It has seating for five four door: sedan, nice little spoiler on the back it’s a four cylinder front: wheel, drive it’s, really easy to get into this vehicle. Just talked to our sales team. They’D be happy to take you out on a test, drive, storage and speaker in the door as well as power, locks, windows and mirrors. The driver’s seat is manually adjusted and on the floor right beside the driver is a release for the gas cap. You have lighting controls and your steering wheel can tilt. You also have control on the right hand side here when we start up the vehicle. We’Re gon na see many important messages that are gon na come up and you actually have a little toggle here for your different trips. So trip a trip me and then back around again to your domitor reading and the center is your air vents and your hazard lights. Your media controls are located up there. Amfm, CD and there’s, your CD player and it’ll show the channels right now it’s showing the time, and then you have your buttons for the volume and tuner below. That is your climate control. You have AC as well as rear, defrost and there’s your fan and down below you have a little cubby as well. This is a cigarette lighter and a couple of cup holders an automatic shifter, your emergency parking, brake and you’ve got a little armrest in the center. Here, more storage in there off to the side is a glove compartment.

A manually, dimming rear view, mirror your lighting controls are located here and you have a nice little tilting slide sunroof. So you can actually push the button. Make yourself. Some fresh air 15 inch wheels body, color door handle driver’s side fuel cap, the back trunk has a little bit of a spoiler and as well I’ve opened it up for you using the key and then just simply put your hand underneath the logo and lift up It’S, nice and roomy in the trunk and carpeted and easily with the 6040 split seats you can enlarge that area. Should you have bigger purchases or items to put in there when you’re ready to close everything up, simply put your hand on the top hold down and it’s now securely closed and then lock it up and walk away or jump in and head out on? Your latest adventure speaker in the door as well as power windows. You have seating for three in the back, with a 6040 split, very easily, lift the pin at the back of the seat and it’ll come right down. You now have access to that back trunk area and when you’re ready to bring it back up, simply put your hand on the back and lift up and get the seat belts out of the way there you go. You also have a dome light in the center and handles to make it easier to get in tinted, glass, powered side view mirrors, halogen headlights and fog lights, and so many more reasons to visit us at Island.