So i thought it might be interesting to have a look over what i’ve been doing on the channel this year so um starting off. I did the unboxing of the subaru brat, where i was also mimicking some of the other channels that i watch and pretending to speak, to rob, brennan and uh. Much amusement was had so rob. What did you think of the video i quite liked it? Is it one of the finest unboxing videos ever seen it is, do you think that perhaps it’s redefined the whole genre? I think so yeah, maybe one of the best things on the whole of youtube god yeah. So would you rate it higher or lower than the mark? Brian video? Oh yeah. Oh thanks very much so do you think this joke’s wearing a bit thin now it’s his it’s like sod off then yeah, and there was a bit of lunchbox on the beach action and you can never have enough of that Music there’s a bit of tto to Be dual ridge there’s, a speed test and general bashing about one thing’s worth pointing out how many times i’ve used this same bump in the ground to jump the cars over the new forest it’s a lot of times so in the new forest? Again, uh this time of the hpi firestorm uh, i would say, although i do a lot of this sort of racing about in water, because it looks good it’s, not good, for your bearings really but uh, it looks cool doesn’t.

It i’m, not sure. If the famous lump appears in this video, it might be Music that’s, a different lump there’s, the old tl01 mercedes touring car before i did it up and made it quicker. I have to say it was a bit terrible to drive at this point uh, especially with the old fashioned mark ryan style, radio gear yeah. I didn’t really get on with this at all, and i was reviewing the guard pot, rounded lipo battery pack here and uh, showing you can fit it into your old tamiya. Um yeah still got these they’re still going strong. This is the build and first test run of the dt03 racing fighter. Ah, yes, i’ve been tagged by mark bryant to talk about an interest outside of rc cars and uh. I was talking about beer because that’s my only other interest really and um. At the end, this sort of photo montage of uh sort of all the local pubs and um. Looking back at this now, i think – oh my god, that’s what we used to do every friday, and you know little did. I know when i was making this video that all this was going to be a bit of a rare event in 2020. I had no idea what was coming along, but um yeah it’s a bit sad to look back and at the carefree days, but i’m sure they’ll be back with us soon, Music. This is still pre locked down and me and rick met pete and roy in the new forest for a bit of lunch box.

Action like grown men, do there was also mad bull action, so yeah much fun was had, and this is the famous lump in the ground. I was mentioning earlier that uh i use pretty much every time i go down there as ever pete and we have some custom shells on their lunch boxes. I think the spawn was there was the ford transit uh nissan micra there’s, the allegro all agro and some others Music. This was just a little update, i’ve done on my mini m01 chassis as put the 1265 gt body on it, and i kind of rather changed the motor and the bearings uh didn’t go an awful lot faster, but um sort of quick enough um. So i do find the analog radio a bit difficult these days, but anyway yeah fun with this there’s, the tl01 mercedes touring car again after i’d, uh titivated it a bit so it’s, quite a lot faster um i’ve done the motor and the radio gear and the Bearings the suspension quite a few bits on this and ended up with a much better car, it’s pretty good now so at this point, lock down have begun, so uh, indoor, videos or garden videos were very much the order of the day. So this one had been tagged to show what tami’s i had. So i took the opportunity to waffle on about ready control in general and into the little tour around the hobby room Music.

Some footage that are taken before lockdown of me and rick out with our dto3, buggies and dogs featured quite heavily in this and sadly my uh dto3 ends up getting chewed by a dog and even more. Sadly, it was off camera. So i can’t even get a interesting clip out of it Music so back to lockdown i’ve done this subaru in pretzel, shell, which i’m pretty happy with so that’s on the tl01 um. At this point i hadn’t got the gold wheels. All lovely leds, derek Music, also done this basha 240z shell, which we’ll see again in a minute, and i update the end of the garage here with a bit of work top. So i’ve got a better sort of charging station for my lipos because i don’t want them catching the house on fire again. Do we so during lockdown you weren’t really supposed to be going down the park and playing with rc cars, uh you’re only supposed to be going out, those places for exercise and whatever. So i was utilizing the garden here which uh isn’t really designed for rc cars? Usually i get told off by my wife anyway: uh knees must so uh yeah. I was making the best of things Music, so uh, because people were locked down at home, youtube views went up and i reached a thousand subs. So hara for that and i started a little competition to challenge people to do a sort of garden based or house based rc uh, video and we’ll have a look at what they did in a bit so it’s doing lockdown and with plenty of time on my Hands i started doing a build guide of my subaru brat kit Music, so the brat was finished apart from the hard shell which will appear later on, but uh.

Meanwhile, here it is for the lexington having a little test run in the garden Music. Next, it was time to announce the entrance and winners of the rc video lockdown competition, and i was so pleased that people actually uh took the time to make a video and enter the competition. Nobody came to collect their prizes um, i think it’s, mainly because it was locked down and you weren’t allowed to, and also because i didn’t actually stay where i lived. This was getting uh near to the end of the first lockdown and it seemed like a good place to finish part one of my look back at 2020 next time, we’re sort of out of lockdown, but still not supposed to meet too many people.