It is Lexus’. First soft top convertible ever.. They have been making hard tops, since God knows when, Incidentally, it is also our first convertible review on sgCarmart. It is a very rare car – And I say this for very good reasons – Think about it. When was the last time you saw an LC coup Right, It’s rare for good reasons: Number 1: It costs more than half a million dollars. This convertible here Number 2. At that price point people can actually get other cars, So if you’re in the market trying to get the LC Convertible You’re. Probably thinking about cars like the I don’t know, 8 Series – Convertible Jaguar, F type, SL Class, Even the Porsche 911 Cabriolet. But This car here is one of the most highly desirable convertibles in the market. For sure I mean take a look at this, this lights right here with a teardrop. You know how You look like a clown with a teardrop. This is it like a teardrop, But it looks cool It. Doesn’T look cheap in any way. This whole thing right here, Larger than life spindle grille. Some people are like quotNah, manquot, quotIt doesn’t, look too goodquot quotBecause, it’s too big and too loudquot. Think of this, as the current BMW 4 Series Huge grille, but at the end of the day, You’re still gon na love it right, And this is exactly how We are going to love the Lexus, because after a while, we stopped talking about the grille.

It is all on the BMW now This right here: It’s not 20, but 21 inch wheels Very beautiful, But here’s the problem. It looks very kerb able like when I drove this car. The only thing I was afraid of was wrecking the wheels It looks like I could easily destroy it, But nevertheless very gorgeous. Just as gorgeous is this entire car right here This car is drop dead gorgeous I mean look at the lines. Look at the flush handles even the color is nice and I am never into loud colours, But this I will want it in this colour Or even the bright red, Now come around the back Plastic y stuff on top, but very forgivable. Again, the tear drop lines right here Now, if you turn on the lights behind, You can actually see a 3D effect Like an L, shape, 3D effect, Sort of gets brighter and then duller at the back. It gets sort of a depth, Very cool, 3D effect And, of course, the LC500 moniker right here to show you how special this car really is Now another that is also special. Is this. You can’t open the boot from anywhere else. The boot button is right here, Open up and you get a measly 149 litres of boot space, But here’s the good thing. It is 149 litres period. You know when you fold the roof of some convertibles. The rooftop sits into the boot space and eats into the boot space, so you can’t really put anything.

But for me I can still put my barang barang And it gets the job done. Obviously, it is not going to pass the Auntie trolley length test or the luggage, but It can put stuff And, as with all Lexuses Attention to detail, is impeccable Check. This out Adjusted nicely Perfect for a pint sized drivers. Like me, The moment you come in here, you immediately can tell that this isn’t an outright bruiser. It is not like a true blue sports car. It looks too plush and lush to be an outright bruiser. This is more gran tourer than anything else. Multi function, steering wheel is lovely Huge metal, not cheap, ‘Really expensive to the touch feel’ paddle shifters Really huge. So when you press, you feel There’s a lot of tactile to it Beyond that. Is this really cool Instrument cluster? It moves and it slides when I toggle it How smart And everything is still very legible. I can actually see exactly What i need to know about the car, Fuel, consumption, driving modes etc. Now, speaking of Driving modes, How smart is this: where cars have driving modes here and there Lexus decided to put the driving modes Here? This is the driving mode selector It changes. Accordingly, When I drive I look and Change driving mode here I go. I don’t have to go and search’. It is right here Everywhere else, it’s all leather soft, to the touch. It feels very good. Everything is soft, close here.

Even this is soft close. This is where the buttons are when I have to drop the roof, or at least put it back up, and when I close it, it soft closes Open this up Cup holders, again soft, close Soft close who thinks of that, And then I can open it up. This way, Opening this up gives you 2 USB ports and a traditional 12V socket Look I’ll, be really honest. It feels dated yet I love it. I say that for several reasons: There’s a CD player here, which nobody listens to CD nowadays, All these buttons, all these metal stuff Looks really good. Doesn’T leave any fingerprints of any sorts, But it doesn’t feel like it is Hi tech And you really don’t need it to be, And because of that, it feels a bit dated All these buttons. There’S Auto Hold There’s a park button, It doesn’t feel 2021. It shows how dated it is, but yet I still love it so much Look at all these details. What I really want to complain, though, is This is huge good, legible, But it is still controlled by this touchpad. I thought this was to toggle it, But no, This is the volume and power for this, So press it And it switches off, And this controls power and volume. At the same time, It is not even a knob for anything else, And here, While most glove compartments has a handle here or here. This has a button right here.

It is so small and measly. I don’t even know what you can put inside, but it’s. So cool Everything here works very well. There is even a trunk opener right here. So if I press this, it opens the back Here my biggest complaint. It comes with ventilated seats, which you will really need if you’re going to have a convertible in Singapore, But they don’t have the buttons to control the ventilated seats. Here There are no buttons to just easily press You’ll actually have to do. This. Go to menu. Go to Climate Go to Seat And that’s, where you control the ventilated seats, You have to go through 3 or 4 steps just to control it. They should’ve just placed a button here, All in all good stuff. I really like this place Feels very comfortable Feels very Japanese top notch VIP hospitality I’m seriously in love with this, But I’m, really not in love with the backseats. Let me show you why I just knock myself with the door and it hurts beep. Now, if I have to put my daughter in the backseat which I did yesterday, I’ll have to release the seatbelt, After which I will fold the seat And it will automatically detect that it is too high and it will move forward. Everything seems fine and dandy. Very nice very cool Climb inside here Put my daughter at the back Fold. It in I have got no space. I have got a bit of space here because I sit really in front Because of my height Look at this guy.

He has got no space at all. Lexus should have done the LC As a strict 2 seater and make a bigger boot. Here is another problem. When I close it back down, I am not going to put the seatbelt back in, Which means the seatbelt will be here. I have to reach all the way back To get my seatbelt, which is now slightly uncomfortable because it is not inside this hoop And then drive off. It’S competitors has got some that electronically hands you. The seatbelt, Lexus should have thought of that. Let’S just find out how it drives Now. The LC500 Convertible right here has a 5 litre V8 up in front. It produces 470 bhp and 540 Nm. If you wan na know how the V8 sounds like This is how it sounds like vroom vroom. It is so addictive. I keep wanting to do it again and again It is such a glorious, soundtrack Lexus. Does it like? No one else could possibly do This car finishes the century sprint in 4.9s. It feels a lot quicker in real life Here’s. The thing when you pedal to the metal, Unlike a turbocharged car, like the M850i convertible, When you put your foot down, you don’t, feel the car is bringing you the distance. It should bring you Because delivery is so linear And it is so smooth that it isn’t going as far as it should go when I pedal to the metal, unlike a turbocharged V8 like the M850i, But I am not complaining Because it is so smooth and it’s.

So lovely and the soundtrack makes it all the more glorious to power this LC500. I just feel like everyone is watching me drive like an idiot In this yellow top down talking to myself. It feels like I am going to be on Stomp in the next couple of days. This car is mated to a 10 speed Automatic transmission, And regardless of how I drive it slow or fast, break early break late, It always manages to be in the right gear. All the time, every time How did Lexus make a car like this, So accurate and so precise It’s, always at the right ratio And look at the way it goes around bends. Body control is tight, But it is not to the point where it’s so rigid, Because if you think of the LC500 as an out and out sports car as a bruiser, You would be quite disappointed. But if you think of this car as a gran tourer, then everything will start to make sense Regardless of the mode I am in I’m, in Sports plus now And it doesn’t feel like the suspension. Stiffened up. It just feels like Normal mode, But everything does feel more intense and the acceleration is more urgent. This feels, like a million bucks, I cannot wipe the smile off my face And when you’re out and about on the highway And traffic is heavy, which is quite a normal thing in Singapore, It makes you feel relaxed when you’re taking a few notches down when you’re, Not driving like a madman, It is very relaxing and it makes you feel like this is the car you want to be in after a long day of work, Just drive home and relax.

If you ever come across broken tarmac, this just soaks up everything and it makes you feel relaxed, So the verdict – quotWill Buyquot, quotWon’t, Buyquot or quotGo tryquot, the Lexus LC500 Convertible. If you have a really deep pocket, I would say: go ahead and buy it. If I had an endless pit in my pocket, I’ll get this and then get the LC Coup, And you know what the best part is. I will probably get it in red. I love this car. I really do You won’t regret it That I promise you There. You have it guys That is the review of the Lexus LC500 Convertible. Thank you very much for watching. Please share the video with your friends and family And don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Please also hit the bell notification button below So that you will be notified everytime. We upload new videos That sound that sound In the meantime stay safe, be well.