That divide want to know. Why keep watching the renegade is jeeps smallest model competing with the likes of the Honda HRV Chevy Trax Hyundai, Kona and Subaru Crosstrek traditionally, crossovers were built on car chassis, where SUVs rode on those of trucks. Now even the most rugged SUVs have unibody construction. So, for our purposes, I’m gon na say that it’s really an SUV is anything that does a little bit better on dirt. The renegade is one such SUV. It just really depends on how you order it. It’S no Wrangler, but it’s, tough and boxy design reminds us of that icon. It’S two wheel, drive platform is based on a Fiat, but if you opt for a four wheel, drive model, especially in trailhawk form, the renegade has respectable off road. Cred it’s mini me, size, dexterous manners and cool design. Add to its appeal. The renegade fits in small spaces and makes for a great city car. The drive is comfortable with a bit unrefined and the 1.3 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine packs, a deft punch, the base model, sports, a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine, and even that one is the most powerful of the base models in this segment. The 9 speed automatic transmission isn’t doing it any favors, especially in the turbocharged engine version, confused and sluggish gear selection and turbo lag. They really equal uneven power delivery, especially when you’re in a quick acceleration situation. If you grab yourself a four wheel, drive renegade well you’re in luck because it can actually handle things like mud sand and small rocks.

It even has a mode to optimize for snow. However, if you are going to be conquering the Rubicon Trail, I would stick to the Rubicon Wrangler. If your commute is more marathon than sprint, you might want to opt for something a bit more substantial and comfortable. That means a compass if you’re a jeep devote a, but for the renegade. The seats can be had with power adjustment and aren’t. The worst we’ve sat in in that category the prize is a tie between the chevy trax and the ford ecosport. The renegade is a two row: five passenger SUV and you can probably espouse from its diminutive size that the rear is okay, but you know you’re not going to have five normal sized people in here for very long, however, because of its boxy nature, the Headroom in Here is spectacular, especially with this ginormous sunroof. I could fit two of me in here: the Renegades cargo Spaceballs mid pack among the competition one cool party trick, though the front passenger seat folds down to accommodate long items. Overall, the interior of the renegade is pretty well laid out. The seating position is really adaptable for a lot of different sized drivers and you can really get elevated, so you have a lot of nice visibility now for the rest of the utility it’s good, including jeeps. You connect system which really elevates things in here: apple, carplay and android. Auto are available. Sadly, they are not standard across all trims you’re, either gon na have to upgrade or move to the latitude trim to not having those standard.

I say look out for a newbie like the Chevy Trailblazer, which is a bit bigger offers. Apple, carplay and android, auto and tons of standard safety features that you can’t get here for less than 20 grand round headlights check 7 slotted vertical grille check. Rugged look check short overhangs for rock crawling check. The 2020 Jeep renegade looks like its namesake, but with plenty of modern urban touches. Although this cool X taillight feature is actually inspired by the historical X in army jerrycans from World War 2, we love jeeps Easter eggs there’s another one. If you look really closely Jeep’s renegade comes in four main trims: sport latitude, trailhawk and limited the least expensive renegade sport includes the basics like power windows, air conditioning 16 inch wheels and cruise control. The basic and rotate meant system is as tiny as the renegade itself. With a 5 inch, touchscreen, adding the UConnect 7.0 group package, or stepping up to the latitude trim may not be the worst idea. You’Ve had that also includes features like dual zone: climate control, illuminated vanity, mirror second row USB port and a premium wrapped steering wheel. The most off road worthy and toughest, looking renegade is the trailhawk and it really bests everything else out there. In this category, with 4 wheel Drive and a low range crawl setting, the trailhawk also includes terrain select with rock mode and hill descent control, skid plates and tow hooks. The top of the line, renegade limited trim include things like power, adjusted seat, leather interior, heated steering, wheel and seats and remote start that’s right here.

All trims can be optioned with active safety and driver assistance systems like automatic emergency, braking lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. These are important, but they’re not standard and unfortunately, for Jeeps most of the competitors offer them as such. The Renegades approximately 23000 800 starting price is higher than competitors in the segment and on the high side of the purchasing spectrum, a renegade trailhawk or four wheel drive limited is around 30 grand but option it out like this tester and you’re getting closer to 36000 SUV. Crossover both well.