Crawler world is panda hobby and we have one of their new releases on the bench that you need to check out. Music. Take a look at the tetra x1 6×6. This is a completely ready to run 118 scale 6×6 crawler, that is 150 that’s it for a custom rig right out of the box. This thing looks fantastic and if it does look familiar that’s because it’s very similar to the x1 4×4 that we’ve already reviewed here on the channel i’ll put links up above and down in the description for that. But today, we’re going to go over some of the changes between the two i’m not going to go over it in full detail i’m going to go over the changes and we’ll start off with the body here. Obviously the body is very jeep like it is not licensed uh, but what they’ve done here is extended. The bed with the the fender flares as well to span over the extra wheels in the back. But here this is the stand out stuff that i really want to show. You guys led light bar on the top led lights in the front and led lights in the back right out of the box. You don’t have to do anything here, let’s check out under the hood check out all of those wires. That is, for all the led lights in here, and those plugs are labeled, so you know how to uh push them into the receiver.

Speed controller combo, which i’ll show you in a little bit, but this body is really well detailed. I mean i love the custom grille on here. The cowl, the wiper blades are molded. The mirrors are molded, even have a little chrome decals on the back side. Molded handles molded roll bar. I mean really nice looking body all right now, let’s take a look at the chassis and again this is much like the x1 that we’ve already reviewed. They just have an extension piece in the mac, but there there’s a few other little notable changes here, and one of them is the wheels and tires. This is a really good, looking wheel and tire package on this 18 scale truck. These treads here feel really good. They have a realistic pattern to them. I think they’re going to work really well and they’re mounted to these bead, lock style wheels. These three screws here secure the two halves of the wheel together and inside, is an aluminum ring, so it is a bit more weight than a standard plastic wheel which will help this truck, handle a lot better. All right, so you know. Let me just go over the basics: in the center really quick, we’ve got metal frame rails, a plastic shock towers on here, plastic cross, bracing, we’ve, seen that before on the x1 and then in the center we’ve got your gearbox really fine pitch gears in there. The drivetrain still does ride on bushings, which they kind of put bearings in there, but for the price point kind of understandable, uh slider drive shafts in the center.

The axles look really good as well about as compact as they can be for a small scale. Crawler dog bone style, steel axles in the front straight shafts in the rest of the axles, but these proved to work really well when we were driving the other truck, i expect them to hold up well here. Uh there you can see those slider drive, shafts a bit better we’ve got composite links throughout the kit. You can see they have a cross style setup. There are metal ball ends in there, which i really like. I mean they could have gone plastic in here, but they didn’t. Let me move to the back here. So here is the extension piece. So it is just a composite piece and flip it over and you can see that it just extends the chassis. So we can now have the rear shock tower mounts. We could also have the shorter links mount to the rear of the chassis, really simple setup, and it works really well it’s, actually pretty rigid out back here. So i think everything’s going to work well, here’s that center drive axle they’ve extended it here and just a really short stubby shaft in the center no binding, so that works really well uh from my bench testing here i i really like the way this looks. I mean they carry the wheels throughout. They carry the aluminum shocks to the back too. Obviously, they actually feel pretty good.

I hear some people do go and put 10 weight oil in to help free it up just a little bit more. So maybe you would want to consider that, but you know if you’re out just crawling for fun, i think it’s going to work just fine. The electronics package was carried over as well here’s. Your two in one speed, controller receiver, combo tons of open ports in here. They actually get filled with the plugs from the led lights back. Here is a 7.4 volt 700 milliamp battery pack. It actually comes strapped into the truck with this velcro strap, and you know what i kind of noticed here. It looks like you could actually fit another battery pack back here, so maybe you could run two packs to extend your run times on this. I don’t know if it would cause any heat issues, but i might try that option out for some fun uh over here. This is a new change, a 60 turn motor, so this is going to give this truck a smoother, slow crawl feel to it. I think you’re going to be able to navigate off road train much better with this slower motor in here. I i like that. Addition to it servo mounted up front. It is attached to the axle, so you can see it floating in the chassis there, but really well designed set up. I mean especially for the price of this truck 150 dollars. I mean you’re getting a lot a custom.

Looking truck six by six, all the electronics, now let me show you what else comes in the box. Here’S, your 2.4 gigahertz transmitter. It has your basic trim functions on there. They give you a usb charger. They even give you a banner which is really cool. Decals instruction sheet four double a batteries, some basic tools and some extra shot clips body clips – and this is the box that it comes in this – is the x1 and here’s a little sneak peek over here we have the k1 as well. I’Ll show you guys that in another video, but that’s really about it, it’s time to go and drive this truck i’ve been looking forward to it. Let’S head outside and have some fun: Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music. All right! So i’ve got a bunch of wheel time in on the 6×6. I drove it for a few hours over in the dirt lot, but i’ve actually spent a lot of time just driving this thing around my yard and down at one of the local parks like to go there at lunch and just kind of sit down by the Water and drive this thing over some of the trails and routes and rocks that are by the water, but overall this has been a fun vehicle to drive. This 6×6 just looks really cool number one sitting here on the workbench, but out there on the trails. It looks pretty cool as well if you enjoy taking pictures and videos of your rc stuff.

This is a fun one to create some real off road action with now. Is it super capable crawling up, steep incline, rocky faces and stuff? I found this week to be a little top heavy with all that it has going on with the longer wheelbase. It does teeter a little bit. It does have its benefits where it does have some traction. If, when you’re going up, uh let’s say packed dirt mounds and stuff like that, but uh when i was really trying to crawl some rocky terrain with it uh i rolled it over a number of times, and you can see that the signs were all dirty and Scratched up um, but where this thing was really at home, where it was really the most fun was just general trail crawling, especially in that dirt lot crawling up the dirt mounds there and over the smooth rock faces and stuff like that, you know: it’s, a overland Style of vehicle, your extended wrangler with custom accessories on here. You know it just looks good flowing over uh. You know smooth type of off road terrain versus that really gnarly climbing type of stuff, but is it capable? You know that 60 turn motor that’s in there? Definitely smoothens out the throttle uh, the steering response is very good, and these turning radius is pretty acceptable for the size and the longer wheelbase of this rig. The radio makes it a lot of fun too, because you go and turn the lights on and off with the switch you know under this panel and the radio, and you could also switch the throttle too.

They’Ve got different throttle modes. So if you just want to do a nice, slow crawl, you can flip that throttle, switch and get that feel electronically through the system that they have in here. The lights on this are very cool. These new tires are pretty awesome. I do like them they’re a little tall, so they look really good, but again, you kind of have to consider the cg of this uh. You know with the body with the taller tires. If you get this thing on a side hill, it will probably go over, but you know with that flat training stuff. You know the the inclines on higher pack dirt and smooth rock inclines. Uh that’s, where this thing is really at home and going to be the most fun i mean even around my backyard, just trailing through some dirt and stuff. That was a lot of fun but uh. I really really enjoyed it just down at the local park. You know enjoying rc and enjoying being out in nature that’s, where this thing was really cool and for a hundred and fifty dollars i mean you’re, really getting a lot of rig here. It’S complete you don’t need to buy anything else, for it just charge up the battery install the batteries in the radio and go it just doesn’t get any easier than that, and you know it’s a custom looking rig. It looks awesome, panda’s, really doing some great stuff. They’Ve got a lot more stuff coming out.

We’Ve got some accessories to put on here. They have aftermarket parts to go and customize this even more and we’re, going to show you that here on the channel in the future, do i have any problems with this? You know other than the high cg which it’s acceptable. You just have to learn how to drive it. You know properly um, you know the windshield wipers could use a little bit better detail on there i’m really kind of nitpicking here. I don’t really have much else. Maybe a little bit lighter shockwave oil, but other than that you know just go out and drive this thing for fun. It’S going to deliver i’ll have some links in the description below you can get this at amain. I believe you could also get absolute hobbies. They stock parts for it so panda, you know they’re available, you can get it through their website as well. So if this rig interests, you definitely go check them out all right if you haven’t done so yet. Please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell.