His name is Kashif and he’s been working here at the Toyota dealership for about 12 years now, and today, we’re going to review a rav4 before we get inside let’s. Take a look at the outside. It has custom wheels on here, as you guys can see. Tinted windows: we also have a roof rack for those who who may want to go biking or sailing whatever you may want to do. This is the perfect car for you, Music, Music. This feels it kinda sits up nice, too it’s, not very low. I mean it’s a four cylinder, but it feels like they have a little a little kick to it. The steering is good, usually with the big tires. They usually make a lot of noise, but this one, but it doesn’t make it like. You know how I usually go with that you sorry, but this one really doesn’t do it as much as especially feels great and it ships great. It gets 30 miles to the gallon me 27 in the city 34 on the highway. If you, you know, take long trips to work or if you venture off a lot, it’s, probably be a great vehicle for you. I will recommend it with the aftermarket wheels and it has tinted windows. All you have to do is put in gas and go so does all over come with the screen like this? Yes, all right, so this is 2020 rav4 le all wheel drive.

It comes with standard laser cruise control, lane departure assist, backup, camera bluetooth. All new Toyota’s comes with you know: two years of free oil change, tire rotation, andor, side, assistance, people like to show their vehicle it’s different than the rest of them that’s. Why? We, you know tint the windows up and put roof rack on it and change. You know change the wheel, so they don’t have to do it. We do it for them. Basically, we’ve been getting very, very good respond because we change those things. Everybody wants to have the rugged look and since it’s all being dry, especially this vehicle. You can go off roading, you can have a you know normal driving. You can do that. You get excellent gas mileage. As you’re mentioned, it’s got a five star rating. Safe, divides, comfort, vias, convenience wise. I mean this vehicle, its darn good. Also, you get the you know 0 to up to five years, which is same as paying no interest same as paying cash you’re, not being any interest on it. This vehicle it’s around twenty five twenty six thousand, but since we did the aftermarket stuff and it adds on to it – but we did it for you guys, so you guys don’t have to worry about putting extra stuff into it. So if anyone would like to purchase this vehicle, how would they get in touch with you cuz? She really good question. I am online, you can go to classic dealer group calm.

My information is there to my cell number. Is there so is my email? You can contact me why one of those options – or you can call directly here at eight four, seven, three, three six four: three: zero zero and ask to speak to me or any of the excellent sales representative. We have it’s a family owned business. We are the friendliest people in town. Our address is y1 five, North Green Bay, Road Waukegan, Illinois, 6, 0, 0, 8, 5, 10 minutes from Great America and learn email. I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you stay tuned, because you never know what karma do next. I might do one of those I might new one of those I might do one at all. I have a lot of stuff coming, so you guys want to make sure you stay tuned. Also, I decided to change the name of the YouTube channel, it’s kind of broad, because I love cars.