I haven’t left this chair really much in the last two to three days with editing projects and i’m working on a cooking segment, so i got ta get out the door, but i did get some batteries on the charger and we have a race this weekend. Monster truck racing, so i got to get my lmt fixed. I broke one of the rod ends on the shock and i need to do the testing of my actual race trucks. My freestyle rc pro c’s, so we’re gon na do that right now, let’s. Do it reefs, rc, multi tool, get this thing uh squared away slip it back in my pocket and have it out there, while i’m bashing, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music? Oh man, you guys! This thing is such an awesome truck man. It just soaks up everything you throw at it, so i think this one’s ready for racing on saturday we’ll get out the other one and give it a test too. All right, it’s, a little bit later. Jeremy stopped by here, and then we had to eat real quick, but uh we’re still going to get this out and tested tonight, just have less sunlight to work with probably better for the video, though that’s that’s some wheel, speed did not pull out of that. One jump though interesting yeah i don’t have the when it gets kicked forward. I don’t have a wheel, speed.

I need pull out of it. I have to maybe switch this one to my go to motor systems, man. It still hangs real good, though there’s so much control of these trucks. It is unreal Music, so Applause, Music, Music, set up Music, Music. Music i’m passing this, but i do have to race it on saturday, so i should be a little more careful Music. I guess i don’t have to change out of rotten. If i just break something right. This is my race trip. Sorry, Music drive it like you stole it drive it like it’s ccxr, i mean the same thing: nice slap wheelie coming at us Music, so Music, oh Music, everything, Music, Music, Music, see that should have done that, but it soaked it up Music, nothing else. This thing is amazing, oh josh and doyle. This was little Music Music. Now let’s get a little show more crazy. With this light boat out that’s, how you know you’ve had enough fun, it reminds you alrighty guys there. It is the freestyle rc pro c. These are amazing, trucks, monster trucks. They run a cantilever suspension. You can see through the top here. Shocks are in there, cantilevered sits real low when you hit the gas it stands, but the truck doesn’t actually lift the wheels. The whole weight just shifts on that cantilever system, absolutely amazing for control and uh. I don’t know what to say guys. You saw you saw both these trucks we’re just out here, beating them up before race day and uh.