Avoid these 5 Common RC Car, Boat and Plane Mistakes

If you are new to the rc world now, if you’re able to avoid these five things that we’re going to be talking about today, that will make your rc experience or journey that much more successful. Now let’s dive right into the video for today and start off with number one now. I know […]

User Review: Westinghouse RMT-24 Remote Control

No setup needed Music. It works with my westinghouse tv works better than the remote inbox with tv same model which worked on occasion, Music. My first remote died because of the batteries that shipped with the tv they corroded and ate apart the remote before i had to change the battery. Even changing the […]

Top 7 MIni Crawlers of 2020 – Big fun indoors for little money

Are some options right here so i’m going to talk about them and i’m going to link to the reviews that i’ve done? I think i reviewed all of this individually and i don’t have time for a shootout right now, but i’m going to talk you through what makes them similar and different from […]


I got my background and everything and i’ve not been posting a lot because i’ve been doing my tick tock and my tic tocs have been blowing up. My tic toc is the same username as my um, my youtube gaming with james9 you just search it up on tick. Tock you’ll find the same […]

the r.c. car that can drive on the wall (not clickbait)

It is an rc car, yup, it’s, actually a rc car. This is actually a rc car, look it’s, so cool, so it can. It tells me that is actually can drive on the wall yeah. I can actually drive on the wall i’m, not even kidding before this video. I actually tried it driving […]

WPL D12 Review détaillé & upgrade DRIFT amorto & train avant – RC GENERAL – RCTutos #341

Fr. Today we receive again a D12 from WPL the chinese version. It comes directly from WPL website, it’s 49 and delivered in 15 days today, it’s a detailled video. So we will open the box and see how it’s built electronics and different upgrades. So, like last time same package, you can find the […]

DIY Magnet Body Mount for 1/24 Scale Model on RC Car feat. HGD1 1/28 RWD Drift

I Msica no Msica, i Msica, ah Msica, ah Msica, ah Msica, i e Msica, i Msica Msica ms cmo x, Msica, vale, Msica, ah Msica no Msica; ah a Msica Aplausos Msica. I a Msica Msica bien Msica, i ah i Msica y Msica, ah y Msica y Msica, ah Msica y Msica, ah […]


Today we got a box and i’m, not quite sure, what’s in there, so let’s get to it all right, all right, a bit of scotch tape. Here there let’s go all around it. The box seems to be in decent condition whatever that may be all right, let’s see, i wonder what this may […]



Turbo Racing 1:76 Scale RC Car Review 🚗🚘🏁

It’S uh, i mean 176 scale – is hard to describe in terms of how small it is so here’s a quarter just for scale just to see just to show you how small this thing really is: it’s amazing um. What the technology has brought us uh with this miniaturization, i don’t think i’ve […]

2020 – What a Year! Channel Review Part 1. What I got up to this year. RC Car related fun

So i thought it might be interesting to have a look over what i’ve been doing on the channel this year so um starting off. I did the unboxing of the subaru brat, where i was also mimicking some of the other channels that i watch and pretending to speak, to rob, brennan and uh. […]

3 Recommended Things to Do on the WLTOYS 124019

You should really do on the one two four zero one: nine uh, which are definitely going to help its performance. Now i have actually done a free, essential things you should do before you even take this out. For its first run. I have actually done that video and that is on the channel. […]