. For the time being, I will make review videos of inexpensive products with good cost performance.. Today I will review the wltoys 104009 RC CAR.. The next video will review the 116 mini monster. Xinlehong Q901.. The next video is Trail RC CAR MN86K.. Thank you for your interest.. This RC CAR I will review today is one of the RC CARs. I have reviewed so far.. This is the full option model of the wltoys 12402A with the highest number of views.. It looks like new, but its not really new. At all.. This product also includes the main body, remote controller battery and charger.. It is an RTR model with no additional cost. In addition to the product price., However, because the product has not been shipped to Korea yet., You must purchase it through a direct purchase agency or direct purchase. Site. Product prices vary greatly from company to company.. So I cant tell you the exact price. 60120. You can search by model name to find the cheapest company and purchase it.. This time I didnt buy it myself.. It was provided by the Chinese RC market. Makerfire. Makerfire is structured very similarly to the Korean site.. Also, direct delivery to Korea is possible and shipping is free.. However, this model is sold at a slightly higher price than its competitors.. So I asked the Makerfire rep why there was such a big price difference.. The replies from the person in charge are that we can deliver safely and quickly 3 7 days and there is no shipping charge.

. I will leave the judgment to the viewers and stop talking about the price.. The size of the RC CAR was marked as 110 and released.. However, the actual size is the same 112 size as the previous model 12402A.. Also, except for the body. The 104009 has almost the same shape as the 12402A. Thats. Why I explained a little while ago that its not new., Also the electronics required for operation are exactly the same as the 12402A., So there is no difference in basic performance between the 104009 and the 12402A.. However, since it is a full option vehicle, there is a big difference in durability and drivability.. First of all, the 104009 is equipped with metal shocks. Oil spring. Better than older cars with plastic shocks when driving off road, Very stable driving is guaranteed.. In addition, it can absorb more shock, so you can enjoy jumping with relative stability.. In addition, the overall durability is also improved, because all internal gears have been upgraded. has been greatly upgraded. And a fairly good quality LED light is installed as standard. For reference. It is difficult to find a light of this quality even in expensive products of 700 800.. However, I dont think its a necessary feature due to the nature of the genre.. This is enough for night driving.. These fast RC CARs have a hard time avoiding crashes or accidents, even with lights.. The details will be explained again. Later. Ill show you what Ive said so far in a driving.

Video. First lets check the most basic performance of RC CAR, the maximum speed. Many people wondered how to measure speed.. I directly mount the GPS built action, cam gopro8 on the vehicle and check it.. There are other methods, but this one is the most accurate. Because it is equipped with the same electronic parts as the 12402A. As expected, the maximum speed was the same.. However, it was confirmed that the receiving distance was definitely increased.. The product looks the same, but the receiver or transmitter seems to have been updated.. I couldnt measure it exactly, but its about 100m. Now lets run off road to see the advantages of metal shocks, oil spring.. Of course the old 12402A runs well off road, as it is a monster genre vehicle.. However, the older models are faster off road Because of the repulsive force of the spring, it is often overturned while driving.. The 104009 reviewed today is not very different because of the size limit of 112.. However, it is definitely bigger than the old 12402A.. I felt a sense of stability in off road driving. And the reason I recommend these monsters every time as a beginner RC CAR is that This is because you can have fun anywhere without any restrictions on the place.. Also, this product is suitable for size and weight.. You can take it with you wherever you go. Now. I will show you another fun jump of Monster, RC CAR., Because it uses the same motor as the older model.

12402A. The jump height was similar., However, as the 104009 is a vehicle with metal shocks, oil spring. A very stable landing is possible.. Older vehicles with plastic shocks springs have Even if it lands in a stable position. It often bounces up and overturns as much as it receives an impact. For a more accurate comparison. Plastic shocks consisting of only springs and Ill show you the difference between oil and spring combined metal shocks.. If you want to buy this car and even jump, It is recommended to remove all LEDs attached to the vehicle., No matter how meticulously installed any RC CAR LED Its really common to fall off or break with just one or two jumps.. I showed all the driving parts of the 104009.. Now what parts have been upgraded from the old 12402A model? I will explain each one in detail., As described above the product configuration includes all parts necessary for operation.. However, the AA batteries required for the remote controller must be prepared separately. Also because only one battery used in RC CAR is included.. If possible, it is recommended to purchase an additional 1 or 2 when purchasing a product.. The biggest difference from the old model is the body design that covers the vehicle.. There are also a lot of LED lights that were not there. Before. A protector and roll cage are added to the body.. Obviously, this model has been greatly upgraded., But this cool design wasnt made by this company.

. It can be said that it is a copy of Traxxas, 110 monster MAXX., But from the consumers point of view, this is not a problem.. The advantages of metal shocks have been sufficiently demonstrated before, so I will omit them.. Then I will explain ARM which has changed from plastic to metal.. It is correct that the ARM is made of patra plastic, which is responsible for shock absorption along with the shocks.. Unless there is a very special case, there is no need to use metal.. Fortunately, in the case of the 104009, there is no problem with metal ARM.. I dont think its necessary to compose these parts with metal.. All parts that can be checked without disassembling were checked. Now lets disassemble the RC CAR and check the internal gears.. First, there was no change in the motor gear and spur gear.. When I saw the color of the spur gear, I thought it was metal, but it was plastic.. However, the diff related gears have been upgraded, a lot., It is full metal, the quality has improved and it is subdivided like expensive, products. Heres, a little tip.. If you can decompose up to this point, it is recommended to subtract two diff shims.. In my case. The backlash was too stuck, so the diff didnt work properly.. Fortunately, I removed the two diff shims and got the backlash, so it worked very smoothly. Now lets do a personal evaluation.. Wltoys 104009 has already been upgraded.

Several times.. The 12402A is a full option. Rc CAR. This product has far more pros than cons.. There were a lot of upgrades this time too, but the price didnt go up as much as the upgrade. 104009 is a product that can be purchased at a low price.. The 104009 is the best value for money RC CAR in 112 size.. Unfortunately, it is not currently available in Korean stores., No need to worry about purchasing parts.. The downside is the quality and finish of the product, which seems a bit lacking.. Finally, whenever I review a beginners product Lets wrap up with a list of some of the most frequently asked. Questions. Q Is 104009 waterproof Professional RC CAR products capable of proportional control are not waterproof.. It can be said that it is the degree of waterproofing of life.. However, it is best to avoid getting wet as much as possible. Q Do I need a battery voltage alarm These days. Rc CARs are mostly from ESC, even if they are cheap products.. When the battery reaches a certain voltage, it stops the RC CAR. So there is no need for an alarm. Q. How long is the driving time? This is a question that a lot of people ask, but the question itself is wrong.. Like the fuel economy of a car, you need to check the mileage, not the driving time.. It can travel about 8 10 km with a single battery.. The driving time will vary greatly depending on how you drive this distance.

. If you run without a break, it can be said that it is about 10 minutes in terms of time, assuming that it is running., But in reality these fast RC CARs are not for track driving.. It is difficult to run fast without rest., So the driving time varies depending on the driving style. Q. My child wants to use it.. Can you limit the maximum speed Wherever you buy any RC car RC CARs that can be proportionally controlled like this? Are You can adjust the maximum speed any number of times through the dial or buttons on the remote controller., Everyone heres the review for today.. The next review is the Mini Monster. Xinlehongs Q901 series. Thanks for watching.. If you liked my review, please subscribe.