That is a very good day today for my 2001 Mazda millenia. I haven’t fixed it in terms of parts yet, but I did get one thing that is going to help me out enormous Lee. In the long run the package is inside the car. So let me get inside the car and I’ll. Show you exactly what I got got the keys here. The package came, you can get the hint from this from discount remotes in Chicago Illinois shipped to me. It is a new, well it’s, a salvaged keyless entry remote that I was told, fits a 2001 Mazda millennia. He said there was a chip in here. He said the work, the remote works extremely good there. It is now. This remote is also good for cards like the 2004 mazda 6, the 2005 and lower mazda miata in the 2001 to 2002 mazda Millenia. So you can just kind of get an idea what it looks like unlock, lock, trunk and panic pretty straightforward, now to most millennia owners who don’t know how to program your own keys, there’s. Also another video that was used in a Mazda. I think it was a Mazda Miata, but anyways user Jesse Mack has taught me this one simply how you initiate the lock cycle. Take any key. Whichever key you have I’ll just use the original one for this put it in the ignition and turn it from lock to on and back to lock three times and once and you can remove the key.

If you wish, then you come over here to your little door recognizer and push that three times a car will respond by unlocking locking the horn will beep, and I think the trunk will pop too after that you press lock on the remote twice one two, the Cobb, respond by locking and unlocking, and once you do, that you close the door and that will finish the lock cycle and the car will confirm it now being that this is a salvaged remote. If it doesn’t work that I’m going to have to probably redo the module or something like that which I don’t want to do, but we’ll take a stab at it, because the the dealer said that the numbers did match so wish me luck on this. One put the remote right there and initiate the lock cycle there. You and there you go it’s programmed there. You go so now. Youtubers. I officially have a fully programmed Mazda Millenia keyless entry promote. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that was extremely informative.