Take a look at that badge on the side. The rc edition is a special rally. Homologation version of the gt4, which is the turbocharged four wheel, drive version of the celica. This is an st 185. We bought this one from auction and it’s going to be exported over to the usa, which is really cool, because the usa never got any of the rc versions. Now they only made 5 000 of these worldwide because you needed to make 5 000 of them in order to participate in rally and what a homologation special is. Is it comes with a couple of extra little bits that you needed to have on the production version of the car, but because they were more expensive bits, they wouldn’t put them on all of the gt4s just to select 5000 of them, sell them as a specialty Version these are actually, i think, 8 dollars or so more brand new. So the brand new ones were twenty five thousand dollars for seleka when they were new and then thirty, two thousand for this one. This one has pretty high mileage at two hundred and forty thousand kilometers but i’m happy to see that the condition is very good on this. One i’ll talk a little bit about the car and the condition of this one we’ll take a look at the exterior and the interior, a couple of quick notes, while we’re in the engine room. Most of the changes for this version come down to the engine room.

The intercooler is a water to air intercooler, so that’s filled with coolant. This makes it a little bit more effective, but more so uh more effective. I guess in a wide range of conditions, um and has a higher heat capacity. I would say: here’s a big turbo there on the front. You also get a timing belt cooler, very cool, take a look that there is your hole for timing belt cooler and, while you’re driving it, you can actually see the big bulge in the hood and the small little bulge here makes you feel really cool. You also got a different hood different bumper it’s on the wide body, chassis, quicker ratio, transmission and the japanese one had a 4.2 final gear ratio, the other ones for, like the uk and australia, i think, got like a 3.6 or something so. The jdm one uh of i think japan got like 1500 of the 5000 would be technically the fastest out of all of them and we’re looking at 225 ps, which is about 220 horsepower now looking at this one here, we have a few aftermarket parts, there’s a Strut tower bar on the front there’s one at the rear, there’s, actually one on the underside too, when you take a peek, i don’t know. If you can see it, you actually can there. You go look at this great underneath isn’t that great and uh look at this modification here to the headlight it’s only on the left headlight.

So i suspect they wanted that for extra airflow. If it were my car i’d change over to a stock version of this. Without the holes in it, even though i think that the holes look cool i’m, not sure how effective they would be, i guess the intake is underneath here for the air intake it’s, a 3s gte engine it’s the same one that’s in the turbo mr2 and in All the turbo silicas and in the caldena as a trd air filter, it looks like and let’s take a look at that again timing belt cooler: i guess they they had timing belts, overheating or something, and so i needed to change that okay front. Bumper has bigger air openings than the regular version of the gt4 and then that big, usually, the gt4, has like a hood scoop. Instead of a hood duct and then there’s a intercooler, an air to air intercooler. Underneath there, the rc gets the duct there and extra ones at the side there, just a quick little aside and i’m getting excited about this car this one here. The purpose of this is to make sure that the air pressure underneath it here gets expelled out. This is good because it allows freer air flow through to the radiator, so helps a lot with cooling, but also high air pressure. Underneath the hood is bad because it creates lift, so that helps also look spoiler time very cool. The reason why we have these at the sides here is because what you want to do is speed up the air that’s coming over the hood so that it goes around the corner here.

Having your air uh vent here will allow it to uh the high pressure when it’s exiting to the very low pressure area over the hood you’re, allowing that air to wrap around the car easier and so that’s more for an arrow purpose than for exhaust this one. Here will exhaust as much as you need to and timing bell vent. Oh man, i am nerding out on this one. Okay, let’s have a look at the auction inspection sheet and yeah oz rally wheels the perfect wheel for this car, probably it’s very of the era rally car style, wheel. Okay, let’s have a look here at the auction inspection sheet and i’ll quickly translate this it’s a 1992 silica gt4 rsc. With the 2000 cc engine auxiliary 3.5, four wheel, drive interior c. I think interior should be b on here. Exterior i don’t know 3.5 seems a little bit low, but four seems a little bit high. The body is very good, but it is a you know, an older car with some things done to it: okay, 244, 64 kilometers. That makes it a little bit of a risky buy, but where else are you going to find these rc is it? You know very few of them come up for sale, okay, five speed manual serial number, 10, 30 out of 5 000.. It actually has a badge on the dashboard that says that it says carl carlos sainz on it, which is the famous seleka rally driver in the uk.

These are actually called the carlos sainz edition, and i think in australia was the only other market that got them and i think they were called like the rally rally, version gt4 rally version: okay, has an aftermarket trd, lsd 1.5 way in the rear. 1.5 way means it works in acceleration and partially for deceleration. Oz, 15 inch wheels kind of the perfect wheels like i said, purchase from user front and rear strut tower bars. They didn’t mention the underside one see the vehicle in person for details comes with history from 1995, 97, 99, 2001, 2003 and then from 2003. Until now, oddly, no no history with it um report here exterior or aftermarket steering, wheel, peeling and cracked. I actually think it’s the original steering wheel. Headliner is dirty and it’s dirty because of like cigarette smoke, the interior doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Maybe this person who kept history of the car smoked and then the next owner, didn’t aftermarket door, mirrors they’re kind of fun. They say power prepared by toyota team europe. You can see it more on the other side, but these mirrors have had a paste on extra mirror, put on and they’re really hard to use. The car came with a box with the original mirrors in it, but one of them is broken like the glasses smashed on it: okay, seat, wear, it’s, actually really good for 240 000 kilometers trunks scratched and modification done to it. The modification is to put the battery into the rear i’m, not sure if you noticed, but it’s no longer in the front and a battery put in the rear is for weight distribution.

I guess sometimes for modifications under the hood, but there were no modifications where the battery was supposed to go. The interior, liner, scratched and cracked i’ll show you that wheels scratched emblems have been taken off and the screw holes have been stopped. Things have been put in. I guess that’s what they mean all right, we’re almost done here, various scratches and dents. Looking here, there’s glue marks on the roof. Some minor scratches and dents minor, scratches minor, scratches and scuff on the front. So the scuff on the front is really the only visual problem. You can see the black marks there, because the bumper underneath is black, love the look of this front bumper and, of course i put the headlights up because it looks so good i’m. A huge fan of pop up headlights, usually pop up headlights on a rounder body, give you that kind of like concerned look on the face of the car. I quite like it on all of the celicas that have it, which is. I don’t know three generations of seleka’s got the pop up headlights out of the. How many did they have seven? Okay, we’ll? Do a quick walk around? I will show you. Japan got wide body and narrow body versions of the gt4. This is a wide body. I think the rest of the world only got the wide body and it’s uh, maybe three or four centimeters wider okay it’s on aftermarket suspension by the looks of it.

The original one would be taller than this as the original rear wing on there. I don’t know what the marsha is: gt4rc marche that wouldn’t be original on the car Music yeah that’s good. Oh my grandpa drove a 180 series seleka and i always loved it. I thought it was the coolest car. I would tell people in elementary school. My grandpa drives to seleka and it’s a new car. He bought it new and my dad drove a 160 series and i drove a i don’t know second generation one always wanted one of these gt4s. Nowadays, prices are skyrocketing even for the non rcu version and it’s funny of the rally cars. They were the last one to get expensive. First, the evos got expensive and then the imprezas got expensive and now the selekas are the next one to boost up in price and of all of them. I think the other two are faster. This one seems to have more character and is a bit more solid. The other ones feel kind of cheap in comparison. Okay, so i’m, getting uh, carried away and distracted with this, but let’s take a look at the damages, uh the glue mark on the top there, okay, no rust inside the doors side. Sills here are nice. This part here it has like a protective cover to keep it in good condition. A little bit of scuffs on that okay stickers are in good shape, rc badge there don’t lose that because you won’t be able to find a new one.

I don’t know why they took toyota badges off that’s kind of silly and then seleka turbo, four wheel, drive and gt4. The four is actually spelled out, sometimes it’s misspelled by people. Just sticking the number four there quick look underneath here we got fuel tank. Four wheel drive: you can see the drive axles in there. Everything looks fairly good, okay, open that trunk and i’ll show you that then i’ll go to the interior here’s a quick look at the steering wheel. It says momo toyota on it, so it looks like an aftermarket one, but i think it’s just the standard one that comes in the rc model. I might be wrong about that, but i’m going to go out on a limb into the trunk. We have a spare oz rally wheel, which is not tied down, so the shippers might go and nab it a stretch tower brace here and because this strut tower brace has been installed. They’Ve cut the liner here to put that in and because of that, these little speaker cover pieces. They don’t they’re they’re, going to rattle out because they no longer have the proper tension to stay in. There are no speakers in there either. Okay and then the stretch tower brace also you can see there connects down to the floor to make it a multi point which is very good small battery in there, and then i didn’t take the tire out to see the tire that’s underneath there, but it’ll have Another spare no rust, no rust.

I want this to be my car. My favorite is a higher mileage car that’s in good condition, and then you can be proud of that mileage like if this was my car i’d want to keep it until it had like 500 000 kilometers just keep it alive. Okay, so door cards, looking good power windows work. Now the power steering has an issue it’s leaking, because when we got the car, the person that was supposed to pick it up was like uh dude. Your power steering doesn’t work and we were like dude that wasn’t on the auction sheet that sucks, so they put fluid in and now it works, but for the fluid to run out, there has to be a leak somewhere. I looked underneath the car couldn’t find the leak, and so we can probably ship it like this, or we can repair it here in japan if you need so seats for 240, 000, kilometers that’s, very, very good, no rips in it i’m, not 100 sure these would Have been the original ones, i don’t suspect an original seat can withstand 240 000 kilometers without being replaced. Okay, carpets are kind of shabby and right here, there’s supposed to be a seleka logo. Okay and then your clutch foot there’s, like an extra pad there for your brake, slash gas foot position. The clutch doesn’t have that so it’s all worn out ac doesn’t work. That was a little bit of a surprise because the auction sheet should have mentioned that.

But i think considering the condition of the body and condition of well what it looks like the condition of the engine is, i don’t think you can be too upset about that of driver centric dashboard there shifter has uh been moved. It’S got like a little kink in it to move that closer to you, it’s a little place to put your phone or something the original shift. Knob is there seat, comes with lumbar support and then it’s powered seat, but has the regular one two three way adjustable, plus this back seats? These are flip down seats and they are the no leg room version of seats, as was common in japanese sports. Cars of the 90s have a crack here and the same position on the other side. I think, let me just check no, not there. That was me forgetting about this. Car comes with a screwdriver key that’s kind of fun and a place for tapes, cassette, tapes, okay! Well, i want to drive this car and i want it to be mine and, unfortunately, is not mine of all the generations. I think the 160 is the one. I would go with this one that just because of like the the style and being the first four wheel, drive celica this one’s. My second favorite, i think, most people like the 205s, but i really like the style of this one, and i think that this generation is probably the most popular of all of the toyota rally.

Car versions of it with the distinctive livery on it and the snorkel that comes up the side and the extra lights and the bull bar that’s on the front, i think, is a great look. Anyways that’s it for this video hope you enjoyed it.