ca. Today, we’re looking at a 2020 f, 350 lariat with a magnetic exterior black leather interior, four doors and seating for five it’s got a 6.7 liter diesel engine. A six and three quarter: foot box, the fx4 package that’s going to give you things like skid plates and upgraded shocks as well as a couple other, really great features i’m going to give you a walk around. But if you want to come and see it for yourself, our sales team will be more than happy to help you. You can come and see us in store or visit us online and book a test drive there as well at You don’t have to be this close, but the vehicle is equipped with remote start, so you double, lock double click, and so you can hear it come to life it’s, also equipped with intelligent access. So you can use the door handles to open it as long as your keys within proximity in the door, you’ll notice, you have storage as well as the speaker in the door, power locks, driver seat memory for three power windows and mirrors. They both extend and power fold. You have power adjustable front seats, including lumbar support. Beside the steering wheel, you have led side near spotlights lighting control. This lowers your tailgate and then you also have power adjustable pedals, the steering, wheel, tilts and telescopes, using this button, and then you have a handle on the door frame to make it easier to get in.

On the face of the steering wheel, you have dash controls and cruise control, sync voice, activated system and media controls. So normally you’d have to have your foot on the brake key in the car and then we’ll press the button to start but because we’ve already remote started the vehicle just click the button. The key is in the vehicle with me. So, on the dash you’ll see any important messages you need to be aware of, like if you’re low on fuel, and then you can cycle between these menus that include settings off road, towing, truck info trip, fuel and my view, which is customizable. It is a select shift automatic transmission and you have different drive modes pressing this button. Here you can cycle between normal tow haul eco slippery, deep snow sand on the right hand, side of the steering wheel. You have your 4×4, with locking differential, as well as an integrated, trailer brake controller on top of the media center. You have a little copy to put things and then notice. It’S, a bno play audio system, the buttons across the top includes your diesel exhaust brake, as well as your traction, control hazard lights, held ascent control and lane keeping assist audio options include am fm as well as satellite, radio and bluetooth. You control some of your climate right from here. You’Ll notice that it’s dual zone connect your phone and talk hands free. This is also the screen for your backup camera and your navigation, and you can cycle to settings which includes things like navigation radio, as well as your wi fi hotspot and fordpass connect down below you have the hard buttons for your audio controls, as well as climate Control you’ll notice, you’ve got heated and cooled front seats, front and rear defrost, ac and max ac, as well as max defrost right below that you have a little cubby.

You can push it open. You’Ve got a wireless charging pad usb and usbc storage spot on each side this slides across. So you can have four cupholders. Instead of just the two, you need the storage it’s. There too. The armrest opens up to give you access to even more storage, with the slides across or even comes out and you’ve got 12 volts of power on the right hand, side 12, more volts as well as 110. A locking glove box and you’ve got a little storage space as well overhead it’s, an auto dimming rear view, mirror you have a universal garage door, opener overhead lights, sunglass holder. Those are your aux switches and you also have the control for the rear window. That slides open and closed these buttons, all in here are going to control that power sun shade, as well as the tilt intel, tilts and sliding sun, roof 18 inch, chrome, wheels, chrome side, view mirrors and door handles as well as cab steps, keyless entry, keypad window, Visors left hand, side gas, cap, backup camera reverse sensing system, trailer hitch with four pin and seven pin connector. The tailgate is both lockable and removable and you’ll notice that the chrome handles extend to the tailgate as well. The tailgate can be lowered from a button right where that handle is or from the key fob inside you’ve got the tie downs in all four corners. You also have those five points for your fifth wheel and you’ve got a tailgate set up to make it easy to get in.

You also have the attachment points on the left hand, side and led box lighting on both the left. Passengers enjoy door storage as well as the speaker in the door power windows, more of that wood inlay go grab, handle to make it easier to get in back seat, pockets, there’s enough seating for three and you have the lower anchors for car seats, seats, fold up And down 60 40 split by pulling these tethers on either side, they’ll just flip up. You have this bin that you can put things in, but it does fold down flat when you need the floor, all other floor mats, but the carpeted ones are available as well. In the middle you’ve got two cup holders, two vents, the left and right seats are both heated and all sorts of power options, including usb and usbc, 110 volts and 12 volts in the middle. You have an armrest with two cupholders. You can easily flip that away when you need your third seat overhead. You have hooks lighting there’s that twin panel moonroof.