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2020 Lexus RC F – Mark Levinson Sound-System Demo

This is a 2 725 upgrade on the standard. Rcf and rcf track editions and provides 830 835 watts of power through its 17 speakers. This is going to be an in depth. Sound system review i’m going to check out some stacks chat. Some tracks static here go on the road, listen to those […]

Review Mainan RC Lamborghini Veneno Dengan RC RockCrawler Hero Car Jeep

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Remote Controlled Coolers

Everyone needs something like this for tailgating and for cookouts right. I think we have discovered the int gift of this. Yes, it especially for men and those people who seem to have everything you don’t need to have the dog or the kids fetch your beer. No, you just drag the cooler it’s, all […]

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Test Drive Video Review

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Remote Control Skateboarding Mikey toy for kids Walmart Exclusive

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RC Babble #11 – Who won our Pro-Line Price pack? Special guest

Revell control mini RC racing car 40MHz Fernsteuerung remote control

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RC Car Unboxed & Running MINI-Z RWD AUDI R8 LMS NBR 201 Kyosho

Man I’ve got another one of these kyosho Menzies this time, it’s a rear wheel drive. So this is the Kyosho mini z, RW RW d, lord, so yeah this thing’s pretty awesome I’m liking. It quite a bit that’s why I got a track, actually got a lap counter now as well, but let’s […]

L5 Remote Review

Jeff asked me to record some videos for the channel, so we hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below today: I’m going to be showing you the l5 remote it’s, this little device right here that plugs into your ipod touch or iphone and pretty much. You can control […]

Remote control Toy cars for kids | Kids play with RC Car | Remote Control High speed Racing Car

Oh boy, oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh geschied, en we hem nooit zien zie, je deze zien wat leidt ze zijn compleet dorp met wijd hoeveel hier binnenkomt met rijdt weet limburg de rotzooi die de op in door knoop in lucy of […]

2020 Toyota RAV4 Car Review | Test Drive | CARS AND CRIBS

His name is Kashif and he’s been working here at the Toyota dealership for about 12 years now, and today, we’re going to review a rav4 before we get inside let’s. Take a look at the outside. It has custom wheels on here, as you guys can see. Tinted windows: we also have a roof […]