This is the redcat gen8 pack, the pre assembled chassis kit, it’s, not really kit started pre assembled, but whatever these are cheap, and i think these are in my amazon. Influencer store for 150 and uh yeah it’s, pretty cheap, no wheels tires, no body, no electronics, no motor servos, nothing but it’s. A pretty good. Looking platform we’re gon na take a little bit of a look at it today and i think we’re gon na try to build we’re gon na make it run as cheaply as possible. So i’m gon na be using most of the stuff. I have laying around see i’ve already got some tires and wheels on there. Those are the stock ones that came on the c2x from rc4 wheel, drive, they’re one nine steel, bead locks, mickey thompson, baja, something’s, can’t, read it because they’re dirty mtzs so use tires. So try to keep the cost down. I want to see if we can put this together for under 200, including the kit, and then i want to put it kind of head to head with the stx103 with a lot of similarities. This this truck looks like the stx 103 and the traxxas got together one night and nine months later, gen 8 redcap it’s got a lot of good features um. I know everybody loves the bag on redcat’s quality um. I wasn’t really impressed with the packaging on this, but the truck arrived in good shape, chassis and everything looks fantastic.

We’Ve got portals: oh armor gerd got portable axles again i’m, not a big fan of those, but they do work and if we’re going crawler for crawler, i think that’s the best way to compare it to the scx 10. So my scx 103, i bought it new at hobbytown it’s, like 540 plus tax ready to run and it does run well. It’S got lights, you know, it’s got some bells and whistles, but not not a whole lot. I’Ve got a real nice body with some scale. Details and stuff, like that, um that’s. Why part the reason i haven’t done anything to that yet, because i want to compare them stock and uh see how this works so let’s take a little bit closer. Look at there’s, nothing groundbreaking. Maybe these have been out for a while and they’re just so cheap. I finally got tempted to buy it. Um it’s got a three link with a panhard in the front four link in the rear. The chassis rails are adjustable. Wheelbase three different settings: we’ve got a forward gearbox with a transfer case in the middle centrally mounted battery motor and weight up front, pretty good design kind of hard to mess that up um. We have metal links and we have metal, steering links and everything um, not sure what else to say. We have to figure out how to put a motor in this thing now again i’m going to keep this on the cheap, so the stuff i have for it.

I’Ve got a new hobby wing, quick, run 1060, which is probably on par with what this would come with ready to run. These are like i pay a little more for these. I think they’re, like 25 bucks on ebay because they come with the dean’s connector already on them. I think you can get those as low as 15, with uh tamiya connector other things like that dean’s connector is a little bit more robust, so that’s. What i like to run now for the engine i’ve got a box stock. Rc, 4 wheel, drive 35 turn nothing fancy that came in one of the rigs ready to run, probably the c2x. I think so, free on that those are typically 10. So i’m gon na calculate the cost on all this based off of current market price. I got a lot of old spectrum receivers sr300 running on my old dx3s. I don’t really know how to figure that into the cost, because when you could do anything, i’ve got rc 4 wheel drive radios, ready from the ready to run trucks. You can buy those on ebay with the receiver for 20 bucks, so radios. If you’re. Looking at a builder’s kit, you probably already have one so you could just buy a receiver and uh and these receivers are 15 or 20 bucks. So i don’t know what to do with that. Yet, but all right for the servo got one of these little jobs. Here um, these are in the amazon store as well they’re.

Currently 16.99. They do come with aluminum servo horn. This kit actually does come with its own metal servo horn i’m, not going to call it aluminum, but it’s metal. These little servos are not bad at all and if you’re running a lipo, they can take the power and work pretty well actually they’re, not super noisy. I actually prefer these over some of my older high dollar savage servos um. You know i haven’t had a whole lot of really expensive servos to compare stuff to, but so i wouldn’t put it on par with, like a reef or something but um yeah. Some of those sapbox i’ve got from way back when that were 60. 70 bucks. A piece really aren’t, no better than this little 17 one. So so let me get a plan together here and start putting this stuff do so so, oh my hmm, my so so bad, my wow. So so this hmm um all right guys back home from the land. Um i’ve been working on this video for a long time. I put this redcat gen 8 together over a month ago, but i’ve been able to get up there and do the actual driving portion of the video until now um just kind of you know. I know a lot of you guys out there on tight budget. These are new axial stx10s are expensive, 520 dollars, plus tax it’s everywhere around here. The redcat gen8 builders, kit, 150 amazon, is in the amazon.

Influencer store the link below that’s a deal bones for bones. The chassis are very similar. The redcap frame is nice. The axles and stuff feel nice um. I know everybody loves the bash on red cat ever since i got the low rider red cats are known for breaking, but i think they’ve done some taking some steps to overcome that that low rider is pretty well built. Doesn’T meet everybody’s ideas of how things should be built, but it’s well built nonetheless, and so is this truck. I got a buddy who has a gen, 7 and he’s new to the hobby, he’s kind of bashing and a little bit of scale, but more more. Just about the rock crawling and he’s broken three or four axles already and he’s having all kinds of problems with it, and this gen8, i think, is definitely a step above that i don’t know how they keep the cost down. The only complaint i really had about it was it’s very noisy. I think the uh we needed to grease everything i didn’t put anything in there. I just threw a motor and a pinion on it that might quiet it down some. The scx 103 is not super quiet itself, um, but yeah. I mean you’re getting a lot for the what you what your investment is on the axial you’ve got a nice body with lots of scale details, you’ve got lights, you’ve got that dig unit or the you can switch servo and have two speed transmission.

A lot of little nice things it has – and here you know some of that goes into the cost of it, but a crawler for crawler. This red cat’s not a bad deal, and i think, if i had spent a little bit more on electronics instead of trying to keep it as cheap cheap as i could, i think it might have been pretty well evenly matched uh. I think definitely a motor upgrade and a servo upgrade i mean you could go you’re still trying to stay in a budget. You could easily build this thing well under 300 uh, maybe a body upgrade body looks cool, but i wish i had the bed for it. I never had the bed with that, but i think maybe a homes hobby mid range motor in there and i don’t know what kind of servo. Yet that that’s my mid range servo that i have in there and it just felt a little underwhelming on this truck. But um that actually be so i it the only complaint i have on that is putting the body on and off trying to get the uh sides in these rocker guard things: that’s it’s a pain in the butt, especially when you’re outside in the cold, trying to Fiddle with body pins, it’s annoying but um overall it’s a fantastic truck, and i think you get every penny of 520 out of it. The electronics in that it’s got one of those all in one esc, receiver, things that everybody hates but it’s, still a spectrum radio.

It works great it’s, nice and smooth this power’s smooth everything about it. Works like it should so. There’S not broke don’t fix it that’s a good setup, in my opinion, uh the red cat, though i think just the motor i don’t, think i’ll have any problem with that. Little hobby wing 1060. we’ll keep that in there just try different motor out grease the gears and maybe a softer tire that those tires did seem a bit hard it wasn’t biting as well. It could have been weight as well that scx 103 is pretty pretty heavy. So i don’t know what’s in the future, for it i bought it to try and run that fj body that old nico, hard body i’ve seen it on my instagram. If you follow in there but um, it would take a lot of work to shorten this. That much and i kind of did this – i wanted to see what this would do stock, so we may take it up to the next level and try it again see what a little bit of improvement does for it, but uh you can get out there and Have fun for 200, you can get out there and have fun for as much as you want to spend. I know not. Everybody has 520 bucks to drop on a rtr. So if you’ve got some old gear laying around 150, you can swap it in this thing and it’ll get you on your wheels.

So uh. Let me know in the comments what body you think i should get i’m. You know i don’t have a whole lot of lex and stuff and i don’t i don’t, really want to try to swap a hard body onto this right now, so we might keep it lexan, keep it uh trying to keep it budget friendly. But let me know what you think would look good. Should i just build another one of these c10 get the bed and do all that, but uh yeah anyways i’m gon na wrap it up guys.