It goes offroad and it transports seven people, but it’s getting a little bit old, now, there’s a new one coming we haven’t seen it yet. So is this one worth buying the current generation? This is the top specification LST model it’s priced at just over fifty seven thousand dollars. It competes with cars like a Ford Everest, the Toyota Fortuner, the mitsubishi pajero sport today, we’re going to do a detailed everyday, driving review and I’m going to do any off, roading or towing. This will just be what this car is like to live with day to day, if you do want to skip ahead to other parts of this review, use the time codes on the screen there or, if you’re on YouTube, use the chapters below and if you haven’t Done so already, I’d love it. If you can hit subscribe and also press the bell icon, because that’s going to tell you every single time we publish a new review. Let’S talk exterior, so you’ve got seven colors to choose from and all but white is an extra five hundred dollars. What about the styling looks pretty good. I reckon it’s nice and aggressive there’s a whole stack of chrome there, which makes it stand out a little bit but here’s some interesting facts for offroading 230 millimeters of ground clearance that’s the height you can reach before you hit something under it. If you do hit something under it, this has a 2 mil steel plate protecting the front end of the car.

That is pretty impressive compared to some of the competitors in this segment. The approach angle is 24 degrees. Departure angle is 25 point one degrees, so it is a certified off roader. In that sense, full LED headlights with LED daytime running lights are pretty good fog, lights, front and rear parking, sensors and let’s jump around here to the wheels your 18 inch alloy wheels, and you can see some of that protection over here for the cars components. This is what’s going to make this good and rugged off road. I love the design under the wheels nice reflective chrome there against the black, so they look really cool 300 millimeter discs at the front and then, unlike the d max, which is the youth that this is based on. The rear has disc brakes as well. 318 millimeters. In size, so you get proper stopping power and the rear also has coil spring suspension instead of leaf springs. Let’S, look at the rest of the car good side steps here. Can I hop my wife just pretty impressive chrome wing mirrors, you get roof rails privacy glass over here LED tail. You’Ve got a sort of spoiler type thing on the rear, shock fin antenna and then 3000 kilo telling capacity keep in mind as well. This has a 300 kilogram down ball weight. A lot of people that buy this car are going to do a lot of towing, so it is important to have a down board weight that is around 10 of your maximum braked towing capacity.

Let’S talk interior. It is basic the definition of but that’s a good thing, because this is a rugged, a rough and tumble SUV, so there’s a lot of hard surfaces around the place and it just does what it says on the box. They try and break up all the black with this silver colored varnish around the sides, and then this is kind of old school. This was in the original Holden Colorado and that then got updated with a brand new section down the bottom. So this is now a couple of generations: old there is a new, a Buicks coming. The new d max was released late last year, and that means an mu x will follow. We haven’t seen it yet so this is about as modern as it gets. How hard are these surfaces, though? We actually have a tool to test that it is called a hardness tester. We joked because you know only motoring journalists care about how soft a soft touch material is, but we’ve got a tool that does it now measures from 0 to 100, where zero is soft and 100 is hard. So let’s give this a crack on the dashboard up. The top here well it’s, pretty much maxing it out there in 98.5. Now this surface here is softer let’s, give that a shot okay, that’s really soft in there, and what about the center armrest we’ll? Try that as well that’s, pretty soft to it. So anyway, that’s just a bit of fun, but it gives you an idea of the different surfaces they have here across the car.

What about build quality? Well, it all actually feels pretty good we’ve, driven a fair few of these, the D maxes and the Meo X’s you’ll get stuff like that. It’S a really wonky center console lid, but for the most part it feels really good. Let’S talk about infotainment it’s, going to be a short discussion, because this infotainment system is pretty poor, it’s an 8 inch screen and it looks good on the face of it. But there is really nothing going on here: there’s, no apple carplay, no Android, auto no voice recognition. It is super super basic, but I’ll quickly walk you through it. This is the home screen. You have shortcut buttons down the bottom: to skip between songs back home. You’Ve got a slot under here for or the memory card for the map system and then volume up and down in the media menu. You have amfm, you have a disc player, USB ipod auxilary, you can stream Bluetooth, audio and then HDMI on the navigation menu. The navigation system is reasonable. Pretty quick does everything that it needs to do nothing too fancy, but it is a good thing. If you ask tuck in the middle of nowhere find menu for your Bluetooth connectivity, you can manually dial numbers or dial contacts. You can switch. The display off entirely, if you want it to be dark and then finally, you have settings menu for the car and also an eco menu. Don’T know what it does or what it’s for just shows you fuel economy and your history.

It really is pretty basic and sometimes it doesn’t, like the button pushers enough abetting infotainment let’s, look at the rest of the features you get in the eye. Suzhou mu x, so single zone automatic climate control, but you do have blowers for the second row. You can activate those by pressing this. Just here no automatic headlights, no automatic wipers, no automatic rear vision. Mirror there really isn’t a great deal to talk about here, but you do get an 8 speaker stereo with live, surround sound speakers built into the roof kind of pointless but kind of cool. At the same time, you also get three USB ports: three twelve volt outlets and two of those USB ports, a 2.1 amps for fast charging, and then really i mean what else we got: electric windows electric mirrors: they fold really isn’t a great deal going on here. Leather ribbed seats for your comfort and that’s about it. Oh yeah, the key almost forgot about that. This is what it looks like i Suzu down the bottom. There lock unlock and nothing on the back it’s a proximity sensor in case you just leave it in your pocket, grab the door handle and then once your hop in you hit the push button, start: ok, practicality. This is a family car. How practical is it? How much storage do you have let’s start off with the phone easily fits in there and you can pretty much squeeze it down the front here? Obviously, no wireless phone charging: why would it have wireless phone charging? Bottle? Storage fits in both of those slots and then inside the door.

You can store a bottle as well. If you want put your bottle somewhere else, you can pop it in front of the air vent there to keep it cool or warm. There are 12 cupholders in total in this it’s, pretty impressive I’ve looked down here. You’Ve got another tray, then you’ve got another hidey hole, a really decent sized center console, and then you have watch this glove box down here, not very big. Once you put the manual in there, but you’ve got another slot in here with a 12 volt outlet, and then this roof one which is almost impossible to open you kinda, have to ask nicely and be patient with it. Let’S let’s do some determent. Now you have to push it down while lifting it it’s virtually impossible, and then you can fit like a wallet or something in there and then sunglass storage as well. So as a family car. This has plenty of storage space. The steering wheel sits nicely in the hand I wish there was some reach adjustment. You can only go up and down you, can’t go in and out, but the set itself is really comfortable and I know it’s just a good place to be seated okay back seat. If you’ve got a litter of kids, where they all gon na sit, are they going to be comfortable well here, as an adults, I’ve got pretty reasonable, knee room toe rooms a little bit compromised, but you’ve got to remember that this is based on a dual cab.

Ute, so the fact that I have this much accommodation is actually pretty impressive. The seats are really comfy as well. So if map pockets in the back of the seat, you have a USB outlet here. What about drink storage you’ve got a center armrest that you can lean on, and that’s got two cupholders in it and then inside the door. You can slide a bottle in as well. Now. This is the curious thing about this car. You can actually fit three child seats abreast here. You’Ve got top tether points across the back of them to isofix slots on each of the outboard seats and then a single ISOFIX slot in the centre and have a look at this it’s like an a380 up here. You’Ve got vents to keep you cool. You have independent cooling controls for the second and third row that are controlled by mum and dad up the front there. You have your own lighting, but you have this a 10.2 inch DVD screen that flips down it is literally like an aeroplane here that is really cool. You can recline the seat if you need to there’s a little control here that allows that to come forwards and backwards, but I think it’s time to jump into the third row. Can you actually fit an adult back there before I do that? Let me show you how you get the second row out of the way it’s a pretty of a system.

You pull the top here at then rolls and tumbles forward. It’S also grab handling here for the kids and then getting the third row up is pretty straightforward. You just lift this and it folds up same story on this side a little bit tricky to do from this end, but that’s how you move it out of the way now can an adult fit let’s give this a shot. Okay, so so far, so good actually feel nice and comfortable here, I’ll pop this down. Okay, Igor, can I get you to help me with this? Thank you, okay, so you’re gon na need mom or dad to help kids into the back here. Okay, look! It’S! Not going to be perfect for adults, but my toe room is compromised. If I go sort of sidesaddle here, I can fit in then there’s, another two cupholders there and then a storage north. Just there I’ve got my own air vents here as well, and a little bit of storage in the middle okay, it’s, okay, it’s, not terrible, but it’s, not amazing. Here the kids are going to be perfectly fine here. As an adult’s, I’ve got more than enough head room, but I am compromised on knee room and a little bit of toe room. Let’S talk cargo space, it’s, pretty impressive, actually, okay. This isn’t, though, keep my head on this every single time I open it. Just doesn’t sit high enough I’m, not massively tall, but that is super low for my liking.

Okay, so here you have a little over 200 liters of cargo space. Then you have a little storage look under here, plus a 12 volt outlet and then hooks on the side. This is where you jack limbs just under there, and if you drop the third row, which is pretty straightforward, you just you have just under 900 liters of cargo space available, and then you can increase that space to a little under 1900. Liters let’s see what it looks like with the bags in there. There you go, so it is a pretty high boot floor with this box thing that aims to level out the floor with that third row. So it is a big space it’s, just slightly cumbersome with a super super low tailgate, so we’re driving the mu x. What is powering this beast of a car? So it is a three liter turbocharged diesel engine, it’s a full cylinder and it produces 130 kilowatts of power and 430 Newton meters of torque. It sends all that torque through a 6 speed automatic gearbox, and it is a little bit noisy. You can hear it here as I lean on the throttle. It has more sound deadening than the d max the youth this is based on, but it is still pretty noisy when you’re on the throttle. You can hear it quite clearly inside the cabin and it’s even noisier when you’re outside the car, but it is pretty efficient. 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers is the official combined fuel economy in reality, we’re using around nine point four liters per 100 kilometers, not quite that efficient in real life.

The good thing with the mu x is the warranty that i Suzu offers so it’s a six year. Warranty you get cap price servicing as well with roadside assistance, so it is a pretty comprehensive package and that is better than the other ute based SUVs on the market side from Mitsubishi. They sometimes do a seven year warranty, but Isuzu is just a permanent six year, offering the other impressive part is, if you’re doing a lot of camping, maybe you’re driving across Australia. Often people have things like portable fridges and other camping utilities that they use. This has a 120 amp alternator, and that means that if you do plug in things like fridges, it’s not going to kill the car unnecessarily let’s talk about the ride. It’S actually really impressive, it’s pretty good in the d max, but it’s even better here. So god of the leaf springs and they use coil springs with a damper as well, really just smooths it out nicely, and it means that when you’re towing, you don’t really get the car bouncing around too much it’s, really nice and steady. And I think this is one of the better riding SUVs in this youd based SUV segment. How punchy is this engine let’s? Give it a little kick here. It’S, not too bad. 430 Newton meters of torque is adequate punch. The gearbox isn’t lightning fast, but it’s quick enough for it you need. Then it comes with grade logic, which is an ability for it to dive back through gears as you’re going downhill, that’s, especially handy if you’re towing, because it means you’re not going to cook your brakes as you’re, going down a big mountain pass.

For example, let’s talk about drive modes, aren’t, really any Drive modes here, but there is an ability to switch between tool, drive and four wheel drives. So the car predominantly just sits in a two wheel, drive high range mode, which is rear. Wheel drive in the MU X, you can then flick it over to for high up to around 100 kilometres an hour and it will switch on the flight, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t use four wheel drive high range on a sealed surface. If you use it on something like a tarmac that that isn’t, a slippy surface like gravel or grass you’re going to bind up the transmission and that’s going to cause issues down the track same story with low range, you need to come to a complete stop. For that and you can’t use that on a sealed surface, it doesn’t have a rear differential lock. So it does mean that if you are doing any off roading, you will be compromised a little bit there. A lot of people fit a rear differential lock to these. As an aftermarket addition and that’s, probably worth considering, if you are going to be doing off road driving or any trekking off road, while you go on your travels, let’s talk steering quickly, it’s, not amazing. Yes, I understand this isn’t, a sports car but it’s a hydraulically assisted, steering rack Isuzu hasn’t moved to an 8 pass system, which is the electrically assisted power steering, and that means that it can be quite heavy at low speed.

So when it comes time to park, you have to put a little bit of extra effort in to get the steering moving. What about visibility at the front? It’S excellent it’s! Quite a high seating position, it’s quite a commanding view over the road. At the side you get big wing mirrors, so you can clearly see down the side of a car that’s coupled with a blind spot. Monitor visibility at the rear is really good as well, so that window is nice and big. This is exactly what you need from an SUV like this. You don’t want to feel like you having to look through portholes just to see where you’re going so isuzu mu X. It is offered capable it’ll seat 7 and I know it’s just no frills it does. The job, if you’re, not big on brands and you don’t, need all the bells and whistles. This really is just a trusty and dependable SUV. It is getting really old and there is a new one coming, which is why I think now’s a good time to try and get a deal because they’re going to be doing run out, seeing – and I think there’s – probably gon na – be a few of them floating Around so, if you have your heart set on doing a trip around Australia or going on a long drive reckon this could be the SUV for you. It is let down by a lack of safety, features, no auto headlights.

No, what I wipers bizarre stuff like that, but for the most part it does everything that it says it does on the box. Now, let me know in the comments below did you buy one of these? Has it been in terms of longevity and reliability? We did add d max review recently and a lot of you said that that car has been extremely reliable. So let us know in the comments below if you bought one.