So when you release this, the car stops. So when you want to go front press this thing, it’s going front, yeah, Music, bismillahirrahmanirrahim, assalamualaikum guys! This is your boy car kid and today, I’m gon na show you the 2021 BMW 7 series. This is a 740 L. I this is the sticker, have a look model year 2021. So this is actually a 2021 BMW, 7 series. I borrowed this car from Alvia Motors Raja here, and they are one of the biggest BMW dealers in Sharjah. They have amazing car collection of BMWs and they got all new BMWs. So I will post their links in the description you can visit their website and have a look at the course collection they have talking about the price of the BMW 7 series. This BMW starts from eighty six thousand eight hundred dollars in UAE. It starts from the five hundred and seven thousand so guys, let’s go in the history of the BMW 7 series. The first seven series were produced in 1977 287. That was the first generation from 86 to 94. There was a second generation from 94 to 2001. There was a third generation 2001 to 2008. There was a fourth generation from 8 to 15. It was a fifth generation and from 15 to the present you have this one, the sixth generation of the BMW 7 series before moving. I have to show you the amazing key of the BMW. 7 series. Have a look at this key.

You got an amazing key with the screen on it and when you unlock the car yeah, this is the BMW logo. When you press it the car locks when you unlock there is a lock unlock button here, press it, the car will be unlocked. You got many options at the screen so guys at this remote. Let me show you from close view this. When you have this remote, this is the unlock button. This is the lock button. You got a trunk open button and you got this parking button here. How you work this is a remote can unlock the car. You got options for unlocking and locking you can close. Your windows, your sunroof, with this one, when you swipe on the right, you got this vehicle information, then at the right more, you got range information it’s, showing like 87 kilometers. Now you got a temperature. You can set the temperature as well and Orsi parking. What is this, how it works, I’ll show you from outside, starting from the engine, you got 3.0 liter, v6 twin turbo choice engine and it produces 335 horsepower. 0. 200. In 5.6 seconds the front of the BMW 7 series. You got a very, very good, facelifted 7 Series. Bmw, you got a new LED, BMW lights. You can also have the laser lights which the BMW introduced in BMW i8. You can order that one for yourself and you got kidney grilles in this BMW. What is the kidney grille? This thing see the BMW, the grille is now closed.

So when the car starts and the car is heated, so it needs some air. These grilles open automatically and close automatically whenever it needs the air coming into the engine, have a look. How they open sighs? Look, you got very, very nice. Typically BMW rims there at the front at the back and you got this style. This is a hockey style line here you can see it’s a black one. You got the M power sticker at the left and it’s a very long curve, because it’s long wheelbase, t’ L, I you got a soft closing doors as well. When you keep the doors like this, it closes automatically. This is the real look of the car and when you unlock it, have a look at the lights. Let’S switch on like that and you got very nice LED lights. You got 740 logo there and, of course you can open the trunk by clicking the button under these lights and you have a storage space here. You can close it once like this, so guys moving into the interior, look at the doors and the finish and the wooden style here you have amazing finished buttons. You got amazing interior with the BMW here and you know the BMW is like they have good material quality everything. I have unwrapped the seats to show you guys, because this is still a 2021 car and it’s a zero kilometer, but I have unwrapped one seat to show you and look at the interior design like wooden finish.

It starts from the opposite door. It comes on the dashboard here. Look at this dashboard. It goes all the way and it ends up on the other two doors. This is the steering wheel. It is an amazing one with the silver finish buttons here. You got a infotainment screen. You got amazing start and stop button with the wooden finish in it and guys the quality. As I said, it’s amazing look at the diamond stitching on the armrest and the seeds. This is amazing guys, starting from the steering here, you got very nice staining here. You got a gauge cluster, you can’t really change the gauge cluster. It will be the same in different modes as well. You got some buttons here for the drive, assist and cruise control system. Here he got buttons here to control the volume you got pedal shifters as well. Moving on to the right, you got the startstop button here with the amazing finish would finish here: you got lights. This is the ambient light and you got the infotainment screen. You got this one. This button here, it’s called the intelligent safety. When you press this thing here, it will show you on the screen, intelligent safety. So the car is here with the green lights when you switch it on it helps you when you run the car on the road. So is that if there is any danger, it will give you a warning that you got some cars near you and they want to hit you.

So please be careful. This is the intelligence, if you can switch it off as well, but switch it on for better performance for from BM. Next thing is: when you come down here, you got this little screen with the blue and red lights. Here you can actually change your temperature settings with this screen. This is a touchscreen see when I’m, getting it to the red it’s, showing the warmer and at the left, it’s showing me colder so down. You got the in stereo system here and it’s, similar to the rolls royce Cullinan. I have explained it to you when you touch this thing here at the screen top it will show you which a station or which thing is this person button assigned to so you can save your different station and when you keep the finger here, it will show You that this button is assigned for blah blah channel. Okay, you got a climate control options. Here you can control, you can adjust the climate temperature from here and this screen you can say this is a touch screen. You can adjust it by touching this thing. Also, you got heated and ventilation seats as well here, both at the passenger side and the driver side. Here you got a gear lever. You got different buttons here. You got different modes on these buttons. You can press the sport, so the gauge cluster will change. You got this comfort and the Eco Pro it doesn’t change really, but it shows you on the screen with the car that this is the comfort mode.

This is sports mode, so anyways movie or next to this console it’s. A very nice finished with the wooden and it’s so so smooth when you move it it’s very smoothly. Moving. You got cup holders, you got USB ports, the charger and you got the wireless charging here. You can keep your phone and it will automatically start charging. You can just close it by pushing like this, and it will come like this as the next thing is when you go on the camera settings here, when you press this thing or you drive the car in reverse, so the camera will come automatically and you can See when I’m rotating the steering here, the camera rotates in front with the steering wheel here, this thing you can find in many cars, but the real and unique thing is this: when you put the car in the reverse, like this, the reverse camera also rotates with The steering wheel when you rotate it left and right. So this is something unique. You fool you won’t find in many cars and you got this car here, have a look when I park the car parking. So it show me the doors of the course. I have a car nearby me at the right, so it shows you not to open more than this doors when you open more than this, you will hit the other car. This is something very nice. Next thing is the reverse assist when I click on this thing and when you want to try to get out this is the car in the reverse.

I don’t have anything on the steering when you go, reverse the car steers automatically and it gets you out from your parking see. This is the reversing assistance of BMW 740il i7 series. So this is something amazing. Next thing is this one: the Park Assist when you click on this, you are in the parking the car will move and it will look for the parking and if the car finds any empty parking, it will give you an indication that there is an empty parking. So you can go and park your car in that parking, so this is something very, very nice and useful next thing. Moving on to the infotainment screen, you got many options. You can control it with this mouse here and when you go to the infotainment screen here I look at the left when you go to the options, so you can go to car, you can go to the driver driving information, so it will give you different information About your journey, your trips and all that next thing is vehicle status. It will show you all the engine, oil temperature, tire pressure settings. You can go to the settings. You have different settings in this setting option. You got general setting in general setting you can adjust each and everything of the car like time date touch screen, options, gesture control, driving attention, camera and every single thing, and the next thing is you got next: setting is driving modes in driving modes.

You can adjust the car performance, the steering and all that the settings you want in your beam in your BMW, 7 series. Next thing here is: when you go to the exterior lighting, you can adjust your headlamp settings in this one. You got driver assistance, you got safety warnings as I showed you that button it’s linked with this one intelligent safety. It helps you with this one, but the thing is you can see this side claim warning you won’t find in many cars you, you found the front claim warning in many cars, but not the site claim warning what it do that whenever some car is trying to Hit you from left or right so it detects and it gives you a warning and it keeps changing lane automatically when there is any danger. So this is amazing option. So you got speed, assist you can adjust your speed warnings in it and parking settings. Then you got display settings here. You can change the head up, display settings, you can go to the brightness, you can go to the height. You can see this one. There is a head up display. If I change the height of this one, its changing. I showed you in many many cars regarding the head display. I’Ll, show you something it shows. You see the head up display closely and I’ll just try to try to increase the size of the head up display here and the brightness, so you can understand easily look at the head up display.

It shows you the speed limit of the road. Also, it is 40 kilometers an hour and when you exceed the speed limit, I’ll show you when I will drive the car it gives you a warning. So this is something unique in BMW. The next thing is the door vehicle access. You can click on this thing and you can change the settings of your doors mirrors and all that by the way, this is a soft closing door. When you keep the door automatically closed, you got the interior options. You got ambient lights option. You can have different colors in the BMW. This is a blue now and when you select it to green, it will change all into green. Have a look at this line. It shows you on the screen as well. So this option is in many cars. You have seen it: you got seat, comfort, driver’s, seat, passenger seat, seat, heating, distribution. Okay, what is the seat heating distribution? You can select individually for every part of the seat where you want the heated seats. This is amazing, then you got climate control settings and you got key button assignment. You can assign your key with the different doors. Then you got diff drivers profile, you can save each and everything in your profile setting and whenever next time you get in the car, the car will be in the same settings. So you got rare seats here. You got very nice doors. Very nice doors finished with the wooden here, wouldn’t finish with the ambient light.

Here you got buttons for the shades. You can control your shades. Have a look at that door when I press this button from here. So it comes up. The shades comes up like this. You can switch on here as well this way. So when you press it again, it comes down and you got very, very nice red looking seats. You got two big screens at the back. You can control all the options which I showed you front in the infotainment screen from this screen as well. You got here the limit control screen for you guys here backside and you got a center console here with the very nice wooden finish. You go out to seat buttons. You got an extra tab for your seats to have different options. I’Ll show you now so guys in this small tab. You can control everything, you can take it out and you can control the climate comfort. You got sun protection, seeds and interior lighting option in it click on the sun protection. You can see you have all these sun shades on your sunroof back doors. So just one click and it will close all have a look at the right. The back side and the front sunroof and you can click it open all, so it will open all automatically. So this is something very nice next thing here is the climate comfort. You can go to the rear climate. You can go to the front climate, you can adjust the temperature and you can adjust the seat temperature itself as well in this one.

As I explain it to you, the climate control settings then again go to the car overview. You go to the interior light settings. You got ambient lights, you can control with this. One got different colors here you got like when you click on the orange. It is turning to the orange you got blue. It will turn to the blue. Have a look at this side, so you got green and different colors. You got here in this one. This is the climate control settings here, Earth’s ambient light setting here in the interior light settings. Then you go there. You got ambient highlight. What is the ambient highlight? You see this thing here. This is the ambient highlight this thing on the pillar, so you can switch it on or you can switch it off when I switch it on it’s on but it’s a very light very light, so you can switch it off. It will go off again like this. When you go onto the car overview, you got seats setting here when you click on the seat. Setting here go on the seat, setting at the right corner. You will see some seats. Okay, you can individually select seat like this see. I have selected the seat near me right side and you got some orange dots here on the seats, so specifically what part of the seat you want to control. You can click on that suppose this one I have clicked here. You can move it individually like when I click this one see I’m moving this, and this see it is moving front and back it will start.

Moving now see, this thing is moving, so you can control your seat, parts different parts of the seat and you can control it like this also from here, so all the complete seat. You can move it like this. You can move front and back you can control the front seats as well. With this one, it’s really amazing thing that you can control front seats as well with this small tab. Here you can go to the seat settings here. You can adjust the seat climate. Also from this thing, have a look see it hitting on one two three position see it hitting distribution, the passenger side and your side. So this is very, very very nice thing in here. This is the left. This is the writing. So guys you have seen the starlight roof in Rolls Royce, but this is called the BMW roof lights. What is that? You’Ve got a sunroof and you got a little tiny light here in the sunroof. I have to wait to show you this very long, because it’s only can be seen in the night time and I’m here in the BM w right now and have a look at the lights. How amazing it looks the color changes with the ambient light color. So now, it’s selected to green, have a look at the infotainment screen when I select two other color, so it changes with that. Color have a look. This is the blue and when you select it to orange, so it turns into orange light.

So this is the BMW 7 series, 740 li right beside that you can talk to BMW as well hello, BMW, good evening. What can I help you with? Can you change the ambient light color? Please, which color shall I set for the interior light? Okay change it to the blue. Please say the design light color blue. I selected the light color blue with contouring in you have a look guys. This is some easy. This was the BMW 7 series let’s go for a drive and find out how it feels when you drive this beautiful amazing luxury sedan. Let’S go for driving of this BMW 7 series. You know the BM is luxury car. So, actually, when I press the pedal for a sit down car like BMW and so the luxury sedan there’s too much more because it has a turbocharged engine 3.0 – and you got eight cylinders as well in this one. So you got a very, very, very good, powerful engine in this salon, it’s so smooth as always, and it got Lane Assist. Also, whenever you’re going out of the lane, the car assists you that come in it’s kind of pulling the steering into the lane that keep in Lane. So the BM have a look at the head up display. You can see the speed limit that is 40 kilometers per hour of this road okay, so the car is going like 20 30, 32 kilometers per hour. So when I will exceed the 40 kilometers see it’s read the speed it’s read, so the car is warning you that you are exceeding the road limit by this speed, so you have to slow down again whenever you go like more than like the speed limit of The road the car tells you that slow down, hey guys the RC parking option.

I will show you: this is the remote. There is a are supporting option press it to activate. So when it is activated, it will ask you to press this button working but me press it, and it will show you this engine startstop button press the button the car will start and it will give you this message on screen it showing you a message. Watch surroundings and break by releasing part button, see so press, ok and see this is the car have a look at the car when I’m pressing this the course coming back? So when you release this, the car stops. So when you want to go front press this thing, it’s going front, yeah release it, the car will stop automatically man amazing thing this one so guys this was the BMW. 7 series hope you enjoyed the video stay tuned for more upcoming videos.