn’t find. I came across a k9 and it got me thinking. I wouldn’t remember a radio control k9, so i finally got one and i’m very proud to get it um. So if anybody’s thinking about getting this, get it it’s well worth the money and you’ll not be disappointed.

It is one of the most awesome things i’ve got in my collection, amongst with the dalek helmet inside my home, in the universal um josh. If you’re watching this just get it man just get it um it’s, really cool. I just like how it works. It’S it it’s non, it doesn’t fall out or anything it just does what it does and it’s absolutely brilliant. Um i’m very glad i’ve got this um i’m very proud um to have a mac 2k9 in my collection, um, and when i started compared to my custom. Max 6 i’ve made i’ll do a video about that in the near future. I’Ll still need to finish it off: um it’s such a tiny it’s like really tiny but yeah. My max 6 isn’t fully skilled properly, but you know it’s getting there so times this. By far you’ve got your full size, k9, so yeah so it’s, one fourth skill so times it by far there’s your full scale, um. Thank you. So much for watching um really recommend you pick this up well worth the money. Um i’m gon na sit this in my collection, um. In fact, it’s gon na go on my shelf that i’ve made um so yeah. If you wan na see him on my content and follow my tick tock um let’s see if we can get the um goal to 1000 followers. Please um. I worked my socks off on that now. Um, so yeah also go check out.

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