I am running the lynx tag, one six, eight, eight, nine, six, one, six, eight, eight nine is actually under this brand on ebay, lynx tech, one six, eight, eight, nine, a 116 scale – and i got this for 65 dollars pretty much. It tells you it comes with full bar bearings, it does not come with oil filled shocks. These are just regular. Dampers electronics are splash, waterproof, meaning not totally waterproof water resistance and you’ve got the decals. Some information on esc and receiver, which looks to be a combo really bouncy oil fuel shocks, it’s, possibly a very good upgrade, not possibly it will be a good upgrade. So these are the lights that comes with it and has a wheelie bar charger extra body. Clips let’s check out the transmitter, pretty good, feel to it low for amount of steering, steering trim through rate. You could adjust the speed. The chassis is slightly raised right here. Considering this is a monster truck gives it some good ground clearance. Screws are phillips plastic here, shaft is steel, the front is actually plastic. The build quality is really good. Great mesh is good. We got the living iron battery right here with dean’s connector, so we are looking at a 2535 brushless motor with ’00 kv. The esc receiver is a combo three wire servo, which is a huge plus. I don’t see a slipper clutch. The plastic quality feels pretty good Music, so whoa jump Music, Music, Music, Music.

This is my first time out with this let’s check it out Applause. That is just the trim, real quick it’s pulling to the left it’s pretty quick. I would go on a grass, but i saw some dog poo in here, so maybe go to a different section. I just want to run on the pavement real, quick just to see how it runs so far, it’s pretty good Applause. It turns really fast, but it has a good amount of power Music. It does come with a willy bar and some light. I didn’t put the willy bar in there because, as you can see right now, it is not popping really. It is shaft. Driven four wheel drive monster truck, oh almost stop on dog poo, okay, i avoided it and it comes with extra body clips. I don’t think there’s any dog poo here let’s. Try the grass hey. I could do it, hey yeah! You know what that means. I’M gon na try to take some jumps of this later wow, not bad 116 scale. It is a little bit smaller than the the mini eagle that i have i’m, not sure how fast it is. It seems pretty fast for the size i would stay should be slower than the easy road brushes. The mini one i’m. Pretty sure, if i put a light bulb in here, it’ll be a little bit faster, i’ll, probably dump in the light bulb next time, just for fun.

I’Ll run it for a couple minutes, and i put a meter in here, so it doesn’t kill my micro. I do have a cheap ebay esc, i can’t remember it’s 25 or 35 amp at home. That came with a 24 35 motor, i believe so. Maybe i could throw that esc in here and just put a fly sky or radio link and just run it like that. But then, yet again this is a 65 budget. Rc i’m not sure want to put so much money into it guys. This thing is pretty powerful, let’s see. If we take this jump all right. Can we get a better angle first, the stick’s affecting the steering at first. So let me just try from here from this angle. Applause: hey, not bad! Did it try it from this side? All right, it’s, my fault: i took the wrong line: Music let’s try this way. This will be pretty difficult because of the power and the size of it. Applause Applause. If this thing feels really light, it’s slightly boxy from the shocks but it’s, not too bad, i was expecting to be worse because it’s, not oil, filled it’s, actually pretty good and the orange wheels in the beginning. I didn’t like it, but when you’re actually driving further away, it looks pretty cool at least it’s visible. This is a little nimble, dime, Music and the handling so far is pretty impressive Applause. Music Applause. Ah Applause, this thing has pretty good runtime all right guys.

I think i’m going to end it right here for 65 holy cow. This is a no brainer. Usually it runs about 65 to maybe 110. Sometimes you even see it 140, but but if you could get it for about a hundred dollars, this is a great buy. This one six, eight eight nine, is a solid, build, lynx tech or hbx high boxing, dear rc, black zone, racquet, etc, etc. Definitely what i like about this is the price of course, has a brushless system and, as you can see, it’s pretty durable. The on off switch is right over here, so you have to open the body. It is pretty fast. It jumps pretty good. Handle is also pretty good and relatively has pretty good amount of part support, it’s also compact, but extremely capable.