These are by far my favorite in this size and this floor plan i believe, is the best it’s. The 24 l it’s got one full slide and it just opens up the inside. Like you, wouldn’t believe you got to see it, it makes it feel and look so much bigger than what it is. We got a nice full body paint which is what you want on these don’t have to worry about stickers and things fading and peeling. You keep it wax and this thing will look as good. Now is it ten years from now, just like a car it’s just been detailed, waxed and ready to go. It’S got a nice 14 foot, gerard awning it’s, all self supporting, so you don’t have to worry about legs coming out and attaching you just push the button and it comes right out. It’S also got a nice led light, so during the daytime gives you a lot of shade at night. Gives you a little light beautiful paint. This is called the skywatch paint scheme. It’S got the protective film on the hood keeps the bugs from damaging the paint solid. Aluminum wheel, that’s a 2500 option. Most of them have the stainless stimulators here’s camille, my wife she’s, going to help us out. I do like these steps makes it easy to get in and out. You just put your foot right here, step run on in it’s. Another advantage of this motorhome you put at a gas station and you could come right out just like a normal car, got lots of storage they’re all lockable closets go ahead and open the other ones got outside speakers for the radio frameless tinted windows, so you don’t Have to worry about rubber, gasket shrinking and peeling there’s, your propane tank it’s, a 52 pound tank.

You got a gauge outside it, tells you how much you got left. The recall has been done on this one too. They had to redo the bracket. Get the nice stainless bottom just gives it a nice look again got the nice wheels it’s a dual rear wheel. This is on a one ton: chassis, sprinter, chassis from mercedes there’s, a rear refrigerator, it’s gas and electric there’s, your water heater it’s, a six gallon gas. Electric that’s, the exhaust for the engine – this is your drain for the gray, water and black water. It holds 43 gallon of fresh water, which is quite a bit for a motorhome. This size and 31 gallon are fresh and i mean 31 gallon of gray and third one in black, so you can be out for a few days no problem. Just a beautiful rig, 5 000 pound towing capacity, delaware, mercedes diesel engine got no problem doing it. Yes, that’s right very nice, i towed a jeep with it and i was getting 13 miles per gallon towing. So you can expect 15 16. Not towing. Even more depends how you drive it now. The slide out’s got an awning on top. Keep the water from going in some more storage, it’s got lights. There’S your drain for your sewage it’s got a simple water closet here with outside shower it’s even got a black water flushing system there’s your 30 amp hookup that’s, the gas furnace is 20 000 btu there’s, more storage it’s got a 3600 watt on an lp generator.

Very quiet plenty of power to run everything on the coach and it’s only got like 75 hours, we’ll go inside, but that’s kind of what it looks like from the cockpit here’s. Where you put the diesel it holds 24.5 gallons of fuel. Get the jbl sound system. Lots of storage got nice tinted windows. These are your shades, keep the heat out when you parked it’s a three liter six cylinder mercedes diesel, plenty of power, reliable and fuel efficient. We just had it serviced fuel filter, oil, filter, air filter, new cabin air filter, ready to go and it’s still got the remain of the faction warranty for mercedes. I got it five year, 100 000 miles on the powertrain, this step, here’s, where you get up on it to clean your windshield all right. I know everybody wants to go inside beautiful, awning, it’s, 14 foot long, it’s, actually a pretty big size. Yes, it is especially you got your power step and the foot well here: you’ve got a stairwell you’ve got two batteries for the coach they’re inside here, there’s all your controls for the that’s. Why it’s got the stabilizer jacks they’re, electric i’m gon na, show you what that is speaker outside awning and all your master cut off that’s? What this these jacks are keeps the coach from rocking back and forth makes it very stable. Here we go just beautiful. This is what you get with the big slide out. This big open floor plan, this motorhome, actually sleeps, six you’ve got two that can sleep up here.

There’S a ladder that comes up comes down there’s, also a little you can do some stargazing with this kids would like that. That would be fun going down the road looking to see what’s going on too. As a kid got, nice led lighting. This centerpiece is removable. If you’re, just using this with two people, the way we like it, you can put a bunch of storage here clothes boxes. It gives you a lot of access to storage. It’S got some nice led tvs, they’re smart, so you got netflix directv and all those streaming apps that you can download, which makes it really nice if you got a hotspot. This is what i heard around there’s a table that goes here, that’s right and this actually makes the bed. I took some pictures that lowers down as a cushion goes in the middle, so you can put two people there, two on top and two right here with a queen bed, it’s beautiful, easy to clean too. Yes, this is the woven vinyl. It looks like it’s some kind of material but it’s vinyl, so it makes it easy to keep clean, got nice quality leather holders. You’Ve got a day shade and nightshade. Nice storage, compartments, lots of led lights, really deep, large that’s, a big sink and a cutting board. Lots of storage got your gas cooktop doesn’t. Look like it’s ever been used. I believe that’s, a microwave, convection, convection, oven. Very nice it’s got a gas electric refrigerator freezer and freezer norcold um.

Look at this! Well, all right, there’s, something this size yeah! How about that? I really like this it’s simple, thermostat, nothing, crazy, complicated, you just slide it and it works. Nice closet that’s the table for the the front there: lots of storage, very nice and there’s quite a bit of outlets with the usb, which is real. Nice keep all your stuff charged up. Even the one on top here has got usb i’m, probably making circles here, but it’s got the nice vinyl ceiling, 15 000 btu air conditioning plenty of cooling power. This thing will get nice and cold and it’s quiet because it’s ducked and keeps everything nice and circulated, and you can actually sleep with no problem with the air conditioning running here’s. Your controls, nothing crazy! Very simple! It’S got a thousand one inverter it’s all now, as you pump there’s all your levels, there’s your slide out control. This one’s got the optional tank heater for the winter time, keep your holding tanks from freezing up, and this is how you control your water heater. You can have the gas and electric on at the same time, if you want some quick, hot water. This is your generator we’re going to crank it. So you can hear it only got 75.5 hours and it’s actually pretty quiet in here. I could sleep with the janitor running. I don’t like to do that, but it’s it would be doable so we’ll go ahead and turn that off there’s the bedroom, nice memory, foam, comfortable bed, lots of storage up here, got nice lights and it’s got a pretty neat deep storage.

Here we put all kind of stuff back here and also it’s imported on something this size. You can access the bed from either side. Yes, you’re not stuck in one corner over and be stuck in a corner and there’s an outlet on this side and an outlet here. So you can keep all your toys charged up and a beautiful 32 inch where’s the remote for this tv it’s, a smart tv. So you’ve got all your apps netflix, prime hulu directv and more and as you can see, it works even with not plugged up or degenerate running because it’s running off the inverter. So at night you can still watch tv, even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere there’s another slide out control, there’s your lights and the bathroom real good sized bathroom again for a 25 foot motorhome inside shower i’m, a good size person, six foot and i Got plenty plenty of room got your skylight. These cushions are nice. It keeps the heat out because there’s quite a few of these in the motorhome, you leave them all open on a hot day, it’d be like extra heat that you don’t need got a window here. This curved door makes it bigger once you’re inside you’ve got a vent here, got nice jbl speakers in the ceiling. Let me see here one other thing: frank: is this tape? Oh? Yes, you can turn this around and turn this table this way. So you got people sitting along here.

Yes, you can actually have quite a few people back here or, if you want to do it this way, it’s got plenty a belly room, because you see a lot of tables here and, if you’re a normal size, it might get tight. It’S. True, i kind of like that that storage, the cockpit very easy to drive. I took some pictures but um. If you can drive a truck, you can drive. This it’s got your navigation system, backup, camera ice, cold, air, five, speed, automatic transmission, very comfortable seats, just great package. I think that’s. It right make sure you look at the pictures, because we’ve got all the pictures on how that table lets down to a really nice size, bed, there’s, also a piece of memory foam that you can put on top of it that we’re going to put in with It that’s right so there’s a lot a little extra. So just make sure you look at those pictures and how it looks with that bed down it’s got a fiberglass roof, which is what you want. The limb falls it should bounce off instead of poking a hole in it. It’S, a 25 foot long 10.9 feet tall might as well say: 11. it’s, pretty compact setup, and you got everything you need when you buy a motor home from us, especially when you buy one that’s like this a year old or so it’s, even better than buying A new one, because all the bugs have been worked out every motor home has issues it doesn’t matter.

I knew how old it is. There’S, always something going on so between the previous owner and me by the time you get it. Everything is in working order, so that’s one of the advantage plus it’s cheaper. This is your first motorhome i’ll, take as much time as needed to make sure you’re comfortable and know how to operate everything and we’re here after the sale too. If you’ve got questions to see, if this integra quest is still for sale, go to my website, if it’s on the website it’s for sale, if not you’re too late and it’s gone, also give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our youtube channel and if You’Re far away watching this, all you have to do is fly into memphis or nashville. We’Ll pick you up, bring you to the store and can drive home a happy camper.