Today we have the 2021 ford bronco sport first edition and in this night, video you’re gon na see all these exterior lights the interior lights and take it out on the road and see just how well these headlights do let’s get started: hey y’all, my name is Nolan, thank you so much for watching after you’ve watched this video. If you like what you’ve seen be sure to smash the like button and if you want to see more night videos showing off features like this be sure to subscribe down below let’s get into it. So, starting off with these exterior details, first of all, i do have a full daytime review. If you want to check that out – and this is the bronco sport – not the big bronco. So this is a smaller bronco kind of with the unique market and, first of all, let’s look right up front here. We’Ve got led headlights, full, led headlights and look at that circular ring. That is very kind of i don’t even know, it’s just really cool something. You don’t always see in that portion coming on the inside, so you’ve got led high beams, led low beams and led daytime running lights and, as we shed over here, you’ve got bronco written across the front. Grille we’ve got an led blinker in here, so full leds, plus, i believe, it’s big bend and up will give you led fog lights. But this is the first edition and these just look really cool and this paint color is called area 51.

. It looks different in all different types of light, so right now it looks a little bit darker kind of a little bit more grayish bluish greenish, but in the daytime it’s definitely brighter. I like it a lot. I think it looks really cool it’s, something unique and you’ve got the black top, so you’ve kind of got a two tone. Look got the led marker light on the side, that’s, nice and bright. So you’ve got good visibility here. We’Ve got large tires, so you’ve got 29 inch tires. So this thing is a little bit more off road, capable than some of you would probably expect, which is pretty cool, and maybe you expect it to be, but it it’s, it’s, semi capable and as we come around to the back you’ve kind of got the same. Looking tail light design that you get on like the ford explorer things like that, even the f 150 that similar shape and those tail lights are led, but the rest of them are incandescent. You’Ve got led license plate lights, so that’s lit up pretty well. Incandescent turn signal, as you can see, and now you can see the brake and reverse lights now. Let’S take a look at the back end. First of all, you can actually lift the glass and i’ll show you that in the full review, but you can lift up this whole thing and you’ve got quite a bit of light back here and there’s, one cool little easter egg.

That i’ll show you in a little bit, so you can see just how well illuminated everything is i have the seats down and you have lights up there, but we also have a cargo light right here. That also has a bronco inside of it. Take a look at that there’s just a little small, illuminated bronco, and this is actually a really practical storage area back here. First of all, this is a rubber liner. The seats have a rubber liner. The floors have a rubber liner there’s, even carabiners over here. So you can hook stuff up on each side. You’Ve got a three prong outlet: 12 volt power outlet and just a lot of space, but wait there’s more. You see this light right here, press that, and let me show you what that does. That gives you two flood lights on this back, lift gate and you can actually angle those and those are pretty bright. I mean, if i look, you can see how well illuminated this is on the ground. So if you’re, like camping out back here, you can plug stuff in, you can have these spotlights and you can angle them so you can have them pointed that way. Have them pointed that way. Let me have them both pointed out, so we can see just how bright. That is, and just take a look at this i mean there’s some light here already, but that’s really cool, not something. You hardly ever see anywhere external lighting like that and to give you a different look at this paint.

It’S really unique it’s, not like the same kind of metallic y, looking paint that you get on a lot of vehicles, it’s just something different but, as you can kind of see from the cargo area, you’ve got a couple of bright, led lights from up above flat Storage area, or, if you lift it up your back seat, is pretty well illuminated not much going on back here. There is a plug in, but there’s no illumination there, but you actually get a couple of zipper pockets on the back of the seat. You can’t really see it. I wish that there was a light from up above that would actually shine in the back of the seat, because there’s a few different storage cubbies and zipper pockets back there, which is pretty cool and then here check it out. You’Ve got ford’s keyless touchpad entry system, which is nice there’s, no special, like puddle lights, or anything like that. You can see the led lights from up above and then we’ve got these pretty cool seats with a bronco inside of them. We’Ve got some leather, almost two tone like leather and cloth, but let’s go ahead and hop in all right: let’s go ahead and start it up push button start, and then you get some really cool graphics on the screen here. When you turn it off and start it on, like those little rocks there and i’m just going to make this a brief overview, because i’ve got a full detailed review, showing you guys pretty much everything you’ve got illuminated lock buttons, you’ve got illuminated window and mirror controls And then, next to the steering wheel, you’ve got all your light: controls for automatic lights, the fog lights, which are right there open your liftgate or at least unlock it.

And then these ones on the side are to adjust your into your brightness. And when i do that it adjusts everything even the main screen, as you can see over there and how dark and illuminated these buttons are. So everything is connected. All the steering wheel, buttons are illuminated as well as you can see. Nice kind of a nice little see green color and your paddle shifters even have illumination on them, but back here, we’ve got a pretty good size display in the middle, with physical gauges over there. A lot of information that you can scroll through on here i’ll go through more of that in the full review, but there’s just a bunch of different things that you can see and then moving over. This is our standard screen, there’s, no smaller or larger screen and it’s the same kind of sync system that you’re familiar with from ford. If you want to adjust any light, settings go to vehicle and then go down to lighting, and once you get there, you can turn off your automatic high beams, which we’ll go through in the test drive. You can also do it using the high beam switch, which i’ll show you in a little bit. Then you can even turn off your daytime running lights. If you want to or decide how long the headlamps are delayed before they shut off other than that there’s really not much. I mean there’s a lot of different settings.

You can do but there’s no ambient lighting in here, which is a little bit of a bummer. This does have apple carplay, android, auto and a nice sound system and you’ve got illuminated buttons, physical controls down here and this one on the right here. You can push that and it can go to this kind of calm screen or you can have it go dark. So you can turn the screen off with a button which is nice and check it out. This camera button it’s not a surround view camera it’s, a camera that shows in front of the vehicle and just below all that i’m going to turn an overhead light on. So we can see there’s a little storage bin and then you’ve got dual zone climate control down here all this is easy to use there’s a little storage cubby down here and a couple of backlit usb charging ports and a 12 volt power outlet. Then down here everything is really dark because, like i said there’s no ambient lighting whatsoever you’ve got your shifter dial up there and then all of your controls here, just behind this shifter we’ve, got a bunch of different stuff like electronic parking. Brake brake hold the goat modes and you’ve got a few different off road controls like a locking rear, lock in your four wheel. Drive the goat modes are different drive modes. It stands for goes over any terrain, but let me go ahead and show you so you spin, the dial and you can go into mud and ruts got some cool, graphics, sand, rock crawl and it will even kind of change.

Uh. Your actual four wheel drive controls too, but you can go to sport mode slippery, so it’s, pretty cool it’s, just kind of slow and delayed when you actually turn the dial and as you can see, there’s like no light right here. So when i open the center console there’s nothing, but if i turn the lights on, you can kind of see a little bit right there and then over at the glove box. This isn’t, locking or anything and there’s no light inside of there, which is kind of weird. You know just a couple: little ways they cheaped out, but that is an automatic dimming rear view mirror, which is nice to see and it’s, not frameless. So there’s no part of the mirror that doesn’t dim, which i appreciate, but then right up above you’ve, got led interior light. So you can press on the light, the outside of the light for individual lights or in the middle it’s illuminated to turn both of those on the visors even have vanity lights too, and then, as we take a look at the headlights, sorry about the glare, the Sprinklers are on the wall, but you’ve got a pretty good, solid beam powder and it fades out a little bit on that passenger side but it’s on the driver’s side. But nice and strong on the passenger side. Can’T wait to get these out on the road turn on the high beams, pretty bright right in front a little bit drifted off to the right and then turn the fog lights on and there’s.

Actually, some pretty good width with those fog lights. I haven’t mainly used them in fog, but the other thing is there’s, not adaptive lights here, but watch this. So if i just start to turn to the left, the fog light automatically turns on. If i turn to the right, the fog light will automatically turn on. So you’ll get some cornering function from these headlights. I’M. Sorry there’s, no iihs headlight ratings. So i can’t show you what those are but we’ll get these on the road and then i want to kind of start giving you a longer distance here. So this is a pretty good distance out in front of me to where you can see just how well illuminated it is there’s, a hill down there and off to the right next to the red line. You can see a couple red poles and a fire hydrant. So high beams on and they’re definitely bright kind of on on the passenger side, but not much on the driver’s side. So that is interesting, but let’s go ahead and get out onto the road all right, y’all, so let’s get behind the wheel. Take this for a drive, we’ll start out with this point of view, camera and check it out, turn the blinker on and it gets you get some light to the side right away. So that’s pretty cool we’ll go for a little bit with this camera and then we’ll switch over to that one and you’ll get a nice cleaner.

Look at the actual headlights on some dark roads, but i do have a full daytime review. If you want to check that out, the point of this one is to show you how well these lights do and just give you an idea of what it’s like to drive the bronco sport at night. So i’ve got the automatic high beams on right now. They’Re a little bit annoying because there’s not just like a button or something that you can easily turn them off or on. You have to actually turn your high beams on and then turn them back off in order to disable the automatic high beam function or turn it back on. Otherwise, you have to go into the touch screen to do that, but let’s go ahead and get on it. We’Ve got the all wheel, drive 2 liter turbo in here and go and it’s pretty quick. This 2 liter turbo is definitely no joke. I mean it gets up and goes pretty nicely. So automatic high beams are still on. The low beams are on there’s a car in front of us, so at least we’re not blinding them, and sometimes the overhead street lights are enough to keep the high beams off so i’m kind of curious. If that’s the case in this bronco and so far, it is, but these lights are pretty bright, where they shine we’ll see just how far they go when we get out onto a dark road in a little bit but quick note, this rear view mirror is automatic.

Dimming, but the side mirror is not so neither side mirror is and that’s not really something to expect in this class, but the broncos pretty fun to drive it’s quick, it’s, pretty responsive the turbo is punchy. One thing i would like to see in here, though, is a little bit of ambiance. I mean there’s, no extra light in here whatsoever, it’s just the lights from the screens and buttons, and all the buttons are lit up well, so that is nice, but there’s. No ambient lighting or no gentle glow in any area which would be kind of nice to see. But you know it’s not a huge deal either all right we’re about to get on the dark surface road let’s go ahead and switch camera angles right now. So the automatic high beams are on there is a truck in front of us off into the distance. So far, just the low beams are on we’ll see how they do once we flatten out we’ll see how far reaching they are, and the high beams just turned on i’m gon na turn, those off so the distance isn’t, the best it’s, not bad. I can kind of see often to the side a little bit going around the corner, but not great there’s, a really bright light on that’s, not usually on next to us, but just to give you an idea of what those look like still the low beams. Here. No fog lights on either, and i just turned the automatic high beams back on to see how they would do with this oncoming car and they’re still off so you’ll get to see them turn on in just a second, and they just turn back on nice and Bright straight shoot in front of us very bright in front turn: them off there’s, definitely a significant difference between the passenger side and driver side, but i can see around that corner fairly.

Well, you can see the road marker reflections, high beams and going to the left. So these lights do a nice job they’re, definitely a lot better than most automatic high beams on and they just turn back off. I don’t know if it’s, because it senses the truck in front, they just turn back on so that’s interesting. The high beams are on now automatically. I can see really well straight out in front. You can see all those markers they’re just not very wide. Now. Let me turn those off and let’s get a look at the peripherals, so fog lights, on fog, lights off that actually makes a pretty significant difference out into the ditches and right in front of us. What do you guys think those fog lights are nice? You don’t have to use fog lights for fog. You can use them for wide scenarios, which is kind of nice to see too now i’m going to turn the automatic high beams back on and the high beams did turn on. Hopefully we get a little bit of oncoming traffic here in just a second, but the high beams are definitely bright. They do a good job. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and you see that vehicle crossover in front of us. It didn’t turn off for them so that it will blind on com or not oncoming traffic, but crossing traffic and they’ll turn off at a certain speed too. All right, so automatic high beams are on got a car coming up here and sometimes going around a corner.

Like that, they will turn on real, quick and then turn back off, but they stayed off the whole time. So i didn’t blind anybody and they just kicked back on and turned back off, so they were perfectly responsive there. So thankfully i didn’t blind anybody uh some cars. They tend to blind people. You know inadvertently just for a short period of time, but these have been good and i have not had anybody flash me so far. So good low beams are staying on and the fog lights do fantastic and the headlights could be. I wish they could reach a little bit further, but they still do a pretty good job. Let me know what you guys think down below, but leave your comments and be sure to subscribe.