If you were new to the channel I’m go counting. I do new car truck and SUV reviews on YouTube, and today we are in the new 2020 BMW 530i courtesy of Apple BMW in York, PA. I wanted to hop in this one: haven’t reviewed it yet. Actually this is a very good looking sedan. This one in particular the 2020 model year, is part of the seventh five series generation introduced in 2017 and, of course, you get the BMW, complimentary maintenance. With this. As well, which includes four years 50000 miles of free maintenance, that’s, definitely a big perk to buying a BMW, any BMW for that matter. So, with all of that being said, what are you gon na say? Let’S just go ahead and jump right into it and, as always, let’s start with pricing and said there will be two different setups for the 2020 BMW 530i. First one being the rear wheel, drive configuration starting at 53 thousand nine hundred dollars. Then you have the all wheel, drive or the X Drive configuration starting at fifty six thousand two hundred dollars, I said, but regardless of which setup that you go with powerplant on this one will be the same powering. This beast is going to be a two litre twin power, turbo charged inline four cylinder, putting out 248 horsepower at 5200 rpm 258 pound feet of torque available there, proximately 1400 RPM power again sent two rear wheels or all wheels through an 8 speed automatic with paddle Shifters, which you guys know we will be testing out in a little bit here.

All in all that gives you is 0 to 60 time, approximately 5.9 seconds according to BMW, and if you were comparing this to the audi a6, the a6 actually comes in at 6.1 seconds, so slightly better in the 5 Series, when you compare similar engine setups. Of course, and overall mpg numbers on this, one will come in at 25 in the city 33 on the highway that’s, pretty impressive, actually for the size of a sedan, but nonetheless before we do any kind of paddle shifter test or acceleration test in the 530. I do want to mention: there are some driving modes driving mode buttons are located just to the left of the shifter I’m going to push. Sport did immediately just downshift for me, so it is gon na hold the rpms at a much higher level. Giving you more power on demand also will adjust throttle sensitivity and steering sensitivity as well. So if you wanted a little heavier weight to the steering wheel, go ahead and put it in that sport mode and that’s how you’re gon na be able to get that, but having said that, to put it in full manual shift mode, what you want to do Is slide the shifter all the way to the back to the left? That is going to tell me what gear men up on the gauges here and what do you guys say? Let’S, do a quick, little paddle shifter test here in the 530i let’s see how quickly they are going to react for us.

Yeah super quick, definitely, no issues with the paddle shifters. That was lightning quick, and that is something I say I feel like at every single BMW review. Their paddle shifter is always ridiculously on points, so extra fun on the weekends on the back roads. If you wanted, you can also use it for engine braking in the snow, especially here in Pennsylvania. So definitely paddle shifters are on point no issues there. For me now I think it’s time let’s do a quick little acceleration test. Here is a straightaway right here in three two one Yeow: oh there, it is wow that ribs hop in definitely no issues with merging onto the highway without a doubt, and although we are specifically reviewing the 530i today, the five series in general does offer upgraded engine Options, so you do have additional power if you wanted it, but for the 530 I definitely new issues of merging onto the highway. That was plenty of an acceleration for this car. So definitely no issues there, but to go along with that acceleration. As always, braking is equally important, and so, as expected, you will find four wheel, ventilated disc brakes. That did want to also mention there’s a dynamic handling package. It goes for nineteen hundred fifty dollars by the way, but if you were to go with that, that gives you m sport brakes with blue Cowper’s. In the end, the sixty to zero stopping distance on this one, as i pull up to a stop sign right here that is actually going to come in at a hundred and three feet which is wonderfully perfect.

That is an amazing 60 to zero stopping distance. Let me tell you guys for comparison’s sake, if you were to compare that to the audi a6 a6 is actually going to come in in a hundred and nine feet, so big difference there when it comes to stopping power between those two but all in all. As far as the braking field goes, it’s been perfectly fine for me, so certainly no issues of bringing this one to a stop. So that is certainly on point as well touching on suspension and handling up front you’re gon na get a double wishbone multi link, aluminum front suspension in the back and integral V multi link, aluminum, rear suspension, twin tube gas pressure. I shock absorbers all that pretty standard for the most part, but again circling back to that dynamic handling package. You will get the better brakes like. I was saying, but also an adaptive damping suspension, which really gives you the best of both worlds. That is not only gon na tighten up the suspension during heavy cornering, but also since it’s monitoring each shock absorber individually, it’s gon na give you a smoother ride again, giving you the best of both worlds: soaking up PA zero to perfection. So that is definitely a big plus as well, and in addition to that, that package also gives you integral active steering, so a little more precise steering feel a little better turning radius as well to that one.

So all in all that is probably a package. I would go with just because of the adaptive damping suspension quite honestly, but overall ride. Quality has been perfectly final that we don’t have that package today, it’s perfectly fine for me, it does get smoother like I said with that package, though, steering feel is fine as well. I prefer the sport driving though, when it comes to that steering feel because it does give it a heavier weight to the steering wheel. So I do like that better feeling of being in control of this one. As far as cabin noise goes, I have the climate control on right now, but really that’s, all I’m, really getting towards cabin noise goes really one of the better ones. I will say my short test drive today very isolated, very quiet cabin here in the v series. So I’m definitely impressed with that specifically that touching on visibility, I can see perfectly fine out the back really with any sin in you. We’Re, not gon na have any issues with visibility whatsoever, so that is a big old plus in my book as well to go along with that. Actually rain sensing windshield wipers come standard on this one, so it is gon na turn on the wipers whenever it detects any kind of mist or rainfall. So once again that is wonderfully on point and in addition to that, there is a head up display. That comes with the Premium Package or executive package mask and display your speed limit and speed up on the windshield better helping you keep your eyes on the road.

Little safety features there as well, but that about rounds off the performance segment of this review, you guys let’s now go ahead and take a look at the exterior of this new 2020 BMW. 530I. All right here. She is you guys. The 2020 BMW 530i finished in mineral white metallic in case anybody was curious. That is the exterior color. You are currently looking at right now. Let’S go ahead and start up front, though, on this one: BMW, active kidney front, grille, of course, coming standard with the chrome perimeter. That is what you’re looking at right now: chrome accents surrounding the lower air curtains as well. That is the standard set up at least M Sport Package is available for an additional five thousand dollars. That is going to add a revised from bumper, including gloss accents in the lower corners to the sides. Adaptive LED headlights will come standard, they do come with the automatic feature, meaning when it starts to get dark out at night. They do turn on automatically for their LED daytime running lights, also coming standard. There is actually a lighting package, though that goes for 1050 that’s, gon na add full LED headlights, including automatic high beams, actually as well so now let’s go ahead and make our way to the side of this. One chrome window surrounds coming standard on this one. That is what you’re looking at right now, however, if you were to go with that M Sport package, that is going to swap that out for black window, surrounds chrome, accents on the lower portion of the front fenders again that’s the standard setup black accents are gon Na come with the M Sport door handle LED ambient lighting which actually illuminates those lights onto the grounds or they’re kind of like puddle lights.

At night, that’s, pretty darn cool body, colored power adjustable side mirrors come standard. They are actually heated, they do come with integrated turn signals as well. So all of that is standard, so that’s, pretty nice soft closed doors come at the executive package. We don’t have that today, but essentially kind of acts like a vacuum. The door suck themselves in. If you get the door close enough for it to shut itself, it’s pretty cool and take a look down at the wheel set up 18 inch. Multi spoke alloy wheels. Is the standard set up again that’s? What you’re? Looking at 19 inch em specific multi spoke. Alloys are going to come with the M Sport package. If you were to go that route, then go ahead and make our way to the back shark fin antenna up top they’re coming standard trim level, badging of course, being found back. There LED tail lights coming standard as well and just below it all dual exhaust outlets with chrome circular tips is the standard setup. However, M Sport Package is going to give you dual exhaust outlets with chrome trapezoidal outlets, but we actually have some optional black chrome tips here today, so that’s what you’re looking at right now, but either way you guys know what we have to do next, as always, Here is that exhaust clip all right so now, since we are round back when it comes to opening that rear trunk, there actually is a button on the key fob.

That is one way to go about doing it. It is a power rear trunk and you can get a hands free trunk actually for the 5 series, if you were to go with the convenience premium or executive packages, that is how you’re gon na be able to go about getting that, but once opened up cargo Capacity comes in at eighteen point: seven cubic feet for comparison’s sake when you compare that to the Audi a6 a6 comes in at 13.7 cubic feet, so decent amount more than the a6 actually, but either way. If that wasn’t enough space, there is a 402040 split, meaning the rear seats do fold down bumping that up quite a bit there. In the cargo area, though, you can also find a 12 volt power outlet back there, and there is some LED cargo lighting actually back there as well, then make our way to the rear legroom. That comes in at thirty six point: five inches out, ea6 comes in at thirty seven point, four, a little bit more, but essentially they’re the same thing there. For reference, I mean even six feet tall. This is how much space I add in the back of the 530i, their rear ventilation also coming standard back their rear center armrest with cupholders. There are rear heated seats with the convenience package and up also a power rear sunshades. You can have that if you go with the executive package that’s how you’re gon na be able to go about getting that, and that is a power rear sunshade.

I don’t know if I emphasize that it’s not the manual once that’s, pretty cool and of course you have front seat back map pockets back there. You have some charging ports and substr jazz. Well, I think I went ahead and making our way to the front seat. Sixteen way power adjustable front seats comes standard that comes with two way. Power side bolsters four way: power, lumbar and memory settings actually heated front seats will come with a convenience package and up – and there actually is a luxury seating package check is for 1600, but it’s gon na include ventilated front seats, massaging front seats and they are 20 Way, power multi contoured front seats by the way as well, and they are quite comfy I can attest to that let’s. Take a look at the steering wheel does come standard power adjustable that’s, probably the first thing I noticed when I got in this one. It is leather wrapped, of course, with decent tenant tube bolsters. The M Sport Package is going to give you even better bolsters little thicker grips there, but still perfectly fine. Even without that – and there is a standalone option for a heated that goes for 190. We actually do have that today that buns located just underneath of the BMW logo there, if you wanted that, but now let’s go ahead and make our way to the startup. Let me start by showing you guys the key here you do have all of your buttons located on one side of the key, lock, unlocking that button to pop the rear hatch.

But it is all keyless entry, though so simply just put your foot on the brake, and there is an engine start button located just to the right of the gauges there. Let’S open that once started up standard configuration is a twelve point. Three inch digital gauge cluster speedometers on your left, with a digital speedometer within it. Tachometer is on your right and, of course it is completely adjustable. Navigation information is going to be front and center has your outside temperature Tama. Today, how many miles you have left until you hit empty and, of course it changes colors when you adjust the driving mode as well. So if you were to put it to EcoPro mode, gives you a lot more blue hues, comfort, it’s, gon na be basic setup, and then sport, it’s gon na give you more red hues, so it’s kind of cool that it changes colors depending upon the driving mode. There to there touching on overall interior quality, anthracite headliner coming standard that comes with the power moonroof up top there as well Universal garage door. Openers for up to three different garage doors can be located just underneath the rear view mirror that’s. Another standard feature there: dual zone climate control is well wireless phone charges, gon na come with the premium and executive packages. That’S gon na be located just in front of the cupholders leather dashboard goes for 700. If you wanted that option, ambient lighting coming standard, that comes with eleven different color options, I like it on blue here I tried to pull into this darker area, so I could show that to you guys, but plenty of different colors use.

Green lilac orange tons of different colors that’s, pretty cold out that’s there as well overall, a very nice finish once again to this BMW 5 series. As expected, I’ve reviewed a lot of BMWs lately and their interior quality is perhaps the main thing. I’M always super impressed with you have authentic wood trim throughout this one found on the doors it kind of ties together just above the glove box and just underneath the infotainment screen as well, and that all is kind of highlighted or accented with that ambient lighting too. So I absolutely love the interior quality on this one: dual cupholders just in front of the shifter 12 volt power outlet USB charging port and would trim around the circular dial in buttons when you open up the center armrest. Here you have a little more storage and a phone charging port within that as well let’s open them. Making our way to the tech displayed is a ten and a quarter inch color touch screen display can be controlled by the touch screen or it is voice activated. The circular dialing buttons, as I was mentioning, and there is gesture control available with the premium and executive package. What that is, is you use your hands to tell the screen, essentially what you want? For example, if you put your finger in a clockwise rotation that’s going to turn the volume up, counterclockwise turns to back down and there’s a bunch of other gestures. You can do with that as well.

Actually, Bluetooth and audio streaming comes standard, there’s, Android, auto apple carplay, factory, navigation, also standard climate control settings. You can check out up there again, your ambient lighting and, of course, your radio information, and so when it comes to the sound system. On the 530i 12 speakers, 205 watts comes standard, sixteenth, speaker, Harman, Kardon, sound system is available for eight hundred and seventy five dollars. That comes with 600 watts. If you wanted to go that route and my favorite sound system of all time is available on this, one is sixteenth. Speaker, Bowers amp Wilkins surround sound system that one goes to forty two hundred dollars, so quite a hefty price tag there, but again out of the 500 cars I’ve reviewed. So far it has been exactly around that amount. Bowers amp Wilkins is still to this day. My favorite, that comes with 1400 watts by the way, but having said that, we have the standard, sound system, today’s let’s, go ahead and turn on the radio see we got playing and let’s test out the clarity. This one Applause, first standard, sound sister, decent amount of face. I was kind of surprised there, even with it not being Harman Kardon and Bowers and Wilkins there’s a decent amount of bass there, so actually not that bad of a sound system. Therefore, the 5 series it’s a bit last thing when to mention to you guys on that tech display is when you do put the 530i in reverse, you will find a rear view.

Camera coming standard across the board, there’s also a 360 degree monitor, though that is available with the parking assistance package, I guess for 700, so that is going to be there for you as well. If you wanted that, but as always that is going to lead us in this safety, so let me first start by saying the 20 25 30. I is an IIHS Top Safety pick which, by the way, is the very highest designation given by our HS front side. Side curtain airbags do come standard in the back. You’Re gon na have latch aka, lower anchors and tethers for children for the rear car seats. Tire pressure monitoring system also comes standard and an auto dimming, rearview and driver’s side exterior mirror that second part doesn’t always come standard and every vehicle out there. So I emphasize that there’s, a ton of other advanced safety features, including blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic, alert, daytime pedestrian detection, frontal collision warning with city collision mitigation, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control as well that’s all standard that’s, crazy parking assistance package. Like I was mentioning that’s gon na add that 360 degree monitor there’s, also hands free parallel parking, that’s, pretty cool and front and rear parking sensors come with that package as well, and so, as far as my final thoughts go on the 530, I timeless classic styling I’Ve always liked the styling. I think I prefer the M Sport package on this.

One makes it look a little more aggressive, in my opinion, also generous trunk space. You guys heard the comparison with the a6 there, so a decent amount back there, Bowers amp Wilkins sound system is available. I absolutely love that, although we didn’t have it today, standard safety is a plus on this one. On other BMW models, you don’t always get that blind spot monitor coming standard. So I like that it comes standard with this one IHS top safety pick so ultimately, I’m gon na leave this question for you guys. What would you pick in this segment? Would you pick the 530i that we test drove here today or the audi a6 put it in the comment section below that about rounds off? This review, though, feel free to follow me on social media at the bottom of the screen. If you like, be sure to hit the subscribe and the bell notification button, if you’re in a new car reviews, that is what we do here on this channel.