We have a plastic pry tool, we have a Phillips screwdriver. We have a flathead screwdriver with a pretty small flat, blade wire cutters and then a ten millimeter, I’m gon na use an impact here. You guys can use a ratchet. The first thing that we’re gon na remove is the bottom plastic around the steering column. I find it easiest to start the truck and that allows you to freely rotate the steering wheel so go ahead and remove the screw here on the right and there’s another one here on the left. Once the screws are removed, go ahead in take the key out. Take the plastic pry tool and stick it right here between where the plastics meet right, underneath where the windshield wiper switches so stick it in here, give it a little leverage and it will pop right on top just like so the next thing we’re going to do Is just pull this pocket out just pull straight back here’s. Remove this seal plate simply grab it at the back, pull it right on it. Next, pull up on this dead pedal that will expose a plastic nut, holding the driver catalog so go ahead and undo that once the plastic nut is off, go ahead and grab the kick panel right here at the back, and you can simply pull it right on Out the next thing we’re gon na do is remove two ten millimeter bolts from underneath the dash panel, you’ll notice, there’s a door over here and there’s a little tiny spot for a flathead screwdriver, and you can poke that down and that will expose a ten millimeter Bolt here on the right and there’s another one over here on the left, so go ahead and remove those two bolts and once you guys have the bolts removed, go ahead and just grab the dash panel right here and pull straight back on it.

And it will pop right out over here on the left: go ahead and unplug the electrical connectors go ahead and unplug the electrical connector at the bottom of the dash. It has a wire clip on it, so you can remove that and then the hood latch just push on this tab here, and it will go right out the back side. Gon na give you a quick overview or the wire harness Before we jump in the truck. The heavy gauge connector over here is the main ignition switch that plugs in right behind where you insert the key. This is our lock adapter, we have our parking light switch and then we have our obd2. All of the legs are labeled for easy identification. So for the wire harness installation, I like to start underneath the steering column so go ahead and get the big white connector with a heavy gauge wire and unplug it you’re gon na plug it into our harness and then you’re gon na plug the other end of Our harness back into the switch the next connector under the steering column that we’re gon na install is the parking light, switch so go ahead and unplug this one. I find it easiest to route our portion of the harness to the steering column behind this metal. Brace. Go ahead and plug the factory connector into our harness and then plug the other end of our harness back into the switch the white pigtail wire.

You guys can snip off or just tape it to the harness it is not used on the Tacoma. The yellow wire is for auto lights, so if your parking light switch says auto on it, then you will snip that wire, otherwise leave it intact. Just like so Music connected we’re gon na install is the obd2 which is right here, underneath the fuse box you’re gon na take our portion of the harness and fish it over here on the left. We’Re just going to go through this little space right here, go over the hood, latch cable, but you have it down underneath the dash go ahead and take your screwdriver or the pry tool. You’Re gon na pop the obd2 tab on one side and push it right out. The back like so go ahead and plug it into our connector and then you’re going to take the other end of ours and mount it right back into the mounting tab. Make sure that you zip tie it on the backside or wedge it somewhere, because when you operate the emergency brake, it does come all the way, almost as the back of the obd2 connector and you got off the wire getting hung up on that door. Lock adapter! This part of our harness it installs down here in the kick panel you’ll see a big wire loom coming down. I find it easiest to pop that wire harness tab loose. You don’t want to cut it just pop it loose like this, and now you can get your hands in here.

There’S two connectors down in here. Ours is only gon na fit one of them. Both of them go through the door jamb in the boot into the door, the one that we need doesn’t usually have that much slack on it it’s about right here. If you can see it so I’m gon na go ahead and unplug it and show you guys what it looks like it’s taped to the harness here. You’Re gon na go ahead and plug our connector into it and then plug the other end of ours into the connector that goes into the door. It takes the three pin connector that comes from it and route it up here behind the metal, brace and you’re going to plug it right into the port that says locks, so you simply plug it in and our harness is done as far as the antenna placement, Usually goes up here on the left, you’re gon na route, the wire between the headliner and the a pillar. You can actually just pull this all the way loose once you guys, haven’t loose, that gives you a nice channel to run the antenna wire down in underneath the dash the remote start. Module goes right up in here, so you’re gon na wrap the antenna down and around, and then all the connections are made right here. So once you have the antenna down here, we’re gon na go ahead and program. The module and we’ll give you a remote start.

Demo, we’re gon na throw a smartphone module on this guy’s truck. So as far as placement goes, you’ll see this big metal dash, brace right here. You do not want to set it underneath the brace the phone module needs to go above the metal, so it pretty much is gon na wedge between the Vette duck back here and this metal brace. You can budge it right up in there. If you stick the phone module underneath it you’ll, probably experience connectivity issues so make sure there’s no metal between the cell phone module and the sky. Alright guys, we just finished up the 15 to coma gon na, give you a quick demo on it on the key fob, you’re gon na push and hold until the blue light. Blinks you release it, give it a few seconds and she starts up so right before she starts. The doors are gon na unlock the trucks gon na crank and then the doors relock. So right now the doors are locked on the key fob you’re going to tap it once it’ll lock the door, you can tap it twice and it will unlock the doors, and that is the same if it’s running or if it’s turned off so let’s jump in Here, real quick, the AC is on and you can hear that where I left it before I got out to do the takeover. You simply put the key in and turn it to clicks. So you go one two tap and release the brake, and now you can pull it out of Drive and then drive away Music, a little fun tip for you, it’s called the pit.

Stop so let’s say we start the truck. Normally we drive to the gas station and you want to run in real, quick and run out on the key fob, push and hold the button until that blue light. Blinks wait for about five seconds, and now you can pull the key out and the truck is still running the eight C’s on so then you can get out shut. The door walk away tap this button once and it will lock the doors back up and now your truck is secured. So when you come back out, you can double tap. It’Ll unlock the doors and you get in and do the take over like I just showed you and your truck never turns off Music.