I have a garage, but the car is still nice to warm it up. I actually have a remote opener for the garage inside the house so that I can open the garage door so that when I do the remote start of the car – and I have an issue with fumes and the garage door opens once the garage door is opened And I remote start the car, so on the remote you see, there are three lights at the top: that’ll show you whether it was successful or not. The first one will flash. When you start the car, the middle will turn green. When Donn car was successful and the last one will be red if it’s, not successful, press the lock button pressed again gene hold button. Now the car will run for approximately 10 minutes and then shut off. So now that it’s warming up the car is locked and when to the car you see it says, start driving. I need to do the brake and push the engine start button and then the car starts up. It warms the car to a temperature and sets the heated seats depending on how cold it is outside. So now it actually has both of them on full blast. Sometimes it doesn’t. It will also do the heated steering wheel, but it does not keep that on when you start the car now, the temperature reflected in the display is not the temperature that it goes to.