This car’s kind of had a bit of an interesting narrative arc. It was kind of like that that kid in high school, that was bigger and all of his friends were football players. Then years went by and his friends started. You know eating a little bit too much wendy’s and he started working out and all of a sudden they turn around and go. Oh hey what the hell happened. Applause here it is the lexus rcf track edition a rear wheel, drive 472 horsepower track machine, it’s encapsulated in carbon fiber and tuned to dominate a racetrack. The problem is this particular platform was never that inspiring as a performance machine to begin with, but with the track edition, lexus has gone to great lengths to make this car handle like a track. Specific sports car should, and at over 120 thousand dollars canadian it’s more expensive than any of its direct competitors more expensive even than a porsche cayman gt4. So yeah it better be absolutely off the charts. Good let’s find out Music. Look at that Music, okay, rewind to 2015, when the rcf first came out: journalists, fat shamed, this car, not very nice, so lexus in response, like all of us when we feel a bit portly went straight to the gym except they didn’t. They waited five years and in 2020 they actually made some significant changes. They went over the whole car, changing steel components to aluminium. They went with a lighter air conditioning compressor, they hollowed out the rear, half shafts and they even made some things in carbon fiber.

But this is the track edition that means that these wheels and brakes are lighter to reduce unsprung mass, the hood, the roof and the wing are all carbon fiber there’s. Even a carbon fiber partition behind the rear seats and the exhaust is titanium, so it’s lighter. But what does that mean when you get behind the wheel? I’M? Sorry mine? In your way, i thought i was driving first. Is that a classic alpha? That is the sound of a naturally aspirated 5 liter v8, something we’ve learned to love from lexus because we experienced it in the lc500. In this we get 472 horsepower and ‘5 pound feet of torque. That is a naturally aspirated torque number it’s lower than the horsepower number we’ve traded, some torque for some predictability. As a result, switching to manual, i can lift high in the revs in this car and when i put the power down it’s just immediately, there i’m not waiting for turbos to spool up and with that comes a sound that you don’t, get with turbo chargers: Music, Music, that said, i don’t think it’s as perfect as the lc 500. It doesn’t seem as sonorous, but it is still a very pleasant sound. A formula that’s going to get carried over into that new is 500 f sport performance. Anyone else excited for that. That said, i am missing. Some torque low in the rev range comes in about 4000 rpm, quite strong, but it makes you want to ring it out and that’s why, if you were to average the speed of our driving and our naturally aspirated test cars, we’re, probably being a bit cheekier, because Those cars make you rev and it’s engaging perfect on a track, so how does it handle well? Steering for one thing, lexus is uh, is not new and that sometimes presents itself best with the steering, it’s old feeling, but it’s, nice and direct.

So, on paper, all those things i just mentioned should make for a successful formula, but is that true, in reality, yeah i’m? Not so sure it also doesn’t even feel as quick as its rivals, but let’s see what thomas makes of it. Okay james says this isn’t as quick as the germans, but this is the track edition, so it gets launch control. So i click that button and i click the launch button left foot on the brake and no that didn’t work that time so we’re going to try again it’s, really finicky. I don’t know why usually lexus just there we go and off we go it’s, no low down torque really so and there it is, and the aim solo says 4.96 seconds that’s. Not that good. Is it so it’s not super quick in a straight line, but the predictable power delivery and the fact that it’s a track edition, which stiffens the suspension, components and lightens the car means that it should dominate the corners right? Well, not really up until nine tenths. This car is really really good. It just doesn’t seem to be able to sort itself out over any type of bump, but thankfully, when you really start pushing it it, it gets worse, drifted a lot of cars around that corner. This is the hardest car. I have slid around our track. I don’t know why combination of the suspension and the differential in the way that the steering works, but you chuck it into a corner and as soon as you’re in a slide, you are just on it to keep the car in a straight line compared to an M car, which is incredibly settled in the middle of a slide.

This isn’t pole, goes around on its suspension and it’s, not consistent with the way that it applies power to the rear, wheels it’s kind of the problem with the torsion diff. But you know what does sound better than anything that the germans are doing right now: Music, so i’m gon na do a hot lap in a second i’m a bit concerned that it’s, just not gon na, be able to handle itself well enough to. Let me lay down a really fast time and i mean like other cars that are similar price to this. I don’t know like a gt350 or the m4 c63, an m2 competition, even that’s, cheaper than this they’re really well sorted for a track like this. So i don’t know quite what’s gon na happen, but let’s find out okay time for the hot lap this year. We are timing using the aim: solo 2dl now the rcf as we learned not for sideways hooliganism and well it’s, not really for this type of driving either. I found the suspension really difficult to get along with sport plus was way too bouncy and the next stiffest setting wouldn’t let the rear end settle. So i did laps in both and the sport setting was the quickest. I found the car very hard to carry any speed in and i had a difficult time putting the power down in a predictable way. However, the engine is great as long as you’re shifting manually and i’ll always choose a naturally aspirated engine like this over something turbocharged at the track.

Let’S watch the rest of the lap Music, so Music, Music, Music; okay, that was a 113.63 which means it’s slower than an a91 supra slower than an m2 competition and just a little bit quicker than a tesla model. 3 performance. Okay, how’s that for a lap time wait hold on oh that doesn’t that doesn’t sound, great, listen, i’ll, give it to them if it’s, because they removed some weight from the door. You know they’re allowed. But this is not very lexacy. I think weight savings is the biggest scapegoat in the car industry. Why is that? Crap? Oh it’s resistant it’s lighter yeah, yeah yeah, but yeah the lap time yeah, not massively impressed no, but i mean i guess it makes sense. That makes sense. It makes sense, though, but it looks the part i think it looks really. I like the rc shape. We never saw enough on the road Laughter, sorry alexis um. However, we always get a lot of poop for saying that the m4 grill yeah eight years old – you say you can say on youtube. You don’t even need to bleep um anyway, so the the m4 grille is actually not objectively as big as this by measurements. But i don’t think this looks as bad as the m4 go because it’s not the size of the grille it’s, the way it’s applied to the front of the car. I agree yeah. I think socrates said that actually, yes, yeah yeah, he was a busy man.

This is this: is the hourglass right, yeah it’s a good, looking front end? You know like well anyway from here. It is. However, if you look at the side, it starts to look really weird. I think they’ve gone mobus. I think they’ve gone sporty. It’S got. You know this is the track edition, so it’s got the carbon fiber carbon fiber uh, bonnet, carbon fiber, roof carbon fiber spoiler it’s got a big wang, a big wing yeah big aggressive spoiler, yes, which i’m impressed by the germans on that brave. No, until you get to porsche it’s, also not like active right so it’s lighter, they just picked an amount of downforce and have stuck to it, except you can only get this in black white or grey, no yellows, no blues, no reds. Just i want it to be a car like this. I want it to be loud. I want people to see across the dist and go that’s the track edition. I know that because it’s that special cool car you see the spoiler, this looks like the color of those trees. I don’t have leaves on them. They’Ve tried to have fun with it in some places the engine bay – oh that’s, right, because what were we? In recently, they had a really boring engine bay – the m4 competition – oh yeah it just it just don’t – get me wrong. This isn’t enthralling, no okay, so there’s some flair. That color, though, that they’ve chosen for the intake manifold, it looks like someone went and got like a classic pack of crayola markers, picked the purple and went and just colored it.

It has the five of like a strip club in the middle of the day. Do we have any more analogies for this? You got another one. I don’t have anymore nothing. Okay, either way it’s exciting, it’s fun. They did a thing that’s, not just they dressed it up. At least they dressed it up and they’ve and they’ve dressed up the inside that’s and that’s kind of the only way that the inside’s not crazy, but they’ve done some things to make it the track edition. Okay, oh the doors, don’t sound, good, yeah it’s, because what lightness is lightness i don’t normally pick on doors. I pick on some on my own size, yeah. Okay, so i got ta point something out here: yeah. So for my wife, i bought a 2015 lexus is 300 wow. What a guy yeah yeah it was. It was well i mean she bought it. I just helped her pick it out. It was 25 grand, yes, works, great low kilometers and it has the exact same interior as this car. But your i bet you, your wife’s car doesn’t have what the track edition gets, which is red, leather and alcantara, lining the doors, the seats and i’m pleased to announce the carpet does match the drapes in here, because oh yeah, because the carpet is also red flare. You don’t see that very often, that’s actually kind of a cool touch that the carpet changes and also, if you remember, we were in the rs7 performance recently – and i was super excited because the carbon fiber weave was lined with the blue.

Well say hello to pokemon red, because this has got this has got red light, and i love that. No, it actually looks really good. I do i do like that. It’S, a fun touch, um. It matches perfectly with the red anyway. The rest of this is just the new, not it’s, not i can’t, say it’s, not wrong. New is not the right word. This is the old lexus. This is the only is interior that i’ve ever known, it’s been around forever until like how many six years ago, long time ago, long time anyway, they’ve changed the gauge cluster, though that’s cool. I really like that that’s, like kind of out of the lfa. This is the infotainment that is not really even worth talking about, because it’s annoying the same as the lc500 um climate control is no different and none of this stuff is any different. However, it is pretty comfortable, i will say the base io seats are not that comfortable. These are a lot yeah. These are. These are special seats as well, um and and the you know, as you said, it’s dated, but the materials are very nice. They are nice. Well, it’s it’s it’s still kind of toyota ish, but i do like it. I really like the gauge cluster. I got to say that again i really really like these gauge clusters. Uh. I do have a few complaints. Okay, so you know, first of all, if you get the track edition, you actually give up a lot of things which for 35 000 extra it starts to not make sense like kind of the way, though, but yeah but it’s not sporty enough.

Okay, so you lose the ventilated seats you have to you lose the heated seats. You lose the mark. Levinson sound system like you know they could have, they could have gone crazy. They could have done a rear seat. Delete i mean these seats are not useful. A two series has more comfortable reasons advocate devil’s advocate yeah. I respect the fact that they did whatever they could to bring the weight of this car down to probably where it should have been at its inception in engineering. So things like heated seats, all that stuff adds up. Would you not have done these are unusable seats? Would you not rather have had a rear seat, delete and heated seats? I agree. Yes, you know what put a roll bar rear seat, delete and some harnesses and make it a proper track edition. They went no okay, they went 99 of the way. However, however, it’s been very easy to live with yep it’s, very comfortable in eco mode in the right cruises, great yeah. That is really good, so there’s. Definitely some lexus elements in there. Do you know what i mean yeah uh, but otherwise listen this isn’t a bad car at all. I think, as far as the this chassis goes yeah, i think they’ve done a fantastic job with maximizing it. Just you just have to ignore the fact that you can get an m2 cs and a miata for the price of this one car and the other and oh yeah, and the m2cs has usable back seats, yeah, that’s, hard, that’s, hard, dark, m2cs, but naturally aspirated v8 Yeah, unfortunately, for lexus the naturally aspirated part can only get you so far.

Sometimes sports cars are more than just the sum of their parts. This time it’s. It also steals away too many comforts from the normal rcf in the name of performance, although used lucky americans do get to option the new fuji speedway track edition with the mark levinson sound system, so there’s that so with all its new improvements. Whilst this is possibly the lexus rcf that should have come out originally, it is still to this day not competitive enough to undercut the germans, and nor is it priced that way either. The good news is, if you have no plans to actually track your lexus, and you still want that. Naturally, aspirated v8 coupe, the lc 500, delivers in spades for cheaper thanks for watching they changed a bunch of the steel components to aluminium. They made the air compressing. Lighter air conditioning way to less Laughter time, thomas Laughter, i wish i could do it again. The air conditioning lighter myth way less Laughter.