. So today, we’re basically going to be doing some testing to see which one is better for your money and which one you should buy or like which type you should buy for what you’re gon na to do. This is also a new hobby. Basically, we’ve been just getting into rc cars when we’re bored i mean you, obviously can’t ride dirt bikes in the summertime in the winter. So i mean you can’t, but but it but it’s let’s go yeah. So just off looks in my opinion. The quantum looks a lot sharper, but for the money i think the razor does look pretty cool. So first we have the razor controller, it’s kind of like a game controller. You can go all the way left all the way, all the way forward stopped or backwards. On this one, you can do any amount of turning and any amount of speed the razor’s easy uh there’s, not much of a way to look inside the car it’s more you just kind of pop the charger out of this box, so you can plug it right In we’re on this one, there goes one of the pins on this one. You can take the plate off and then see inside, and it has a big boy battery big battery 2s or 3s. The top speed is about 45 miles per hour. It can do wheelies, but the floor is too slippery down here um, so we basically put a gopro mount on my little razor we’re gon na just kind of rip them and show you guys the differences uh.

So i have the gopro on my car right now. As you can see, and we’re just gon na rip it around a little bit just kind of see how it controls not bad speed, wise, no, not too bad Applause. The tires are very difficult: Music. Okay, next we’re gon na give the maverick quantum a rip. So here’s the maverick lots of bottom – and i can already tell it’s very very loud, super good control. It is pretty loud and really. This is pretty much too small. I’M, like this is a little bit small for this thing, but i am barely tracking the throttle, but, like this thing has some speed, yeah and it’s four wheel drive. It can do wheelies, but the grip or the force, uh Applause, so that’s pretty awesome. So basically we’re just gon na rip them right now. This is so obviously basically the conclusion Music. It lasts and it’s, not terrible if you’re gon na like be doing this for a hobby like all day every day and you’re just and this is what you want to do, then i get more expensive thanks for watching yep see you guys next time on adventure Booths before you go, i just wanted to say that this many of you are not subscribed thanks for watching and please hit that subscribe button.